LENA SAXON finished

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LENA SAXON finished

Post by primadonna on Sat Apr 13, 2013 10:28 pm

Name: Elena Riley Saxon.

Nicknames: Lena; she always goes by Lena.

Age: 15

Gender: Female

God/dess Parent: Ares

Powers: None

Hometown: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Mortal Parent(s): Denise Saxon

Physical Description: Lena has soft, silky brown hair that falls down her back in a straight waterfall. She typically wears her hair up in a ponytail and inside a hat, but on the occasion that's down, she'll wear it naturally. Her eyes are big and green with flecks of gold. She has long dark eyelashes to frame her pretty little peepers. Overall, Lena has a fairly square shaped face but she's decently pretty. She's got a few acne spots on the sides of her face, but those aren't too noticeable. She also has a little scar above her eyebrow from when she stapled her face once. (Long story) Lena stands at about five foot five inches and has a petite frame and could pass for a small middle schooler. Lena's the classic country girl when it comes to dressing; most of the time you can find her in a pair of cutoffs, a trucker's hat, a sturdy pair of boots, and a camp t-shirt.

Personality: Lena's wild, outgoing, loud, self-destructive, moody and a bit snarky at times. But she's very smart. Lena's always loved learning. However, she's just never cared enough to sit down and learn. Lena has enough common sense to make up for two people, but growing up in Wyoming, you didn't need book smarts. She has the tendency to often make dumb mistakes despite her natural appititude for learning. She doesn't exactly think about things before she says or does them and it causes her to make a big mistake. Her biggest flaw is her impulsiveness.

Talents: She's rides horses fairly well, and she knows how to farm, and she can handle any weapon fairly well. Due to her heritage, Lena can load and unload a gun fairly well and she's very skilled with all weapons.

Weaknesses: She's impulsive, self-destructive, and guilty. She keeps everything bottled up inside her.

Likes: Nature, Flowers, Trucks, Driving, Rain, Isolation, Hiking, Sunshine, Reading, country music.

Dislikes: Sitting still, video games, computer games, screamo music, public transportation.

Fears: She's afraid of getting into a car accident. Lena is also afraid of vomiting. The main thing she's afraid of is dying alone.

Time at Camp: Lena's been in camp since she was about 13. She comes every summer, usually arriving sometime in Mary or June depending on the events that occur in the end of the school year.

Brief History of Before Camp: As previously stated, Lena grew up in Wyoming, the 2nd most empty state when it came to population. She grew up in a small ranch styled house on a farm where two older brothers and her father. Her mother was a semi driver which kept her away from the house most of the time. It was usually left up to Kenneth and Ian to keep the farm going and the house chores were left to Lena. However, as the kids grew up into their teen years, the jobs began to switch around slightly when Lena began to rebel against the ideals of being a girl.
For the most part, Lena's childhood was an uneventful one. She spent most of her year in school and then the rest of it outside and at home. Lena and her brothers essentially raised themselves--which wasn't something Lena minded at all. Ian learned to hate their mother for it; however, Lena was an independent girl. As she grew up, she learned to look forward to her mother's infrequent homecomings. She usually brought gifts back from the road and as Lena got older, she kept getting her the same thing. Trucker hats. That was one thing that shaped Lena's entire persona.
During the school years, Lena had a bit of a reputation for being the rebellious, wild girl that often got kicked out of classes for her mouth. As she got older, her reputation remained intact but one thing was added to it: she was a wild, untamed beauty. As cliche as it sounded, Lena was a beautiful girl with a bad rep. She didn't quite realize just how rough things were getting until the actual monsters started to find her. First they just stalked her, then they formed as school bullies, and finally they closed in on her.
It was just one day after school when Lena was packing up to go home when the middle school's bullies cornered her into the school's courtyard. Somehow they managed to get her back up against a wall. By the time Lena had taken a few swings at a girl, the main bully, Jeff, had a gun out and had it pointed into her face, the nozzle pressed against her cheek. And within the next twenty seconds, Lena managed to get three of her classmates shot and herself nearly killed. By the time her classmates were already dead, she had Jeff at gunpoint and without thinking, Lena pulled the trigger. She stuffed the colt into her bag and practically sprinted four miles home.
That's when she told her brother everything and he took her to camp.

Role-play Example: The first thing Lena felt when she woke up was a sharp, stabbing pain in her lower abdomen. "Ungh..." she groaned, grabbing at her sheets. Instead of her fingers finding sheets, they found air instead. Lena's crusty eyes were forcibly peeled open as she stared at her surrounded. "Where the hell am I...?" the daughter of Ares wondered aloud. She appeared to be in some kind of motel room, on top of a bed laying next to a dirt covered boy. As she struggled to recall the night's previous events, Lena tucked her stringy brown locks into a ponytail and slapped her hat onto her head. Lena stood shakily from the bed and was picking dirt out from underneath her fingernails when she remembered just what had happened last night.
"Jesus Christ..." she mumbled, closing her eyes and shaking her head... they'd been at a party. Now, she hadn't been drinking, she remembered that much, but she'd been taking out monsters left and right. And it'd taken a lot out of her. That was the thing that she hated about camp and fighting monsters now. Now that guns weren't allowed at camp, she couldn't take them out as fast as she used to be able to. Well, she technically still had a shotgun in the back of truck but that was for self defense and it wasn't even loaded.
"Lena," said a groggy voice. Lena glanced over and found that her partner was awake.
"Hey, man. Time to hit the road," Lena said, rubbing her shoulder. She knew he had just woken up, but they couldn't stay in one place for too long. Especially with their heritage.
"Damn..." the boy muttered, shaking out his long, blonde hair. "And I was just gettin' comfy," a crooked grin danced on his lips as he ran a hand over the slice marks on his forearms. Lena just winced at the site. It was going to be a constant reminder that she'd gotten him trapped and tortured by Kronos' army. "Don't remind me, let's just get outta here." She turned to stand, but the full length mirror on the wall caught her attention. She gazed at it for a moment, not believing her eyes but then she whirled around and stared at the plump, hispanic woman in their doorway. Her eyes glistened black and Lena's hand found the dagger in her back pocket. "Out the back," was all she said to Troy before she flung the dagger at the woman.


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Re: LENA SAXON finished

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