Kyla O'Shea - In-depth

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Kyla O'Shea - In-depth

Post by Charlii on Wed May 29, 2013 10:07 am

(beginning note - there is also a twin brother named Darius, referenced to in here, and I will submit a different form eventually for him)

Kyla Caitlin Iona Niamh O'Shea is her full name, though she tends not to tell people about her middle names. When she doesn't trust a person though, she will tell them that her name is Niamh so as to not reveal her real name.

She has no nicknames. She just goes by the name Kyla, or Niamh.

Kyla born on the 1st of February 1996, making her 16 years old. She was born under the star sign Aquarius, which is meant to be a fairly lucky star sign.

Kyla is female, and she also heterosexual and interested in men, that is not to say she isn't open to experimentation.

God/dess Parent:
Tyche, goddess of Luck.

Yes, Kyla is claimed. She was claimed on her 13th Birthday, and for her, that was the greatest present she could ask for. She had already been in camp for a number of months, and had been questioned who her parent could be. It was the one thing she wanted to know more than anything. The moment she found out, she was ecstatic. She hadn't even gotten out of the Hermes Cabin when she was claimed, and as soon as she was claimed, she packed her stuff and moved cabins, before even going to get some breakfast.

She has no known powers.

Many members of the O'shea family were born in Dingle, Ireland. Kyla wasn't an exception. Dingle is located on the coast in the South. She wasn't born in a hospital, she and her brother were both brought into the world in her father's house there. The family farm is located just outside the town and is close to the coast.

Mortal Parent(s):
Darren O'Shea. Darren was also born in Ireland and like his children, was born in Dingle. Many generations of the O'Shea family have been born in Dingle, and they haven't left. Darren ran the family farm which was passed down to him from his father, and his father before him. When he wasn't tending to the farm, Darren tended to drink quite a bit, and would quite easily be classed as an alcoholic with a drinking problem. When he was drunk, sometimes Darren would hit his children, and tended to hit Kyla more than her brother. Darren O'Shea was 6'2", the same height as Darius, but because of the amount of work he did on the farm, he was quite strong as well, and heavily built, even though he also had a "beer belly". Darren was also a gambler, quite a fortunate one too. He would go out every weekend and go gambling. He'd even travel to bigger cities for better casinos and stuff. That is where he met Kyla's mother, Tyche. At that time, she was using the name Niamh, thus why Kyla's middle name is Niamh. She and Darren got very close, she was attracted to his luck. And eventually, Kyla was born. As well as her twin brother, Darius. Niamh left shortly after that, which broke Darren's heart. That lead him to the drinking, and he hit the children as if it were all their fault. After an incident involving his children though, Darren died and left his children Orphans. (mentioned in the history)

Physical Description:
Kyla has very pale skin, which is a common trait for many red-heads. Kyla can tan when in the sun, but it doesn't take long before she begins to burn and so she has to wear sun-cream when she goes out of her cabin.
She has Emerald green eyes, like many Irish Red-Heads do. She didn't inherit these from her father though, who doesn't have many similar traits to his daughter.
Kyla has red hair. Again, this is not a trait she has inherited from her father, but her Grandmother does have red-hair like her. Her hair can grow really long, and at times, Kyla lets it grow down to the base of her back, but because that takes a lot of care, Kyla prefers to keep it just over her shoulders. Her hair is naturally quite wavy as well, and she likes it wavy so she doesn't curl or straighten it often.
Kyla isn't as tall as her brother or her father. She is only 5 foot 6 inches (5'6"). Kyla was the smallest at home, but was of similar height to many of her friends, so she wasn't the smallest either.
Kyla likes to keep slim, and has done well to keep her weight at just 130pounds. She isn't very muscly either, so she isn't the strongest of people. Though, she does keep in shape and goes running and swimming regularly, but she doesn't go to the gym or do weights, she just does enough to keep fit and agile. On the other hand, Kyla did spend a number of years doing gymnastics, so is still flexible.

When she was at home, Kyla never really got to meet many people. Dingle was a small town, and there weren't many people her age. She was home-schooled as well, so she didn't even meet other school kids her age. Now that she is at camp, she loves to meet new people. Making new friends makes her feel so good about her herself. She also seems quite bubbly and nice, which is why people tend to like her.
She is also quite excitable. Due to not getting out very much at home, there is a lot Kyla hasn't experienced, things which she is only now seeing for the first time. This thrills her and she usually always wants to try something new.
At the same time, Kyla can be quite reckless and will sometimes do things which will have bad consequences, and so Kyla tends to end up in trouble. It requires her brother to keep her from doing these things.
The only person she will listen to properly is her brother, by that I mean her brother is the only one who can talk sense into her, she listens to others, but only her brother can stop her from doing things.
When Kyla becomes moody, she lets everyone know. She becomes a self-centered brat, who just wants everyone else to be as miserable as she is at that moment, and when this happens, people tend to stop liking her, so she tries to control it and not get moody, but if she loses, that's when all hell breaks loose.

Kyla has a few skills and talents. Her main thing is that she is incredibly lucky, especially when it comes to gambling. She tends to make good calls. Sometimes she knows when she has a bad hand in poker, or when she should keep going and keep betting. When throwing dice, they tend to turn up on what she wants, and when it comes to roulette, she is pretty good at predicting what it will land on. This is also an instinct to her, rather than a power.
Kyla is also quite arty, and is very good at drawing, though only with pencil. She isn't very good at painting and cannot stand using pastels.
She has also had many years practice with the flute (and tin-whistle) and is very good at it. She would like to be able to play the piano and violin, and has had some practice with the piano, but not very much. She can play the Violin quite well, but not very. She's above average, but she thinks she could be a lot better at it.
Kyla is also really good with her staff. She has quick reactions, and is very flexible, so there is a lot she can do with that. Being a blunt, metal object as well, means it can break bones quite easily and it would only take a few well placed blows to break a leg, arm, or even a rib.

Kyla loves to meet new people, it is one of her favorite things to do. She also loves to draw and to play music, those are her other favorite past-times. Kyla loves gymnastics and will often spend hours at a time practicing. And, even though she tends to keep slim, Kyla actually loves food. She likes to try something new too, and isn't afraid of doing so (unless it is high up or involves flying).

Kyla hates anything high up or in the air, due to her fears. She also dislikes losing, because she is a sore loser. She dislikes it when her brother won't leave her alone, it really bugs her and gets on her nerves. Kyla also hates people being mean to one another, she cannot understand why they would act like that, especially between friends. She also hates waiting, she cannot stand it, she would much rather be doing something else.

Kyla is afraid of being hated by others. Because of her relationship with her father, who she has decided hated her, she doesn't want to be hated by others, in case they do the same things to her (see history for more).
She also doesn't want to lose her brother, that would crush her more than anything. Whilst she thinks he needs to give her more space, she loves him dearly and wouldn't know what to do without him.
Kyla also has a fear of flying and of heights. Her fear of flying is probably due to her fear of heights, and so she cannot do either. She cannot even do them uncomfortably, she literally will get upset and scream if she has to do either.

Time at Camp:
Kyla has been at camp since before her 13th birthday. It was only a couple months before her thirteenth, but she's been there for over 3 years so far.
At first she wasn't sure about camp, but glad to know the truth, she just wanted to know who her mother was. After discovering that, and spending more time in camp, she begun to love it there, and loves being there, and doesn't want to leave.
She is a year-rounder, since she has no home to go to anymore.

Brief History of Before Camp:
Kyla was raised on the family farm with her brother down in Dingle, Ireland. Originally, their grand-parents had lived with them there as well, but when Kyla was about 6, they had died and left the farm and everything else to their father, so they stayed there. It hadn't felt much different at the time, but after the Grand-Parents died, Kyla's father, Darren, began to lose it. He began to rant on about how he missed their missed so much, but he never actually said anything about it, he would just mutter something about their mother and then New York.
Kyla and Darius took over on all the farm work, and Darius himself basically took over everything. Kyla would cook the meals, Darius would deal with the bills. Whilst they were doing this, their father was drinking, a lot.
Eventually, their father began to blame to the two of them for the loss of their mother. He would especially blame Kyla since she was the weaker of the two, and wouldn't be able to defend herself as much. He began to hit her regularly. She would constantly have bruises and quite often, a black eye. At one point, the two of them fled to a relative down the road from then, but this Uncle had sent them back up to their father, who then beat them for trying to leave.
It was evident all of the family knew what their father was doing, but not a single family member tried to help them, they all pretended it wasn't happening, and to do this, they ignored both of them at every family get-together. It became so bad, Kyla and Darius stopped going to them all together and would just stay at home and carry on working.
One time though, Darren was in a seriously bad mood and had been drinking even more than he usually did, which was still a lot. He began to hit Kyla even harder and was pulling on her hair. Her brother had tried to stand up for her before, but their father was still a strong man and would just throw Darius away. This time though, it was different. Darius pushed their father, and he came back forward and began to hit Darius. Darius hit him back, and then shoved him backwards. Their father wasn't ready for this and so he staggered back and tripped, hitting his head on the mantel-piece as he fell. He collapsed on the ground, and Kyla and Darius thought he was just knocked out, but when they saw the blood coming out of his head and forming a puddle, they knew otherwise. Kyla cried, even though she hated him, but he was still their father. Darius remained motionless however.
The two of them knew they then had to leave home, and so they packed all that they could. Just before going, they released all the animals, and then set fire to the farm. They ran away then, but made sure no-one would spot them, and they hoped people would just think they were dead in the fire.
They decided to go to New York and try and find their mother, but Kyla wouldn't get on a plane, so they had to sneak on-board a boat and stowed away all the way to America. After that they got on many buses all the way to camp. They were disappointed to find their mother wasn't there, but were excited to discover the truth. Plus, since they no longer had a home, they had decided to stay at camp, there was no way it was going to be worse than their last place.


Any other notes:
She has a twin brother, Darius.

Role-play Example:
Kyla stared at the hell-hound as it leaped forward at her. She raised her staff at the last moment and hit it on the side of its face, knocking it to the side and causing it to yelp. She smirked as it fell onto the floor, but her smirk faded when it stood back up and stared at her angrily. She prepared herself for its attack and got into a ready stance, but then the hell-hound was also ready and so when it dived forward at her, it knocked her staff to the side and out of her hand, and then it bit onto her arm and latched on. Kyla screamed out in pain and tears rolled down her cheeks, this was excruciating for her. She cried out, "Darius! Someone! Anybody! Help!" but she knew no-one would get here in time, not when she was in the middle of the forest on her own. She had only come her to get away from everyone, especially from those who were robbing her of her money in the card game they had been played, how could she lose to them? She was a daughter of Tyche! Kyla snapped back into it, and looked down at her arm. The hounds teeth had sunk into her arm and blood was flowing out of the wounds. She continued to yell it in pain and tried to punch the hound in the face, but that only angered it further and it bit harder. Then, she quickly grabbed one of the throwing knives from its sheath and thrust it down through the head of the hound. The hounds eyes went wide, and suddenly all the pressure was gone from her arm. She watched as the hound dissolved into a golden dust which flowed away with the wind, and then her knife fell to the floor.
Kyla smiled for a moment, but then looked at her arm and saw it was still bleeding a lot. Suddenly, she heard footsteps all around her and heard twigs snapping as people rushed forward. She turned around to see brother sprinting towards her, with a bunch of other boys around him, "Darius..." She said, whilst feeling incredibly faint, then she blacked out and collapsed onto the floor, just as Darius grabbed hold of her.


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Re: Kyla O'Shea - In-depth

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APPROVED. What a Face

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