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Name: Kellen Malachy Bennett
Nicknames: none
Age: 18
Gender: Male
God/dess Parent: Dionysus
Claimed: Yes
Powers: none
Hometown: Nashville, Tenesse.
Mortal Parent(s): Marie Bennett a a bartender at a honkeytonk, and an aspiring county singer.
Physical Description: Kellen has light brown hair. Through his hair are natural carmel colored highlights. He keeps his hair cut short, never going below his ears. Kellen likes to hair gel, to style it so it sticks up. His hair is naturally thick. He cares a lot about how his hair looks, so you will rarely see Kellen with messy hair. Occasionally he will wear a hat or beanie, but most of the time he won't wear hats.

Kellen has large light blue eyes. By light, I do mean light. If he was to be facing straight, and you were looking at him from the side you could pretty much see through his eyes. His eyes are what some people might consider cold, you can't really see much emotion in them. Above each of his eyes, Kellen has a pair of slightly bushy eyebrows the same color of his hair. Above his eyes, and below his eyebrows, Kellen also has a set of brown eyelashes, that are actually rather long for a guys, but being a guy he doesn't care. In between his eyes, is Kellenr's nose, which is pretty average the tip of it pointing downwards a bit. On the side of his head are his ears, which are normal shape and size. Kellen has a very distintive jaw line, and he has high cheek bones.

Kellen can be considered tall, he's defiently not sure thats for sure. He stands at a height of around six feet, or just a bit under. A lot of his height comes from Kellen's long legs, that have some muscle, from lacrosse but not a lot. His arms are also pretty long and gangly, with some muscle but not a lot to really make a lot of different. He big hands, with plenty of cuts and blisters from building and gripping a lacrosse stick. His fingers are long, and skinny. Kellen wears a size sixteen in shoes, which is about average for someone his height. If you were to describe Kellen's body type, most people would describe him as Lanky. He hasn't quite filled himself out yet, which is pretty easy to tell.

Personality: Kellen is a very insecure, self-reserved person. He is afraid of people getting to know the real him, so he puts on an act for others. He is really a nice and caring person. He has some trust issues, and often this affects his ability to make friends. However, Kellen is very loyal to those who he really trusts. In fact he would do almost anything for them. Honestly he is very insecure.

Kellen acts like he is a very arrogant person, he constantly boasts about how great he is. He appears to be very cocky, and vain. He can be very rude, and harsh to people. Often he makes side comments, and snide remarks about people, not really bothering to see if it hurts them. He also tends to order people around, treating them like servants. He sheds no care for people. Kellen really craves attention, he is always doing things to get people to notice him. Kellen is a major player. He never stays with a girl for long. He also tends to flirt with anything that moves.
Talents: Throwing parties, lacrosse, singing
Weaknesses: Trust, swimming, commitment, power.
Good music
Not being the center of attention
Folk music
Fears: Everyone hating him, being alone
Time at Camp: Five years
Brief History of Before Camp: Kellen Malachy Bennett was born on September 13th, to Dionysus and Marie Bennett in Nashville Tenesse. His mother was a bartender at a local bar, so they never had a lot of money. So life was a bit tough, but Kellen was able to survive, not that he enjoyed it. Kellen always wished for more, one day he got his dream. His mother met a rich man, and she married him.

However, everything didn't end up nicely for Kellen. His new step father, disliked Kellen, a lot. It got to the point of where, the main would beat Kellen. This is where he developed trust issues. Finally, when Kellen was thirteen, he couldn't take it anymore. He ran away from home. He ran into a satyr, who then took him to camp. After reaching camp, Kellen was claimed by Dionysus. Now he's been here for five years. His mom still sends him money, and nice gifts and stuff every once in a while.
Pets: none.
Any other notes: nah.
Role-play Example: Kellen looks around his cabin and sighs. For children of the god of parties, they are pretty dull. Laying down on his bunk, he sighs and takes out his iPhone Putting his headphones in, he turns the phone on. Going to his music he selects, Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons. Grinning, Kellen leans back and listens to his music.

After a while, he starts to feel bored again. Kellen climbs off of his bunk, and walks over to his dresser. Moving it aside, he bends down. Moving the loose floorboard, he reaches inside. He pulls out a bottle of wine. Replacing the board, and dresser, Kellen returns to his bunk. Opening the bottle, he takes a large sip of it. He then grabs a magazine, and opens it. For a while, Kellen sits there drinking and reading. After a while, Kellen drifts off into a deep sleep.

Jonah Carson, Athena-17
Adelaide Harris, Nemesis-17
Samuel Lewis, Hephaestus-17
Kellen Bennett, Dionysus-18


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Re: KELLEN MALACHY BENNETT| son of dionysus

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APPROVED. What a Face

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