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Name: Jonah Alexander Carson
Nicknames: Carson
Age: 17
Gender: Male
God/dess Parent: Athena goddess of wisdom
Claimed: Yes, he was claimed by Athena as soon as he got to camp when he was fourteen.
Powers: none
Hometown: Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada
Mortal Parent(s): William Carson, a professor at the University of British Colombia Vancouver.
Physical Description: Jonah has dark brown hair, the color of chocolate. He keeps his hair cut short. His hair is straight, and not too messy. Most of the time he leaves it alone, though he will occasionally use gel to style it. At one point, Jonah had a streak of red through his hair, due to a prank.

Jonah's eyes are just as brown as his hair. His eyes are full of emotion. You can tell his mood just by his eyes. Above his eyes, Jonah has a pair of bushy brown eyebrows. His face is a squarish-round shape. He has well defined facial features. His nose is short and squat. His ears are somewhat oversized, but not by much.

Jonah stands at a height of 5'11''. He's in shape from hours of playing soccer and running. He has nice broad shoulders, and long arms. His arms end in a pair of large, rough hands. He has long, muscular legs ending in a pair of fairly good sized feet. He has pale skin, but it's not as white as paper. He tends to burn easily, so he often wears sunscreen.
Personality: A former child prodigy, Jonah is very intelligent. He grew up reading dictionaries and encyclopedias, and playing Scrabble for fun. Often whenever Jonah speaks, it's something well thought out and deeply intelligent. He has discovered that he's just not able to say something stupid, and because of this he can't stand when people say something stupid. Jonah has a habit of using very long words when he speaks, which often confuses whoever he's talking to, which makes them mad. Jonah can also be very sarcastic when ever he speaks to people, which tends to make people mad. So basically he doesn't have a lot of conversations.

Jonah is what some people would call a wallflower, actually he even describes himself as a wallflower. He's very shy, and often this leads to him not talking to people. When he does partake in a conversation, besides using long words, he has a tendency to stutter. His voice is very quiet, and very often people can't hear what he's saying. Jonah spends a lot of time, listening in on conversations, so he always has an idea of what's going on. He actually has some fun listening in on conversations because he can use some of the stuff against people, especially the bullies. Most of the time he tries staying in the shadows, trying to not be noticed.

Jonah is a very intellectual human being. He has a natural ability to learn things very easily. He is able to fluently speak in: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek and Latin. He often uses his skill for foreign languages to make side comments, and he also often swears in foreign languages, that way people can't get mad at him for what he says. Jonah is a bookworm, often you can find him with his face buried in a book. His favorite type of book would be an encyclopedia.

Jonah adores puzzles, and often carries some form of them around. His favorite are rubix cubes, he is able to solve a rubix cube in under a minute. He always cares one with him, so when he gets bored he can solve it. Jonah also loves anagrams, he often takes phrases from books and finds anagrams for them. He will also take what people say and anagram it. He also likes sudoku and crossword puzzles. However he only likes the one's that challenge him.

Jonah is a very secretive person, who doesn't like letting people know his feelings or what he's doing. He has OCD, so everything has to be perfect. If he's writing something he messes up on a letter, he will start over. He also can't stand eraser marks, they just bother him. A germaphobic, he always carries a small bottle of germ-x. He also hates the sun, he like so stay inside, in the dark. Despite his shyness, Jonah actually has a lot of self pride, as he prides himself in being one of the smartest people alive. (he's not. he just think's he is).
Weaknesses: Public Speaking, Following the rules, cherry Italian ice, really good books.
People who can't use basic math(addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
Breaking his glasses
Failing to solve equations
Fears: Spiders, failing classes, not reaching his full potential, not being considered a genius when he's an adult.
Time at Camp: Three years
Brief History of Before Camp: Jonah was born on January 13th to the Greek goddess of Wisdom Athena and a Canadian university professor, William Carson. At the time, William was fully aware of Athena's true identity. He also understood, that she wouldn't be able to stay. So he wasn't really upset when she left. William's only problem was he had difficulties raising a child by himself. Though he managed to do it. Though it did mean that sometimes he ended up taking Jonah to his lectures. But he was a quiet child, and it didn't cause many problems.

William became aware of Jonah's intelligence when the boy was around the age of three. This is when, William started to teach his son everything he could. Soon the boy was able to read and write, before he was able to start school. When Jonah was old enough to start school, his father enrolled him in a special school for smart children. Here Jonah felt more at place, with all the smart kids. Yet, he never talked to any of them. The boy spent all his time reading and learning. He even started to learn foreign languages.

When Jonah was thirteen, he started to attract monsters. Luckily his father, and the school satyr a boy named Liam, managed to fight off all of them before they got to Jonah. Then when Jonah was fourteen, he was attacked. Liam managed to kill it, but not before Jonah saw it. Shocked, Jonah couldn't understand what had just happened to him. Luckily his father was able to give him a brief explanation with Liam's help. Jonah then packed his bags, and went to camp. He has been going to camp since then, leaving during the year to attend school. He managed to graduate highschool at age sixteen though. And now during the year he takes college classes at MIT.
Pets: none.
Any other notes: He does not have dyslexia like most demigods. However his ADHD is far worse that most demigods, but during school he takes medicine so he is able to concentrate. He also has a photographic memory. Arrow
Role-play Example: Jonah looks around his cabin and smiles. It has too be one of his favorite places. It's full of books, and methods of learning. What could be better? Jonah can't think of any where better, except perhaps home. Smiling the boy walks towards the library part of the cabin. He makes a beeline for the books about Chemical Engineering. Picking a few books, he slowly walks over to an arm chair.

Setting the stack of books on the table in front of the chair, Jonah sits down in the chair. Picking up the first book, the boy opens it. Jonah begins to read the book, and eventually he is totally focused on the book. In such a way that he notices nothing going on around him. After several hours spent reading, Jonah looks up and looks around him, to see an empty cabin. It must be time for dinner. Oh well, he can just eat some of his snacks. He then looks back down at the second book, and continues to read.

Eventually Jonah stops reading. He returns the books that he hasn't finished to their correct place on the shelves. Then with the three remaining books, he walks over to his bunk. Setting the books on the nightstand, he grabs his toothbrush and his pajamas. Jonah then heads to the bathroom, to get ready for bed. Returning to his bunk, Jonah climbs into his bed. As soon as his head hits the pillow, Jonah is asleep.


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APPROVED. What a Face

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