Draco Hartley, son of Ares WIP

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Draco Hartley, son of Ares WIP

Post by Vinius on Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:48 am

Name: Draco Clifton Hartley

Nicknames: Dragon, Rift

Age: 17

Gender: boy

God/dess Parent: Ares

Powers: None

Hometown: Camp Half Blood

Mortal Parent(s): Elizabeth Hartley

Physical Description: (What does your character look like? a minimum of 5 sentences!)

Personality: (How does your character act? A minimum of 5 sentences! Please include at least two flaws!)

Talents: Slam Poetry, basketball, fishing, long & high jump, rugby, music mixing

Weaknesses: Spelling, grammar & punctuation, long movies, bungee jumping, anything artistic besides aggressive poetry, birds, heights, electricity, planes

Likes: Everything he's good at, bird hunting, rock music, sports in general, fighting, meat, small groups and solitude,

Dislikes: Aviaries, vegetables, centipedes, spiders, small children, old people, hospitals or similar environments, big crowds, planes, smoking, farms

Fears: planes, bugs, birds, electricity

Time at Camp: two years

Brief History of Before Camp: Rift's mom deposited him at her father's doorstep when he was an infant, and disappeared. His grandfather, at the time just becoming an old man, took him in, and Rift grew up working on the farm, a job he detested wholeheartedly. Any request to know where his mother was got shut down immediately, and after a while Rift just stopped asking. At fourteen, taking their annual flight to Ontario for a winter ranch convention, the wings became overly frosted and the plane went down. A steel rod punctured Rift's chest and cut across his heart, leaving him trapped and bleeding badly.

At this point he swears that through the fire and debris he heard a screaming girl, the sound raising until he could faintly make out a lithe figure sprinting his direction. There was too much smoke and his vision too blurred to recognize the face of any passenger, but he remembers being dragged out of the rubble and flipped onto his back, and as the pain began to subside, he passed out.

One heart transfusion and eight days later, Rift woke up in a hospital, strangely alive, and now without a guardian. He was transferred around foster homes, and finally ended up in Long Island, New York a year later, with a museum curator who Rift believed to be a drugged out hippie. Several weeks after Rift's arrival, the curator quit his job and drove them both up to a camp in the woods, where he said basically said, "hey, you're the son of a God. Have fun!" And drove away.

Any other notes: He has a deep scar on his chest from where the pole went through, and an even bigger one from the surgery.

Role-play Example: (A minimum of 4 sentences!)

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