ADELAIDE PENELOPE HARRIS| daughter of nemesis

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ADELAIDE PENELOPE HARRIS| daughter of nemesis

Post by MLsweetart on Wed May 29, 2013 6:47 pm

Name: Adelaide Penelope Harris
Nicknames: Addie
Age: 17
Gender: Female
God/dess Parent: Nemesis the goddess of revenge, balance, righteous indignation, and retribution.
Claimed: Yes
Powers: none
Hometown: Santa Barbara, California.
Mortal Parent(s): Timothy Harris, a cop at the SBPD.
Physical Description: Adelaide's hair is dark brown, around the color of milk chocolate. She has a few natural highlights of a lighter brown, almost a carmel color. Her natural hair is straight, with a slight curl. However occasionally she curls her hair, or puts it up in some way. Adelaide's hair is medium length, maybe a bit longer. It goes down just past her shoulders. Her hair is cut with layers, the first starting at four inches. Her hair also has a natural side part.

Madeleine has big, bright green eyes that are a pretty emerald color. They stand out a lot, and they are very distinguished. Some people have said you could recognize Adelaide just by her eyes. She thinks that its stupid however, how could you possibly identify someone by their eyes? Around her eyes, Adelaide normally uses a light mascara and a bit of eye liner. Besides that, she also uses a light foundation, and some lip gloss.

Adelaide tries very hard to stay and shape, and she manages to do so. She weighs a good weight of a hundred and twenty pounds. She's got more of a swimmers build, but not the height that some swimmers have. She's stands at a height of five foot, six inches. Adelaide looks like she's skinny, which she is but don't be fooled, she's strong. Her shoulders, arms, and legs are skinny, but she has muscle built up from swimming and running. Her arms, and legs are both fairly long, giving them a very slender appearance. Adelaide's hands are around average size, maybe a bit larger with long and skinny fingers. Her feet are around the average size for her height, which is a size twelve.

Skin as golden as the sun. Okay, Adelaide's skins not golden like the sun, or an Apollo kid's. Her skin is pretty tan however, in the Summer of course. This is due to spending a lot of time outside swimming in the warmer months, and also from just being outside a lot. The other parts of the year Adelaide's skin stays a pretty average color, that's not that pale. Adelaide does not fake and bake, as she thinks it ruins your skin. Nor does she use spray tan, because she does not want to look like a carrot.

Adelaide has pretty features, that are very feminine. Her face is a nice round shape. Her chin is distinguished, but not too distinguished, meaning you can tell what her chin is, but its not out of place or anything along those lines. Her jaw line is visible, but not overly prominent. Adelaide has high cheek bones. Her nose is of average size as far and noses come, it's what people call a ski slope nose. On the side of her head, she has a pair of ears, average sized also. All together Adelaide has pretty basic features, that are still her own.

Fashion is a very odd thing for Adelaide. She cares about how she looks, yet she doesn't always care what she is wearing she just wants her outfit for her activity to look good. Most of the time she wears nice clothing, but for Adelaide this is a wide range. She could wear a cardigan and a pair of nice jeans with ballet flats one day, and the next day wear a dress. Honestly what she wears, depends on her mood. At camp, Adelaide tends to not care as much about her style. She can be found wearing a pair of jean shorts or just other types of shorts, with her camp shirt, topped off with a pair of tennis shoes.
Personality: Adelaide is a very driven, and hard working girl. She sets goals for herself, and tries hard to achieve them, most of the time being sucessful. She is very driven at achieving equality for everyone. She is an overachiever, always trying to be the best at everything. Not to mention Madeleine is very out going. She's headstrong, and very confident in herself. In her mind, if she tries hard she can do almost anything she wants. It's a good thing, but sometimes it proves to be difficult. Adelaide has a lot of self pride, which can be good, and also bad. She is OCD, and everything also has to be neat and orderly.

Adelaide is a sweet girl, who actually cares about other people. She loves being able to have a nice conversation with people, when time allows. She's down to earth, which is a good thing because a lot of people think she's stuck up. She's nice, and tries to be nice to everyone. However, Adelaide has zero tolerance for bullies, and she often looses her cool around them, and gets mad at them for bullying people. Adelaide is very loyal to her friends, she'd do almost anything for some of them. People say that Adelaide's just a machine because she's always working. This isn't true, she's a real person, full of emotion and feelings. She actually has a good sense of humor, but it's a bit different than some peoples ideas of humor.

Adelaide is a very opinionated person. She's one to voice her feelings, no matter what. She's what do you say, uh truthful? Yes thats it truthful. Adelaide always tells the truth, no matter what. She can't lie, not that she hates it which she does, but she just can't lie. Also, Adelaide hates when she's wrong, so she always tries to be right.

Adelaide is what people would call a nerd. She's always had good grades, and it's her number one goal to keep it that way. She loves pouring over books. In fact reading is her favorite thing to do. She loves learning new things, and taking in information. Also she is a huge overachiever, she also has to do everything better than it needs to be. She likes to say she does it, a 110 percent.

Talents: Public speaking, running, debating, sword fighting.
Weaknesses: archery, tracking, good books.
Good books
Good Music
Fears: A world full of full of chaos, dying.
Time at Camp: Four years.
Brief History of Before Camp: Adelaide is the daughter of the Greek goddess Nemesis and a mortal by the name of Timothy Harris. She was born on a nice sunny, April 15th. After her birth, her mother left leaving Timothy to raise her. For a cop who worked a lot, he didn't do that bad a of job. Sure he wasn't always around for Adelaide, but he always supported her and made it up to her.

Most of the time, Adelaide spent either at school, reading, running or swimming. Growing up in California, she spent a lot of time outside at the beach. She picked up open water swimming, and turned out to be pretty good at it. She then picked up running. Then she decided to try biking, in hopes to do triathalons.

When Adelaide was thirteen, she was attacked by a monster. Luckily for her, a fellow student a boy David, managed to kill it. He then reveleaed himself as a satyr. After this Adelaide packed her bags, and went to camp. Now she has been there for four years. However, she is only a summer camper, so she can continue with school.
Pets: A small calico kitten, Lily.
Any other notes: She has OCD.
Role-play Example: Adelaide looks around her cabin and sighs softly. It's past curfew, but the girl can't sleep. She just has a lot on her mind, plus it's still not that early. It's only around ten o'clock. She normally doesn't fall asleep until midnight. Climbing off her bunk, Adelaide grabs a sweatshirt and pulls it on over her pajamas. Slipping her feet into a pair of tennis shoes, she grabs a flash light.

Quietly Adelaide sneaks out of her cabin. Once she's out of site of the cabins, she switches on the flashlight. Keeping the beam pointed towards the ground, Addie walks towards the beach. Reaching the beach, she walks half way down the sand. She stops in front of a sand dune. Sitting down, she sighs and looks out at the water.


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Re: ADELAIDE PENELOPE HARRIS| daughter of nemesis

Post by Sapphire on Fri May 31, 2013 12:59 pm

APPROVED. What a Face

and if you try to find me n o w
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