Rosalie Justina Parker | Daughter of Aphrodite

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Rosalie Justina Parker | Daughter of Aphrodite

Post by dapperdanni on Tue May 28, 2013 9:06 pm

Name: Rosalie Justina Parker

Nicknames: Rosie, Rose, Rosa, Lila (LEE-luh), Princessa

Age: 16

Gender: Female

God/dess Parent: Aphrodite

Claimed: Yes, She was claimed at age 13.

Powers: Rosie has no mystical powers, but she's pretty good at styling outfits and using beauty products!

Hometown: Anaheim, California, USA.

Mortal Parent(s): Rosalie's father is named Jerry Parker. Jerry is employed as a security guard at The Disneyland Resort in their hometown of Anaheim.

Physical Description: When you first look at Rosie, you can see that she's a looker. Her hair is a caramel color with little flecks of blonde, and it flows down to her waist in neat waves. Her eyes are a very pretty hazel, and her full, pink lips can always curl into a smile, revealing her cute little gap in her teeth. She's a bit on the taller side, but is still within a similar height range between her half-siblings. She's a very thin little thing, her waist giving her very ladylike curves, but it's hereditary. The icing on the cake with her looks is her sun-kissed glow, and can easily get tan.

Personality: Rosalie, for the most part, is a very sweet, outgoing girl. She's always seen having a conversation with the most unlikely people. She is very compassionate of people whom she is fond of, praising them at everything they do. With her siblings, she is very protective, which works against her with her younger siblings. They get angry with her constant questioning and nagging, but when it comes down to it, they still love eachother. Another problem she has is the fact that she can get a bit sassy, but most people think her out to be rude. Rosie doesn't mean to upset people, but her words don't always sound as good as they do in her head.

Talents: Rosie is very talented with the realm of beauty. She loves makeup and all things girly. She's also quite the actress, being surrounded by Face Character's all the time at her father's workplace rubbed off on her. She used to take acting classes and has an agent back home. She's been featured on a couple of shows, and has sworn off committing to a big project until she turns 18 and is unable to come back to camp.

Weaknesses: Being one of the Goddess Of Love's children, when she likes someone, it hits her hard. Sometime, she thinks it's her mother's way of telling her that she's watching. Another one of her weaknesses is getting into trouble on accident, whether its over something as small as a pair of shoes she borrowed, it gets her really upset. Her sensitivity is one of them too, the littlest thing can tear her up inside for weeks.

Likes: Rosalie likes the little things in life. She loves ruffles and ribbon, little pastries, and Disney movies. She also secretly keeps a bookshelf of soppy romance books in her room at the Aphrodite Cabin.

Dislikes: She isn't very fond of being made fun of, or seeing people she loves being made fun of. Rosie also hates the stereotype of Aphrodite kids being stupid.

Fears: Even if it's a little cliche, she's scared of spiders! Everything about them creep her out to no end. Another thing she is scared of is roller-coasters, being jerked around and being hung upside down isn't her idea of fun.

Time at Camp: Rosie has been at the camp for 3 years and has enjoyed every minute of it!

Brief History of Before Camp: Rosie came from humble beginnings, the only place she would go outside of her home and school most of the time was Disneyland. Even then all she did was stay behind the scenes and watch all of the princesses get ready. By age Ten, she would find different places to get free samples of the famous sweets right out of the oven, or she would go and hang out with cast members at their rides. Her dad would always be entertained at her stories of playing poker with the riverboat operator or having one of the cast members sneak her into 'it's a small world' and hiding there. At age 13, a 'replacement' mickey suit operator came, and it turned out to be a monster, only to be saved by a friend from school who dragged her on an airplane with a suitcase he stole from her house. She then found herself in Camp Half Blood, and visits every school break.

Pets: She has no pets.

Any other notes: N/A

Role-play Example:
Rosie walked down the narrow hallway of the Aphrodite cabin, squeezing past her siblings to get out the door. Once she got out, she started to walk to the archery cabin. The wind whipped her hair, sending it into her face, making her constantly pull it back down. Small little thoughts crossed her mind as she looked around the camp. Rosie worried about her Dad constantly, about how he was doing, how he liked the weather, every last thing. She finally got into the roomy cabin, getting her equipment and going out to the target. She set her sight on the red dot in the middle and made aim. The whistling of the arrow sounded through the air before it hit the hay filled target...Perfect Shot.

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Re: Rosalie Justina Parker | Daughter of Aphrodite

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