Alex Avizius, Daughter of Apollo WIP

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Alex Avizius, Daughter of Apollo WIP

Post by Vinius on Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:15 am

Name: Alex Avizius

Nicknames: Lexi, Avi, Zi, Lavi

Age: 15

Gender: Female

God/dess Parent: Apollo: super chill god of music, sun, poetry, and medicine.

Powers: Healing. As a child of Apollo, Alex has been blessed with the ability to boost the tissue and blood regeneration of another being via blood transfusion, as well as to heal damaged cells in general. The greater another's wound, the more it takes out of her to fix. Your typical stab wound would leave her feeling dizzy and nauseous, ready to collapse. Her ability is still activated when she is passed out, so it would fairly easy be to take advantage of her in her weakened state, either to continue the healing procedure or other.

To use her power requires life force, so with each use her natural life is draining. Alex is unaware of when exactly she'll die, or at what rate her life is sucked out of her in ratio to how much she heals others. It's something she tries not to think about. To initiate the power, her blood must be transferred from her body immediately into another's, and blood in vials or in pools on the ground are completely lacking in any healing properties. The larger her own wound, the faster it flows into another, speeding up the process. However, it can still be slow depending on the size of the wound her blood is moving into. Ability has been purchased at the drachma store.

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Mortal Parent(s): Amy Avizius, Trevor Grantold

Physical Description: Alex's got a very young, rounded face that keeps her looking quite youthful, especially sprayed with a layer of light brown freckles, and accompanied by a rounded baby nose and very un-pronounced cheek bones. She's got thick red lips and playfully arched eyebrows, colored brown like her original hair was. Now her preferred style is a multi-colored undercut with bangs swinging to the left, generally dyed a new color every few weeks--though she has a preference to seafoam green and coral blue for the shaved rectangle. She's got somewhat pointed ears, flattened against the side of her head with piercings running up the sides with cuffs, and usually wears a tiny diamond nose stud. She looks like she might stir up some trouble--your standard menacing teenager, wearing oversized rock band and vintage comic hero t-shirts, with jean shorts and sometimes a hoody over top. Looks aren't important to her, and she'll wear whatever makes her happy. That being said, make-up is a foreign concept to Alex, and her forehead does have a few red blotches blended into her pale skin, with a zit or two on the bridge of her nose. But it's all part of puberty and growing up, right? They'll disappear on their own.. probably.

Alex's very petite, standing at 5'2 and hardly making it to the 90lb mark, with bony elbows and knees and fingers under light skin that looks as if it hasn't seen the sun in ages. The height is slightly unproportionate, extra length being added to her legs than torso.  Unlike her face, her arms, and legs are devoid of freckles, though she has a mole on her hip and there is a sprinkle of little brown stains across her shoulders. She lacks the glamorized lady curves, not that she minds, and the most visually stunning attribute she has would be her big, round grey eyes. The second thing to be noticed, although not exactly out of physical attraction, would be her mild overbite, and slightly crooked, moderately white smile, accompanied by a single dimple. Who needs braces?

Personality: Compassion and kindness are, without a doubt, some of her strongest traits. And when your power is the ability to take others wounds and give them to yourself, well, you really put a new meaning to empathy and understanding others. She's patient yet strict, and prefers to be the leader, taking on a mother-like role in the lives of her friends whether they welcome it or not. She's got a strong sense of nurturing, and is without a doubt a people pleaser--though she's picky on who she chooses to please, and those who don't deserve her attention, she won't waste her time with. She's a strong headed, independent girl who will openly advocate and fight for what she believes in, and will strike back if provoked. Don't underestimate her kind exterior--she's fiesty, and won't hesitate to give you her opinion.

Because she's so stubborn, any attempt at reasoning with her morals will be in vain, even if it takes her to her grave. Live and learn, right? She's not much one to listen to others, unless she's put into a position of such fear that her body shuts down--which has been known to happen every know and again, if someone can slither their way into her psyche and mess her up from the inside. She's a tough cookie, but represses a lot of emotion that she's felt and accumulated throughout the years. Sometimes, it escapes, leaving her on her knees in sobs. It doesn't help that she's got intense separation anxiety, which seems like it doesn't fit in to her need for independence. She needs to be the leader, most, if not all of the time, but she needs people to lead. If they aren't around, she becomes very, very alone and distraught about it, and it can occasionally trigger panic attacks if she feels they aren't around because they're in danger. At most, she can spend a week away from a close friend, whether in an unfamiliar habitat, or one very known--though being in a new place by herself amps up the anxiety, no doubt. And understanding physical and mental stress through a variety of situations and having so many experiences, she's very keen on looking out and taking care of those who feel it too. But sometimes Alex has a hard time distinguishing what's protective and what's just awkwardly clingy.

Despite being a warm hearted

Talents: Writing, pulling all-nighters, photography, volleyball, piloting helicopters, singing, making quiche.

Weaknesses: Most sports aside from volleyball, minigolf and badminton, taking no for an answer, being on her own, bugs, loud noises, cars, planes, new surroundings, strangers, cooking anything aside from quiche, the ocean, crabs, lobsters, crayfish, the dark, criticism, heights, fast things, etc.

Likes: Cooking (but you should never let her unless you're intentionally trying to start a kitchen fire,) mixed drinks, fruit juice, the boardwalk, carnival rides (the slow ones,) ice cream, helping people, feeling secure, taking leadership, rocks, rivers, forests, cities, casinos, reading, snowboarding, badminton, hiking, sleeping, tattoos, piercings, colorful things, etc.

Dislikes: anything that goes really high or fast, anything that makes loud, sudden noises, dangerous people, those who don't support human rights, bugs, the ocean and most creatures dwelling within it, being so scared all the time, seeing people hurt, avacados, citrus things, cinnamon gum, math equations, etc.

Fears: loud, sudden noises, cars, planes, roller coasters, bugs, being alone, the dark, dangerous people, etc.

Time at Camp: 4 months.

Brief History of Before Camp: BLA BLA BLA

Any other notes: Wears her mother's dog tags constantly. Playby is tumblr user runningfromhustlers (with permission!)

Role-play Example: Alex ran her hands over the smooth, damp green moss and gave a soft smile, pressing her fingers softly into the texture, pinching it and twisting it around some to make a small spiral tower, that stood for a second or two before giving way to the weight and leaning to one side. She swing her feet and twisted some, to take another look at the trees around her in search of someone. A friend of hers, someone relatively new who had taken her anxiety and clinging surprisingly well thus far had promised to meet her at this very spot at dusk. The sky was now a fiery pastel mix of red and pink and orange, with some purple in the distance that steadily consumed the sky, yet her person was still missing. It made her feel uncomfortable being so far from camp alone. Who all knew what could be lurking just out of vision? A poisoning snake sliding through the underbrush, or a  harpy with its talons knifed into a tree, wings clamped to its side as it watched in stiff silence the fragile, lonely girl below, who could very well make a satisfying demigod meal.

Demigod.. the word still sounded so foreign to her. She was supposedly the daughter of the sun god, Apollo. Hah, maybe that's what the fear originated from. Although he was also god of oracles and the plague, and last time Alex checked, she hadn't wiped out anyone with terrible sickness, nor had she predicted anyone's future. The God of healing at least had some accuracy, though, and the only strand of faith that she held, the possibility that maybe her strange gift had something to do with a God of healing, after all. She was no doctor, that was for certain, but she'd always had this sort of connection with those in pain, and has, on numerous occasions, mysteriously transferred their wounds to herself. Whether it was by accident, she's still not sure. But it happened, and no science could really explain it. Only... Only this strange possibility that she shared a power or two with a God could even begin to cover some of the strange events she'd witnessed or been a part of. After all, only the child of a Greek god would be able to see multiple flying horses soaring through the sky, entangling, kicking and biting each other, right? And crashing into a plane?

Alex had been to many, many psychiatrists after that episode. But, somehow she could feel it. She knew it was real, and that it happened. And now here she was, in a camp full of people who claim to be just like her, to see the weird things she sees, learning about an entire new world that, up until just a few months ago, seemed like a distant nightmare.

With a quick look at her watch, Alex let out a soft groan, before jumping to her feet. She wiped her shorts off and took a nervous look around, the length of her vision being abruptly shortened by lack of light filtering through the trees. Apparently, she'd gone into la la land long enough that it was almost now completely dark, the pink and orange views having something vanished without her noticing. Her heart picked up immediately and punched at her chest, telling her to get out ASAP. And she wasn't one to deny her feelings.

A swift wipe of her dirtied hands on her pantlegs, and Alex was off, dashing through the forest like a mad women, letting out little whimpers as she raced the darkness home. In her fright, she missed several twigs blur by and claw at her arms and legs, but the stinging was dull--she'd felt much worse pain in the past, pain that left her unable to think, breathe or move. This? It was nothing.

Bounding over several rocks, and ducking under the thick white arms of the birch trees, she was able to make it back in a quarter of the time it had taken her to walk out. She scampered across the empty fields and into the circle of cabins, collapsing at the doorstep of number 7 in a huffing mess. She'd scream at her ditching friend another day, when the sun was still up and she wasn't scared out of her wits. For now, curling up in bed with a nice novel and a cup of tea sounded like a splendid idea, and so that's exactly what she did.

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