SAMUEL GAVIN LEWIS| son of hephaestus

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SAMUEL GAVIN LEWIS| son of hephaestus

Post by MLsweetart on Fri May 31, 2013 1:35 pm

Name: Samuel Gavin Lewis
Nicknames: Sam, Sammy
Age: 17
Gender: Male
God/dess Parent: Hephaestus the Greek god of fire, metalworking, blacksmiths, and crafts.
Claimed: Yes
Powers: none
Hometown: New York City, New York
Mortal Parent(s): Diana Lewis- mother.
Physical Description: Sam has nice light brown colored hair. Through out his hair, he has natural highlights of a darker shade of brown. His hair is naturally thick, and has a very messy look to it. He keeps his hair cut short, close to his head. His hair is naturally messy. Because of this he uses hair gel to add to this effect. Often his hair, sticks up all over his head, like Albert Enstein.

Sam has bright blue eyes that really sparkle in the sun. Around his pupils you can see slight flecks of purple. Above his eyes Sam has a pair of slightly bushy blond eyebrows. Because his eyebrows are blond, its hard to see them all of the time. Then he also has long, thich blond eye lashes. His eyelashed look like they could almost get tangled up, but they never do. Sam's face is more of a rounded shape, with a distingushed chin. He has low cheek bones, and more of a ski-slope type nose.

Sam has the type of build that you would call a swimmers build. He's tall standing at a height of just 6'4''. Not to mention he has muscule, broad shoulders. His arms are long and very thin, just a bit to long for his body, with slight muscule. He's fit, he has well defined abs. His legs are long and also thin, but not extremely, he has visable calf muscule. Sam's hands are large, with long skinny fingers. For his height, his feet are around a size 15, which is just about the right size. Part of his muscule comes from hours of swiming, the rest comes from a combination of running, and other various sports.
Personality: Sam is over all and nice guy, with a good sense of humor. He enjoys being surronded by people, who actual care and bother to listen to what he's saying. He does enjoy cracking jokes here and there, though a lot of them can be a bit corny. Sam also has a tendency to be what people would call a flirt. He's not a player well not anymore, but he always tends to flirt with girls, even if he doesn't mean to. It's just a bad habit, that he can't seem to get rid of. Sam is also rather impulsive, he does stuff and says stuff without putting any or much thought into it.

Sam appears to be the popular guy which he is. But unlike some guys with this type of social status, Sam is not a jerk or a jackass. He is still a sweet and kind guy. When it comes to girls, Sam is completly clueless. No matter how hard he tries, he can't understand them. Sam is a very smart and clever guy, he's great for playing any sort of trivia game. Sam also has very bad ADHD, far worse than most demigods. Still he manages to maintain his good grades, taking honors classes in Science, Literature, Geometry, and Spanish.

However Sam has another side that not a lot of people see, because he hides it. He is actually a very shy, and insecure guy. He's afraid of trusting people, because he trusted his mom and that didn't work out, now did it? He's also quite nervous when it comes to meeting new people. He's afraid he'll end up trusting them to much, and then he'll get hurt. But eventually he ends up trusting people, most of the time. He gets upset over silly things, and he often goes off to sulk. He's actually a big baby. But because he's afraid of being made fun of, he tries very hard to hide this.
Just like everyone else Sam is full of his flaws and personality quirks. He is very loyal to his friends, to an extent that he would put his life on the line to save them. He also has a tendency, well actually he holds grudges, a lot. He also has a huge problem is impulsiveness. Not to mention Sam also tends to drink a lot. He also is very confident in himself.
Talents: Building, Photography, Skateboarding, Gymnastics.
Weaknesses: Swimming, Jellybeans, Starbucks.
Fears: Bullies, dying, being unloved.
Time at Camp: Four years
Brief History of Before Camp: Sam grew up in a small apartment in New York City, New York. To be exact the apartment was located in Manhattan. In reality, the apartment was pretty nice, but Sam hated it. From the moment he was old enough to understand what it mean't to hate something he hated it. A few weeks after Sam's birthday, Diana was already up and playing her little game. What game is this? Picking up different men, she liked to go out to bars and find random men and bring them home. Most of them didn't last too long, but some became regulars. As soon as he understood what was going on, Sam hated it.

Diana never really wanted a son, and she let Sam know that. At home he was constantly beat over and over again. Sometimes he didn't even do anything, and he'd still be beaten. It got to the point where, he missed several days of school because of the pain. However he doesn't tell anyone about this because even though she's kind of crazy, he loves his mom. So even though she's horrible to him, he would never tell anyone.

School is the one place, where Sam can be accepted. In fact he seemed to be accepted by a lot of people. See, Sam was lucky enough to be in the popular group of kids at school. He enjoyed having all of these friends, but sometimes he just longed to get away from all of it. He never really took any action to get away from this though.

There was a point in Sam's life where it was just to hard for him to handle and he became really stressed. School was harder, and Diana seemed to beat him more than ever. So Sam turned to drinking, and oh boy did he like it. He would just drink until all of his problems went away. He also started to serial date girls, breaking up with them when they got boring. A couple of times he almost went farther, but he manged to stop himself. However he told everyone that he went farther.

Then his life seemed to change. All of the sudden Diana seemed to care about her son. Maybe it was the fact that she didn't want him to become like her. So after some thinking she told Sam about camp. She then had him pack a bag. Diana then forced Sam into her car, where she took him to camp and left him. After a while of standing there confused, Sam stumbled up the hill and into camp. Where he feel down the hill, and passed out. When he woke up he was surrounded by an old guy and some random girl. After the two took him to dinner, he was assigned to his cohort. Then Sam was claimed by Hephaestus, pretty soon he ended up spending most of his time in the forges.
Pets: none
Any other notes: He is bisexual.
Role-play Example: Samuel trudges through the camp, his tall figure bent. A dark hood is pulled over his crop of brown hair. Around his neck hangs a polroid camera. The demigod lets out a frustrated noise, as he countines to walk. Some people really know how to make someone mad. He'd just suffered through ten minutes of someone making fun of his intrested in photograpy. There's nothing wrong with photography. Though he's more concerned about his camera. He hopes its not broken.

Biting his lip, Samuel countines to walk. Eventually he looks up, to notice he's reached the base of the Berkeley Hills. Sighing he starts to walk up the hill. Reaching a quiet, and secluded spot he looks around. He notices another boy, and sighs. Damnit, he'd been hoping to be alone. Though it looks like, that won't be happening. Quietly he turns around, preparing to head back down the hill. He'd just find another place to hide.

Thats when the boy, hears him. Sighing, Sam turns around and looks at the boy. He steps into the view of the boy and raises his hand. "Just me. Pay no attention"he says softly. Sam then turns away and walks a few steps. He sits down and takes his camera off of his neck. Setting it in his lap, he looks at his camera. It looks fine, but that doesn't really mean it is. He holds it up and takes a picture of the grass.

Picking up the photo he waits for it to be developed. Sam picks up the picture and watches as it developes. It's a bit blurry, blurrier than normal. Sighing he sets the camera down next to him. He then lays back on the grass closing his eyes. Right now he just wants to scream loudly, to let out his anger. That asshole, why did he have to break his camera? Now Sam is going to have to fix his camera. It's not that he can't fix it, he just doesn't really want to spend fixing the camera, when he could be doing something else.

(Sam is a character I had on camp jupiter, I just changed his middle and last names)

Jonah Carson, Athena-17
Adelaide Harris, Nemesis-17
Samuel Lewis, Hephaestus-17
Kellen Bennett, Dionysus-18


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Re: SAMUEL GAVIN LEWIS| son of hephaestus

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