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And I'm getting bore.d waiting 'round for you.
We're not getting any younger.
And I won't look back 'cause there's no use.
Its time to move forward.
I feel no sympathy.
You live inside a cave
You barely get by, the rest of us are trying
There's no need to apologize
I've got no time for feeling sorry.
- Feeling Sorry, Paramore

Name: Morgan Faith Howards
Nicknames: Morgs (By Anyone With A Death Wish)
Age: 16
Birthday: 2nd of September
Gender: Female
God Parent: Aether, God of the Upper Air and Light.
Claimed: Morgan has been claimed since she was ten years old. Not much of a story there.
Powers: None.
Hometown: Morgan was born in New York City, but lived most of her life in Los Angeles.

  • Victoria Howards (Mother)
  • Oliver Howards (Uncle)

  • Katie Howards Neè Starr (Adopted Mother)
  • Terry Howards (Adopted Father)

    [Funny story, that her adopted parents had the same surname as she herself. Just a coincidence though.]

Physical Appearance:
Morgan Howards is what people call the attractive blonde girl. Honestly, she couldn't follow the stereotype of a Californian girl more. Blonde hair, blue eyes, good complexion that tans during the summer - its a surprise she doesn't have a "Genuine Made In China" stamp on her upper arm. She's a little too like a barbie doll in all honesty.
Morgan's hair is long and thick, falling to well below her shoulders when curly, and even further on the rare occasion its straight. Its a natural blonde color, with dark brown roots and streaks, which don't really wreak her look. Her hair usually has a clean, cared for look, although if she doesn't really care one day, its a windswept style. She doesn't tie her hair back, because she doesn't see the point, and its always hanging loose around her face.
Morgan has deep blue eyes, with little flecks of gold that light up in certain lights. She has large pupils, which are rarely small, and give everyone the impression she's high on caffeine, although its just always been that ay for her. They have an innocent quality to them, as their always wide and wondering. Her eyes are framed with lots of dark eyelashes, which she coats in eye makeup. Her eyebrows are perfectly plucked, and are brown in color.
She's never actually "pale". Okay, so during the Autumn, Winter and early Spring months, she isn't very tan, and has a milky sort of skin color. But during later Spring and Summer, Morgan has a very nice, even tan. She does wear makeup, even if she isn't a girly girl, and her favorite piece of makeup in her collection is blusher. She doesn't have much confidence in her face, and so she likes to wear foundation, blusher, some lip gloss, eye makeup... anything to give a person some self-esteem, right? She has a few facial blemishes which aren't immediately noticeable when she's wearing her makeup. When she isn't, people notice them much more. Morgan also has a lot of scars. Their mostly from the last couple of years, on her arms, her legs, her sides. She does however have a large one on her back, where she received an operation as a child. Its at about the middle part of her back, and is a raised, white line. Morgan's very self-conscious about this, which is why she rarely wears tops which will reveal even a little of this. However, while she has quite a few scars, she also has two tattoos. One of them is on her lower back, an intricate design of lines and swirls, with the ornate words "I've Got No Time For Feeling Sorry." She also has one on her ankle, which goes the whole way around, with the same sort of writing as her other one. This one says "When It Is Darkest, Men See The Stars." The only one people would ever have actually seen is the one on her lower back, as the other one is new. She's got to wait a couple months before she can get the next tattoo which she wants, but Morgan has it all planned, and it will go around her upper arm. (Its unknown how she has ever actually gotten these tattoos, given how she's a little young at 16. Lets just say that it involves a fake ID under the name "Lauren Starr" and a lot of money.).
Morgan has round facial features, her cheekbones not obvious like some peoples. She has a petite nose, oval eyes, and a smooth looking complexion. Her lower lip is larger than her upper one, although she's never made a big deal out of this flaw. She has two dimples which you don't realize are there until she gives you one of her wide smiles.
She's quite small, standing literally about a centimeter under average, and she doesn't give the impression of being very strong or muscled. She can hold her own in any fight though, as while she might not have large muscles, she's a vicious opponent who won't hold back. She doesn't want to ever be a weak little girly girl, which is why she has usually practiced sword fighting with Ares Campers, as they will never hold back against her.
Her style is expensive clothes in any colors. She doesn't have a concept of money, and will spend as much as she wants on clothes and shoes. Morgan contradicts her strong-girl persona when it comes to fashion, because she sorta loves it. She doesn't wear many dresses, but she will if its cute enough. She also likes heels, which give her a taller appearance, and any kind of jewelry imaginable.
Morgan basically contradicts herself in every possible way. She can be very very smart, or she can be very very ditsy. She can be very uncaring about her appearance, or she can be very shallow.
One constant in her personality is sarcasm. She loves sarcasm. She enjoys using sarcasm in everyday conversations. Its a very special talent she has, and she knows about it. With her sarcasm comes how blunt she is, and she'll tell you exactly whats on her mind without a moments hesitation. Its not because she's ignorant to people's feelings, but she doesn't like to stay on one subject for a very long time. She likes to move on, and so she'll get to her point and change the subject.
Morgan is incredibly expressive. She uses her hands a lot when she speaks, wringing them or shaking them, making shapes. It gives people the impression she's hyper or worried, but the thing is that while she can see what she's trying to describe in her head, the words won't come to her. She also tends to rush over her words or speak them too low for people to hear, which means she then has to go back and speak it again. On the rare time she stutters, or struggles with them, if you so much as try to help, or gods forgive you tease her... well it’s not just her evil eye you need to watch out for.
While nearly every half-blood suffers from ADHD and Dyslexia, Morgan is a lot worse than others. This means that while she can be very, very quiet, she gives off this feeling, this compressed energy. It’s like she's getting ready to bolt at any moment, because she always seems ready for something, always waiting for an attack or something else.
Morgan is a very loyal person, trusting and loving people so much that she will turn her back on everything else if she believes you. No one is able to change her decision or opinion on something or someone, unless she herself decides it’s wrong.
Compassionate, she can't bear to see anyone hurting, and will immediately rush to their side, to help or otherwise. It’s a nature she has always had, and probably always will. It’s not something that’s reserved for those hurt though. If everyone has turned their backs on someone over something that was done, then Morgan won't desert them. It’s actually quite dangerous, because despite her distrusting nature, she will always stand by someone, even if she knows they've done something horrible. She just can't leave someone on their own, losing judgement because she thinks with her heart rather than her brain.
Morgan is actually very wise. Her wisdom comes from the heart, and she will always give you her honest and best opinion. She won’t sugar coat anything that she's saying, because she doesn't think that lying is good. She's also a very smart girl. Very witty, she has an answer for almost everything that is thrown at her. On the other end of the spectrum, she can be quite ditzy at times, because while she pays attention to some stuff, other things just don't interest her. She can speak before she thinks, and comes off as stupid to those few who she's around when that happens.
She's very shy at times. However, sometimes she can be very brave and loud, and no matter what she would never leave someone, even someone she didn't know, alone in a fight.
Morgan is kind of shallow, and holds a lot of pride in her looks. She likes makeup, she likes to wear nice clothes. She's basically a typical girl with a more pronounced violent side.
In a fight, it certainly helps to have Morgan on your team. She's amazingly fast on her feet, and her plans might not always fall through like they should, but they were worked out as well as Morgan could have worked them out. Her best weapon would be a sword, given the fact that most of her training had been done using them. She's vicious and won't hold back in a fight, which is
All in all, Morgan is what people call unpredictable. She's energetic, intelligent, optimistic, and able to make friends easily when she wants to. Of course, she's very changeable and can be restless, untidy and rebellious as well. Morgan is dynamic and versatile. She holds a competitive streak that shows in fights. She leaves people guessing on just what mood she'll be in. She won't shy away at your time of need.

[If at all possible, when I've set out more of a personality for her through Roleplay, I'd like to add to this. It probably won't be for a while, as right now I feel I've gotten what I think of her as like in my head alright typed, but I have a very clear idea of what I want her to be like, and I'm not sure if its all been addressed. For now, its done, and she's ready to be accepted with this personality, but at some point, I might want to add to it (: ]

  • Sword fighting
  • Being Brave ;)
  • Running
  • Sarcasm
  • Climbing the Climbing Wall
  • Pain Tolerance


  • Spiders - Morgan cannot stand spiders at all, and when it comes to them, she's a typical girl.
  • Clowns - Again, a typical girl when it comes to clowns. Morgan went to the circus as a child, and one of these freaky things came up to her, terrifying the young girl. Ever since, she's had nightmares about clowns and cannot even look at a doll of one.
  • Shallowness
  • Hubris - She believes she can do things better than anyone else could have.
  • Over trusting nature - Morgan trusts people too much. She doesn't always see the bad in people, which leaves her exposed as anyone can feed her a sob story and she'll offer them help.


  • Running
  • Music
  • Camp
  • Sword fighting
  • Shopping / Fashion


  • Having to wait for things
  • Rules
  • Losing
  • Spiders
  • Clowns


  • Spiders
  • Clowns
  • Being used. She doesn't want to ever be used by someone.
  • Going nowhere. She doesn't want to go nowhere with her life.
  • Death. Morgan fears the day when she will die.

Time At Camp: Just under 6 years.
Victoria Howards was born into a very privileged life, which meant she was often overconfident and full of herself. She had never known the suffering others faced, and instead she was used to being waited upon. She and her two sisters (Elizabeth and Mary) were older than her two brothers (William and Oliver), and so they were what would be called "Alpha Females" in both school and home life. Their parents, while being Mexican-American, had a love of the English Monarchs, which is why the children have names of past Kings, Queens, and Rulers. Victoria was the eldest of the children, which meant she was going to inherit every bit of money the family had when her parents passed on, or felt the children deserved it.
Sadly, her privileged life lasted only until she was fifteen. Her sisters were 13 and 11 respectively, and the boys were 7 and 5.
It happened on a very normal day. Victoria had just gotten the results of her exams back, and the family had went out to a restaurant to celebrate her A's and B's. They came home to a dark, rather scary house. And they interrupted a robbery being done by three masked men.
Mr. Howards fell first, after being shot in the chest. Mrs. Howards attempted to run, and fell next, two bullets in her back. Elizabeth and Mary had started to scream at this point, and they were quickly silenced forever. Victoria had been standing watching, unable to move, to make a sound, but at this point, she ran to William and Oliver, trying to do God knows what, maybe shield them, or something. William was hit before she got to them, and fell as she bundled Oliver into her arms.
The men instructed her to get on her knees, and to not make a sound or try alert the police. Vic realized at this point that her family were nearly all wiped out, and that if she wanted to survive and keep Oliver alive, she'd need to do what they said. So she got on her knees, clutching her youngest sibling to her, and said nothing as they blindfolded and gagged them both. After what felt like hours, they were told to walk straight out the front door, and when they had, they were put into a van and driven away.
Cue the months of torture, pain, suffering, and death threats. If Victoria had never known about the suffering going on around her before, she certainly knew about it now. Every day was a constant struggle, as Oliver got weaker, and she started to lose hope.
They were in a Warehouse in Los Angeles when the police suddenly burst in, acting on a lead about drugs. Imagine their surprise when they found two hostages reported missing by worried Neighbours months before, and people hanging around, obviously guarding them.
Oliver and Victoria were sent to a hospital, and the story was in the headlines. "YOUNGEST AND ELDEST CHILDREN THOUGHT DEAD AFTER MASS MURDER FOUND ALIVE IN LOS ANGELES!" "CHILDREN FOUND AFTER MONTHS IN RUN DOWN WAREHOUSE!" "ALIVE AND WELL! TWO CHILDREN FOUND IN POLICE DRUG RAID!". But they couldn't care less. Oliver was weak enough that he was put into intensive care, and Victoria had to have an operation on her hip, which had been seriously injured during months of torture. When they were finally allowed out of the hospital, and into their foster home, the two had changed considerably. They were no longer the spoiled little rich kids. They were now the normal orphans who had no family left in the world.

It was eight years later. Victoria had long finished counselling, and she'd been able to settle into a life of some normalcy. Her parents money had been halved between her and Oliver, and she was living in New York City, rather well I might add. She even had a job as a journalist, and had no room for a man in her life, thank you very much. She didn't trust anyone but herself, and she couldn't trust a man of all people. Vic was a lone wolf, a slightly weak minded lone wolf, but a lone wold nonetheless.
Course, that all changed the day she met Aether.
Victoria was working on a story, and when she met the man who claimed to be the new photographer, she was quite taken with him. He was handsome, charismatic, and kind, and she couldn't resist offering to buy him a coffee once they were done gathering the information they needed.
That night, he took her to dinner, and afterwards they went to a movie. One thing led to another, and Victoria woke up in her bed alone after a one night stand. Even worse, the handsome, charismatic and kind photographer had left on urgent family business.
She continued on with her life as normal as she could, sadder, but also sure that she had learnt a lesson. She couldn't trust anyone, ever again, because they just hurt her.
But when she was admitted to hospital with severe sickness, Victoria was shocked that the doctor could even pretend that she was pregnant. It took quite a while for her to believe him, and when she did, Vic didn't know what to say.
She did what she was supposed to. She stocked up on baby stuff, she took Folic Acid, she did everything baby books said to do, but her heart wasn't in it. She couldn't think of any way she was going to be a good mother, and sadly, this was the early signs of what was to become of her baby girl.

Morgan Faith Howards was born on the 2nd of September, 1997, in a local New York hospital. Victoria acted the doting mother, but in reality she was suffering severe post-natal depression, and she couldn't bond with her little girl.
On the 2nd of November that same year, Victoria Howards attempted to take her own life, and her child's. If not for the kind Neighbour who heard the child crying next door, she would have been killed that very day. The ambulance came and took Victoria with it, and Social Services came and took Morgan with them.
A couple months later, Victoria was told she was an unfit mother, and she lost all custody of Morgan. Morgan's foster parents soon adopted her, and filed for a restraining order on her mother, which said that she wasn't allowed within 300 meters of her child, although she still had to pay towards child care.

Morgan grew up in a privileged life. Her adoptive parents always told her they were her real parents, and her mother never attempted to change anything. She went to private schools, but always managed to be kicked out after a few months. It would always be over something stupid - a teacher disappearing while Morgan was the only person in the room, rooms exploding, half the school burning down - you know, stupid things. And Morgan always said the same thing "It Wasn't Me!"
It was when she was ten years old that the truth came out. She had just been kicked out of her sixth school, and her parents were walking with her through Los Angeles City, trying to explain to her that if she kept being kicked out of schools, they'd need to move somewhere they didn't know her. It was then that a very strange man walked up, with a slight beard and a weird walk. The very first thing he said? "I never thought I'd find a half-blood on my first month out! What luck!".
Okay so basically her adoptive parents freaked out when the satyr named Jamie told them what Morgan was. There was a lot of "You're crazy!"ies, and "I'm going to call the police!"zes, but when they finally listened, and he told them how Half-Bloods usually had ADHD and Dyslexia, how they had trouble in schools and how they would always be surrounded by mysterious goings on, her parents had to admit, he was describing Morgan perfectly.
They told him they would think it over before sending their daughter to the Camp he told them all about, and left for home.

Horribly, the didn't live past the night.
They'd just ordered dinner, and were watching Morgan's favorite movie (Finding Nemo). Her parents had decided to bring her, as it couldn't do any harm, and if it turned out to be one big lie, there was no harm.
Suddenly, a hellhound burst through the front window. Morgan screamed, and her mother tried to protect her, but she was batted aside like she was no more than a rag doll. Her father shouted at her to run, to run and run and never to look back, and Morgan cried that she couldn't. He pushed her towards the back door, and threw the first thing he could at the monster, a lamp. As Morgan watched, her dad was torn apart, and then it turned on her mother, finishing her off. She screamed and turned, and then she did what her dad had said to do: She ran, and she ran, and she kept running until she ran into the middle of the road. A car screeched, and who jumped out of it? Jamie the Satyr. He had no time to explain how the hell he'd known to come, as the hellhound came racing after the girl it had found, and they both jumped into the car and drove away as fast as possible.
They drove for days, stopping only to get food and water, to do what they needed to do, like get petrol and pee, and then they continued. Morgan could barely speak.
When they arrived at Camp, the first thing she did was turn on Jamie. She blamed him, and she told him if he hadn't turned up that same day, her parents would still be alive. Angrily, she stormed up the hill, fully intending to grab a very sharp weapon and run Jamie through with it.
But Aether claimed her.
Just as she stepped over the border of Camp, her Godly Parent claimed her, marking her as his own.

Since then, Morgan has grown up. She's lived in Camp for six long years, and she's grown used to life without her parents. Still, she doesn't know about Victoria. She's mourned her mother and father, and she's thrown herself into training.
Because she doesn't see what else to do.
Pets: Morgan has a German Shepard dog named Iron, who has been by her side for three years.
Other Notes About Your Character:
Color is mediumseagreen
RP Sample:

The car was silent. Morgan didn't want to speak. She didn't want to put her anger, and her hate into words. She wanted her mother and her father back. She wanted to stop the images flooding into her mind - all that blood, all the screams. It had happened within a few minutes, a few horrible minutes.
How could they... their lives were gone within a few minutes. They deserved more than that, they did. They deserved a heroic death, and they didn't get it. They died within a few minutes, and that's not fair. That... that thing didn't care. It came for me, but it took them. How'd that fair?
'So... what's your favorite subject in school Morgan? You'll be having a lot of funner lessons now,' Jamie's weak attempt at conversation bugged her, and she glared across the seat to him.
'I don't have a favorite subject,' she said simply, dangerously, and that was that.

[Bad RP Sample, sorry]
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