MATTHEW DEITCH, son of dionysus (wip)

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MATTHEW DEITCH, son of dionysus (wip)

Post by fudge on Thu May 30, 2013 9:26 pm

The silent

matthew rowen deitch
Name: Matthew Rowen Deitch

Nicknames: He doesn't prefer any nicknames. But behind his back, he heard a few people calling 'creepy boy.' The few friends he had called him 'Matt.'

Age: Sixteen years old, born at September 25.

Gender: Matthew is male, and heterosexual.

God Parent: Dionysus, the god of wine, parties, and madness

Claimed: Yes, Matthew is claimed the moment he arrived at the Big House. Dionysus saw him, and recognized him.

Powers: He had no power related to Dionysus or whatsoever.

Hometown: Before camp, Matthew lived at Los Angeles with his mother, and at California with his uncle.

Mortal Parent(s): Hannah Deitch, mother (deceased); Hannah is a philosopher of modern times, and is a researcher, too. She overworked herself, though, and that left her ill. The doctor that tended her was the god Morpheus, disguised as Ivan Venmer, a Russian psychiatrist. He was the one who persuaded Hannah to take a rest, and give time to herself. The two loved each other. After a year, Hannah was completely treated and healthy. At the same time, she bore a child with Ivan--Matthew. But just a month after April the year Matthew was born, Morpheus left the two. This caused Hannah depression, and began drowning that sadness in work. Soon, when Matthew was 5, she died of depression.

Physical Description: Matthew is a solidly built guy. He stands at 5'6, with feminine face and blond hair tumbling down, two inches from his shoulders. This hair had streaks of black and white, giving it caramel color. His eyes were green--green as a shallow moss sea. He emphasized it with black eyeliner successfully, what with his fair skin. His body was sturdily built, but full of scars. Matthew hid them by wearing long sleeved shirts and jeans.

This son of Dionysus had an odd taste for finger rings. He wore three rings in his left hand and right hand alike. These rings weren't cheap, though. They're made from jewels that made Matthew a target for the kids of Hermes.

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