Kael Lewis || son of aphrodite

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Kael Lewis || son of aphrodite

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PROFILE | No. 003
• "Kael Lewis"
• Sixteen years of age
• Male
• Born April 10, 1997
• Born in Tamworth, Australia

• Father: Ramone Clark
• Mother: Aphrodite
• Status: Claimed
• 0 years in camp (just arrived)

Registered Pet/s: None
"I'm hot. Enough said."
Kael makes sure to look good as much as possible, flaunting his looks whenever he could. When Kael stands, he draws up to his full height of 5'10". Having an acting career (with slight modeling background) has encouraged him to work out to maintain an athletic physique. But no, despite the exercise and even his careful diet, Kael does not have the washboard abs that usually come with famous male models. His stomach is just flat, to his slight dismay, but he is proud of the muscles packed in his arms and legs. When feeling particularly vain, it is not uncommon for Kael to flex his arms to show off his apparent strength.

Being a son of Aphrodite, Kael's square-shaped face is known to make a few girls swoon here and there. He frequently shaves off the stubble that grows on his chin to maintain a youthful appearance. His eyes are chocolate brown, usually skeptical under a pair of thick brown brows. Having a straight nose, Kael also has a pair of dry lips which require him to regularly use a lip balm. Small dimples pop out of his cheeks when he smiles, emphasizing his boyish look. Although he is light-skinned, he easily tans especially considering that swimming is one of his favorite hobbies.

Kael keeps his mop of brown hair unkempt. It reaches halfway down his neck, curling down at the tips. His wavy bangs are long enough to cover his forehead and he sweeps it to the right before it could hide his eyes. His hair, a dark shade of golden brown, is streaked with lighter shades that stand out under bright light. Occasionally Kael would take the time to straighten his hair especially if an event comes his way, using generous amounts of hair gel to spike it up.

Kael has a weakness for designer clothing and usually wears branded shirts, jeans and shoes. However, now that he has been stripped of his 'rich-kid' privileges here in camp, he sullenly sticks to the mandatory orange shirt and a pair of slightly ripped jeans. It irks him to look for sneakers that fit his larger-than-average size-13 feet which is why he has no choice but to use the pair of Nike he had worn since his arrival in camp. If given the money and the time, he will stun most with dashing outfits from ordinary casual wear to formal tuxedos and bow-and-ties. Like his siblings, he has a flair for style, and you can be guaranteed that wherever he goes, Kael will dress for success.

Liam Payne

"This isn't any of your business, so back off if you know what's good for you."
First off, Kael is a born actor. Acting is second nature to him. This means that he can effectively fake emotions, spin believable lies, and pretty much do or say anything to make you believe that he is an entirely different person. Being aware of this talent, Kael doesn't think twice to use it to his advantage. Having grown up pampered and spoiled, he often manipulates people for his own needs. He uses them to get what he wants, pronto.

At first glance, Kael appears to be cold and aloof. He doesn't have many friends because he seemingly isolates himself from human contact. Like most of his siblings, Kael is very vain and he takes pride in his looks. He doesn't trust easily and appears to be somewhat of a loner - a very aggressive loner. He dislikes people in general, especially authorities. A rebellious boy, he usually goes out of his way to disobey orders just to annoy anyone who tries to tell him what to do. He extremely dislikes being ordered around.

Another thing about Kael is that he has high standards. He tends to treat people differently if they don't meet these standards. A perfectionist at heart, Kael cannot stand anything that isn't perfect in his eyes, and this usually spurs him to do anything just to set things right. He has been thought to have OCD but never having consulted an expert, it remains to be only a speculation to this day.

Despite his negative qualities, Kael is actually very brave. He will not think twice to sacrifice himself for those he cares about (and in some occasions, those he doesn't even know). He is daring with a lot of nerve and courage, often to the point of stupidity. His ADHD causes him to have impulsive decisions and so, Kael can often be seen jumping straight into a fight without thinking long and hard about it.

While Kael is a tough shell to break, become one of the closest people to his heart and he will do anything for you. He is a softie deep down and can appear as one of the warmest and most trustworthy people in the world to those he cares about. Of course, he doesn't let a lot of people in so no one gets to see this side of him. It is actually quite sad because people look at him and see a snobby ass when in fact, he could be the exact opposite.

Despite how Kael wanted to be 'normal', he now loathes living a normal way of life. Used to having more-than-enough money for his needs, he tends to get cranky whenever he is running low on cash. That being said, he has a weakness for money and designer clothing. Wave these things in his face and he will most likely submit to your every command (although he will not make that obvious) - or at least use his talents to manipulate you into getting him what he wants.

Having brought up in an upper-class family, Kael isn't as independent as he looks and has zero abilities when it comes to household chores. He never had to lift a finger back then and being compelled to do that now just sickens him to the point where he mysteriously disappears whenever it is his turn to do the dishes or the laundry. He is slowly making progress, taking a little less time than usual to wash the dishes now, but that doesn't stop him from grumbling curses under his breath while he does.

Kael is also bad at holding himself together when his perfectionist qualities kick in, trusting people, understanding how others' emotions work, and dancing.

  • Brands
  • Money
  • Pools, lakes, beaches - anywhere he can swim

  • His acting career
  • To some extent, his father
  • Butterflies

Kael is afraid of being found out. He spins out so many lies that he fears the day someone uncovers the truth. Besides that, he is also afraid of - drumroll, please - butterflies. Yes, butterflies. It's ridiculous but Kael steers clear of these colorful little creatures and masks any indication of fear with a carefully-practiced nonchalance. Should a butterfly land on him, he will freak out.

Fatal Flaw:
As said before, Kael is too brave, often to the point of stupidity. He risks his life for other people, especially for those he cares about. Make no mistake; it has already happened a few times, all times having ended up with him getting the worse end of the stick. One of these days, he just might bite off more than he can chew.

Talents and Skills
Kael's talent lies in acting. He can easily force himself to cry or paste a believable smile on his face if he so likes. Often he uses this to his advantage, playing with others' emotions and manipulating them for his own needs.

Kael is fairly decent at swordfighting. He doesn't really take it seriously though. He owns a three-foot celestial bronze sword. It doesn't have an alternate form or any magical qualities. Kael usually forgets it in his cabin if he doesn't have to practice.

Kael is also a good swimmer. He feels the most peaceful when in the water.


"I don't remember a bloody thing."
His real name is actually Zachary Clark. Back when he was a child, his father Ramone always addressed him with his full name, Zachary. His manager-slash-talent agent, Olivia, was the first person to call him Zach. The maids had always called him Mr. Clark. The name Kael did not surface until many years after his birth, but let’s get to that later.

Majority of Zach’s childhood consisted of numerous acting workshops and minimal playtime. Ramone put more emphasis on his son’s acting career than his education which is why, when Zach was four, he was better in faking tears than in reading and writing. He did not see much of his father growing up since Ramone was always busy producing and directing movies, spending more and more time in studios than at home. He used to travel a lot too, as required by his job, and often left Zach home with his manager Olivia.

Zach was homeschooled, but he never had the patience for academics due to his dyslexia and ADHD. Eventually, his teacher gave up on him at the same time he made his first appearance in one of Tamworth’s local commercials, marking it Zach’s TV debut. But no, he wasn’t instantly popular, considering that he was only an extra and six years old at that, but it paved the way for many possibilities and soon enough, he auditioned and got hired in other commercials.

Nothing of major importance really happened until a little past his thirteenth birthday. Zach was in Australia auditioning for a role in a mini TV series called The Ninth Planet, produced by one of Tamworth’s local and city-exclusive stations. Right before his turn to take the stage, Aphrodite claimed him. And you know what happens when an Aphrodite kid gets claimed. Zach became ten times as drop-dead gorgeous as usual when he started his audition. Thanks to his acting skills and to Aphrodite’s blessing taking effect, he won his first major role as the main character’s son. At the time, Zach had no clue what really happened. Olivia didn’t either. Ramone hadn’t been present in his son’s audition since he was filming a movie in Dubai, but Olivia mentioned it to him in passing when Zach got the part. Nevertheless, he was the only one who truly understood what had happened. Resolving to finally tell his son the truth, he filed a leave from his movie project to take the first flight back to Australia.

Unfortunately, he never got to tell Zach who his mother really was. One plane crash later, Ramone was gone. Zach was then adopted by Rachel, Ramone’s only sibling, but even she didn’t know the identity of his mother. The secret died with Ramone.

Zach continued his acting career with Olivia still being his manager. The Ninth Planet wasn’t much of a hit even in the city of Tamworth so he did not get the chance to become a big-shot child actor. Strangely enough, Zach was completely alright with that. He was tired of his life, tired of all the acting games. He craved to be a normal teenage boy, but he was a caged bird with no place to spread its wings. And no matter how hard he tried to tell Olivia that enough was enough, she would simply shrug him off and tell him the same thing. She said that he should count himself lucky for sporting this kind of lifestyle. It didn't take long for Zach to question it. If he was really so lucky, why didn't he feel like it?

After three years, Rachel had Olivia bring Zach to New York in an attempt to land a contract for a new project. Zach arrived in New York a little after his sixteenth birthday, and this was where his life took a very wild turn for the worse.

Zach saw a boy being chased by some large men and instinctively followed them, only to find out that the 'men' were not humans, but three angry cyclopes. The boy ultimately fended off the monsters with very little participation from Zach. The fight left both of them heavily injured though, and just before the authorities could come to their aid, a strange man who walked weirdly entered the scene and carried the boy off to hide. Before they left, the boy gave Zach his name. His name was Kael.

Zach spent the next few days in a hospital, always thinking about Kael and those mysterious one-eyed monsters. Little did he know that it wasn't long before they were reunited. Kael and his older companion snuck into the hospital Zach was in and tried to convince him that he had a different 'scent' from mortals. Skeptical, Zach tried to push them away but in the middle of their conversation, large powerful hellhounds plowed through the windows and the walls, snarling and growling at them all. Zach, Kael and his friend, actually a satyr, managed to flee from the chaos and throw the hounds off their trail, but as Zach looked back, he saw the figure that was unmistakably Olivia being caught in one of the beast's jaws. His manager, the closest he had to a mother figure, was ripped apart before his very eyes.

The trio drove to camp in a stolen car. During the drive, Zach learned that the satyr's name was Lewis.

But their adventure didn't end there. As they took their first steps on the base of Half-Blood Hill, the hellhounds back in the hospital managed to track them down. Kael and Lewis forced Zach to go on despite their protests. They met their end protecting the boy they barely knew. Zach watched life leave their bodies, watched the old satyr reincarnate into a flower on the ground he last stood.

Physically and emotionally scarred by the abrupt turn his life took, Zach collapsed just after he entered the camp boundaries. His mind was in a whirl when a few campers rushed over, asking so many things. If anyone had ambrosia. If he was alright. Who he was.

He introduced himself as Kael Lewis, an amnesiac boy who could only remember his name.
OOC Notes
Character Upgrades:

Theme Song:
Fences - Paramore

His color is skyblue.
Roleplay Example
They were all gone. His father, Olivia, and now, even Kael and Lewis. He fell on all fours on the crisp grass, ignoring the protesting aches from his body. He could see the ground below him stained with drops of red. He was vaguely aware that he was bleeding but he already felt like he had drifted away. Everyone was gone. Dead. Hot tears pooled in his lashes and cascaded down his cheeks. His consciousness slipped and he closed his eyes. Maybe he was dying too.

Frantic voices called him back to the world and suddenly he was in someone's arms. Their questions barely made sense in his muddled mind. Was he alright? Was he alive? Did anyone have ambrosia? He forced his eyes open. He saw kids, maybe his age or younger. He saw them heave a sigh of relief. A girl asked for his name and they waited curiously for his reply.

He took a few moments to think. These people didn't know him. They didn't know what he went through. They were all so clueless, he thought. Soon they would want him to relive his experiences, stories he wanted to forget. Stories filled with nothing but tragedy, sadder than any movie he had ever seen. Briefly he parted his lips as if to answer but closed it immediately without saying anything.

He wanted to forget so badly. He wanted to pretend that he was just a normal boy, not someone who had everyone he cared about taken away fro him. He just wanted a fresh start. Maybe this was his chance.

And so, his decision was made.

"Kael. My name is Kael Lewis," he weakly told the breathless crowd. "That's all I remember."

and if you try to find me n o w
i'm in all the echoes that have faded out.

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