Power Limitations (This is also in the C-mod house)

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Power Limitations (This is also in the C-mod house)

Post by Vinius on Tue May 28, 2013 6:12 pm

immortality - it's fine if your character is immortal in the way that if he gets stabbed he dies and just comes back to life. it's not ok if he gets hit by a bus and thrown into a volcano and just swims out like nbd. If he is killed, he can come back to life with immortality. But make sure there's a nice respawn time. 3 hours at minimum? And, of course, pain still exists.

invulnerability - put up here for the same reason as immortality. This one is strictly a no. Your character can be hurt. If your character gets an axe lodged into his or her head, they don't just walk it off. The closest you can come is having your character not feel pain, which would be a different power. But they can still bleed, and they can still die. They can still get poisoned or blinded, and they can still get a limb sawed off.

super speed - no your character is not faster than lightning. or sound! Keep super speed to 50mph or less, and be sure that it is followed up with the appropriate physical strain on the body that running would put on a person. Don't let them just run forever w/o breaking a sweat. :I

teleportation - this is a fickle power. It can be okay given that the power has several limitations and takes a little while to occur, i.e. you can't jump to paris in the blink of an eye. When dealing with teleportation, make sure it has at least three of these drawbacks:
  • cannot teleport anywhere the character has not traveled and can clearly visualize the destination
  • takes at least a minute to cast teleportation
  • Can teleport no more than 100 feet from current distance
  • requires complete concentration and can be interrupted by distraction (i.e. getting punched in the face or scared by a loud noise, or whatever)
  • causes some sort of physical/mental drawback when used (i.e. blindness, exhaustion, nausea, migraines, deafness, paralysis, explosive diarrhea, etc.)

Super Strength - We don't mind if your character can pick up a 300lb boulder and hurl it into the air at someone, or can pull apart two blocks that were super glued together, or can take down a gorilla in a wrestling match. Your character shouldn't, however, be able to pick up a 40 ton truck and use it as a baseball bat. Characters should not be able to lift or otherwise move anything more than 400lbs. And after you throw that boulder, you better be worn out.

Organ manipulation - No.

Blood manipulation - No.

Telekinesis - No.

Shape shifting - Choose 3 things to be able to shape shift into--gods, titans, and anything from space are off limits. If your character can turn into an object, it cannot move. How terrifying would it be if you were chased around at work by your stapler?
Flying - Low and slow. You go too high and the pressure will mess you up. You go too fast and your skin tries to rip off your face. No higher than 30 feet, and no faster than 20 mph. And treat it like you would running--a mental and physical strain. you need wings to do this. And while the mist may hide your wings from most mortals, they'll notice if you suddenly rocket up from the ground and start gliding through the air. Only the wings are hidden--they make you look like you're wearing something on your back. And lastly, if someone breaks your wing, you can forget about flying until it heals.

**This is forever a WIP. As more people order powers, and we have to deal with abuse, we'll be creating limitations. What I wrote up is just a little bit--which can be altered if need be. Nothing is set in stone.

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