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●○●○● VIENNA MASON ○●○●○

Well you built up a world of magic
Because your real life is tragic
Yeah you built up a world of magic
If it's not real
You can't hold it in your hand
You can't feel it with your heart
And I won't believe it
But if it's true
You can see it with your eyes
Oh, even in the dark
And that's where I want to be
- Brick by Boring Brick, Paramore

Name: Vienna Layla Mason
Name Meaning: From Wine Country
Nicknames: Na, Vi, Layla, Mason
Age: 16
Birthday: 8th of August
Gender: Female
God/dess Parent: Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, Warfare, Battle Strategy, Heroic Endeavour, Handicrafts and Reason
Claimed: Yes.
Time At Camp: About Two Years, maybe a little less.
Hometown: Miami, The United States of America.
Mortal Family:

  • Liam Mason (Father)
  • Nancy Mason (Step-Mother)
  • Dylan Mason (Paternal Half-Brother)
  • Kane Mason (Paternal Half-Brother)
  • Byron Mason (Paternal Half-Brother) †

Brief History of Time Before Camp:
Twenty five long years ago, Liam Mason met the love of his life. Nancy Yorke was a confident, loud lady, working as a journalist who was positive of what she wanted. Liam was a thriving artist, who was having his first ever art exhibition. The whole thing was quite a large event, and at the end there was a party for a load of art critics to come and meet the person who had painted the pictures. He was hanging around in a corner, waiting for them all to leave, when pretty Nancy walked over and started firing questions at him. He was stunned that she was so bold, but he answered every single question she asked.
At the end of the night, just as the museum was closing, Liam was positive he wanted to see more of her, so he asked her to go on a date with him. It was her turn to be stunned he could be so bold, but she agreed to go with him on to the cinema.
Cue a year of dating, and going to the cinema, and bringing Nancy to the fun fair. They would squeeze into a photo booth wherever they went, and snap a load of stupid pictures. One time, they went to the beach and spent the entire day shivering under blankets, cause they'd been idiotic enough to go in the Winter. But it was still fun, and Nancy and Liam were slowly but surely falling in love.
Another half year had passed, and they had took the big move from Los Angeles to Miami, together. Liam brought his girlfriend out on a date, and surprised her by getting down on one knee. He gave a whole speech on why he wanted to be her husband, "Til Death Do Us Part", but it only took her a second to say Yes. And happily, a couple months later, they learned Nancy was pregnant with their first child, who was born on the 5th of July. Little Dylan Mason was loved more than anything else, and was spoiled more than he probably should have been spoiled. His early life was privileged, no doubt about that. And he attended his parents wedding, as they got married a year after his birth. Another year passed, and baby Kane Mason was born into the family, followed two years later by Byron.
But unfortunately, Nancy didn't get the little girl she wanted. Her happiness ended when, a couple months after the birth of Byron, she was told by doctors she wouldn't ever be able to have any more children.
That hurt. She had always wanted a big family, and while she loved her little boys, she wanted a little girl which would take after her. Adoption and Fostering just didn't seem right, and sadly, she wasn't able to love her husband anymore. Liam didn't understand the change that had come over his wife, and even though she tried and tried to stop fighting with him, two months was all he could take. Liam packed his bags and moved to the other side of town, promising his kids he'd collect them from school, that he would see them all the time.
For a couple of months, Liam tried to move on. He tried to forget about Nancy, he really, really did. But whenever he dropped his little boys home after having them for the day, he had to look at his wife and be reminded of how much he loved her and missed her.
When he met Athena, Liam Mason was a sad, lonely man, with only his kids to live for. He was doing an art exhibition, and Athena came up to compliment his works, and to ask where he'd gotten his inspiration. He told her all about them. How the spiral thing which seemed endless echoed how his life felt endless right now, and what he wouldn't give for a change, or for the end. How the picture of the children running through the forest echoed how his own children, Dylan and Kane, had ran through the park forest and nearly tripped a thousand times over roots. She asked him why an artist such as himself had no statues around, and he told her, "I just can't do them. I sit down and attempt to mold something, but all that comes out is a sad hunk of clay which doesn't resemble much of anything."
At the end of that night, Athena asked him to come with him for a coffee, where she proceeded to ask thousands of questions, and where he proceeded to ask her just as many. They learned they had a lot in common, and the lady introduced as Anastasia, told him she was very into art, and specialized with sculpting. Over the next few months, "Anastasia" taught the mortal man how to sculpt, and he taught her what he knew of painting. The two would go for long walks through the park. Slowly, Liam started to feel again. He started to love this woman who had mended his heart.
But of course, Mortals cannot stay with Gods. Athena soon had to leave, but she didn't suddenly disappear. She said goodbye to Liam, and some of her final words were: "Try to forgive Nancy, Liam. She wasn't being horrible. She was being human."
And he followed her advice. Liam attempted to get closer to Nancy, and he found that he had missed her much more than he'd realized. And she had missed him, and welcomed back her husband with open arms.
A couple months later, there was a knock at the door of their suburban house. Nancy and Liam had been snuggled up together, watching a movie, and it was incredibly late. Thinking it was a prank, Liam went to see who the hell was trying to be funny... only to find a baby, lying in a golden cradle, with a piece of thick yellow card on her blanket. There was only two words on the card. "Take Care of Her."
You'd think there would be shouting and screaming and kicking outing. You'd think "Oh wow Nancy's gonna take it like Liam cheated on her and she's totally gonna murder Liam". She actually took it well. Liam explained to her everything, that while they weren't together he had met a woman who helped him with sculpting, and who helped him realize he was supposed to go back to her. And the fact the baby was a girl helped considerably. Nancy took an instant like to the baby they named Vienna, and raised her as her own.

Vienna Layla Mason grew into a beautiful little girl, who was doted on by her parents and her brothers. Her brothers were also sort of happy she wasn't male, and its easy to say that being around them her whole life toughened her up. She learned to fight her own battles and to stick up for herself, but at the same time, she learned her brothers would be there for her if anyone ever hurt her. So sometimes, when someone said something mean to her, and she didn't want to start a fight, she would tell Dylan or Kane or Byron, and needless to say they wouldn't ever say it again. Nancy and Liam loved her as much as they loved their other children, and she never felt like she was the odd one out, or she wasn't loved.
Around the time she turned 7, Vienna met the new kid next door. The family had just moved in, and she'd been lacking in the friends department. So she climbed up the tree which had branches hanging over their fence, and sat on one of the big branches for ages, waiting for this kid to come outside. She must have started to doze off, because she woke up as a water balloon exploded on her top. The source was obvious: New kid had a sense of humour.
For months, the two had a healthy rivalry, and would prank each other without once introducing themselves. It became a habit.
The day they finally introduced themselves, Vienna was starting a new school after being kicked out of her old one. It was scary, as this was a Private school. And who was sitting at one of the tables at lunch? Kid-From-Next-Door-Who-She'd-Never-Introduced-Herself-Too. And even worse, he was in her class. But Vienna didn't ave fun that day. There was this popular group of girls, who were fashionistas and knew it. And they didn't really like the new girl. So they teased her constantly that day, making her feel like crap until she cried.
And it happened again the next day, until Vienna left the canteen in tears. Someone was following her though, and when she turned around, there was the kid from next door. The next few moments defined the next few years, as they finally introduced themselves to the other.

Vienna: What do you want?
Kid: Don't worry about them. They don't even have a brain cell to use between 'em.
Vienna: Still. They're mean.
Kid: Got that right.
Vienna: So...
Kid: What's your name anyways?
Vienna: I'm Vienna Mason. Vi for short.
Kid: I'm Miles Cresswell. Miles for short.
Vienna: Thanks for following me Miles Cresswell.
Miles: Thanks for needing someone to follow you, Vienna Mason.

Suddenly, everything changed. Vienna wasn't friendless anymore, she wasn't getting kicked out of schools constantly, and she wasn't being hurt by these stupid girls. She had Miles as her best friend, she had no desire to be kicked out of this school, and those girls suddenly got a bucket full of brine dumped on their heads after school one day. Miles and her became inseparable, and soon Byron had joined in the daily pranks. The three were the closest friends imaginable.
The funniest thing was how they were all so alike. Vienna and Miles and Byron were all exactly the same personality wise, and they had the exact same thoughts on how to punish people who had hurt them.
The Mason's soon became best friends with the Cresswell's, and if either was going on holiday, then the kids were welcome to come too. There were trips every year: Miles went skiing with the Mason's in Winter of one year, Vienna went to Ohio with the Cresswell's the summer.
However, just like how Nancy's happiness was destroyed, the threesome's happiness was also destroyed.
Vienna and Miles were twelve years old. Byron was fourteen, and he developed an incurable cancer. It was too far gone for any sort of treatment, and unfortunately, three months after doctors broke the news of that too his parents and his family, the doctors had to break the news that Byron Mason had died before his fifteenth birthday. Vienna and Miles had been in the room with him at the time, talking to him about what he was missing in school and such. They hadn't expected that. No one had.
Everything changed then. Vi and Miles grew closer, but at the same time, they missed Byron like they'd miss an arm or a leg. Nancy and Liam mourned the loss of their youngest boy, and Dylan and Kane started to smother Vienna, making sure she'd never be hurt. The siblings had always been close, and now they were closer.
On the night of a Junior's Dance, Vienna and Miles were fourteen. And they were going together, obviously. That hadn't come as a surprise to anyone on this earth.

The night was perfect. Okay, so fourteen year olds tend to mess around a lot, but it was sweet. They both made an effort, dressing up, etc. Nancy had helped do Vienna's makeup and hair, Dylan had told Miles if he hurt his sister he wouldn't have any legs left to walk on within an hour. You know, it was normal. The two danced for ages, having a good time, while remembering Byron who had never had the chance to go to his dance.
Near the end of the night, the two decided to take a walk outside, where the gardens had little fairy lights strewn around and such. The best friends were well on their way to having their first kiss when suddenly, a massive big dog jumped through the bushes and attacked them. Course, now Vienna realizes that it was a Hellhound, but at the time she was frightened as hell.
The beast struck Miles with inhuman strength, knocked him into a wall, where he hit his head before crumpling. Vi watched her oldest friend slide down the wall and come to a halt, very still, no sign of life. Even more scared than she had been before, she turned around and threw the first thing she could at it, which was a rock. The beast moved back, but it growled at the blonde girl, preparing to attack her. It raised a paw, and batted her to the side, and Vienna fell, hitting her head on a rock as her arm erupted in pain. Her last conscious thought was how she couldn't move her hand, and how Miles wasn't getting up, wasn't helping. Then everything went black, and gratefully, she sunk into unconsciousness.

Vienna Mason awoke two days later in hospital, her arm broken in multiple places, her head wrapped in bandages. Her parents had been frantically worried, thinking she wouldn't make it. Imagine having a child who died from a cancer too far gone to cure, and then a child who had been attacked by an unknown source, had her arm broken terribly, had a massive gash on her head... it was enough to drive them to the pills. Dylan and Kane had tried to be the tough boys who thought yeah sure she'll be fine, but really, they were worried they'd lose the youngest of their family.
She slowly started to recover, but every few moments, she was asking about Miles. "Is Miles okay?" "How's Miles?" "Did Miles wake up?". No one would answer her. So when Vienna was brought out of intensive care and into a normal hospital room, she got up in the middle of the night and walked through the hospital, until she found his room. Now, it was about a week and a half after the attack. And what she saw hit home. Miles was attached to a load of machines, and he was still in a coma.
After this, it was impossible to separate her from his bedside. Even when the doctors told her she could go home, she was in from dusk till dawn, telling him all about everything, songs, a book, anything which she thought would interest him.
And then, poor Miles woke up. But it wasn't what Vienna had expected. She hadn't been able to get into his room for one day, because the doctors wanted to do a checkup on her, and then when she had gotten to his room, his parents told her the good news, failing to mention one major thing.

Vienna: You're awake! Oh, Miles, I'm so glad! I was worried that you wouldn't wake up...
Miles: Yeah... awake. And eating. And drinking. And all them things. Mum and Dad won't shut up about how great this is.
Vienna: And do you remember what happened? I can't remember much, I just remember this big dog-
Miles: What happened?
Vienna: Yeah... don't you... don't you know what happened?
Miles: No... I don't remember anything, even though the doctors keep saying it'll come to me. I'm sorry, who are you? I'm sure you've introduced yourself before...
Vienna: I-I'm Vienna. Don't you remember?
Miles: Vienna. That's a pretty name. Are you friends with my sister?
Vienna: Miles... You don't... Yeah. Sasha is my friend. She told me... that you woke up. I came to say how great that is. Well em... its great. I best be going... your Mum and Dad will probably wanna be in here with you...
Miles: Thanks for visiting Vienna! I'll tell Sasha you came by.
Vienna: No! Its fine. She knows. Just... you feel better, okay?

Miles Cresswell had no memory of anything. He could recall who his parents were, who his family was, but after that, nothing. He couldn't remember his school, his house, his friends. Nothing at all. And Vienna thought that was a knife in the heart. He was her oldest and bestest friend, and he remembered nothing about her. So she pretended to be Sasha's friend, instead of facing up to the fact he didn't remember her, and trying to explain who she was to him.
As if that wasn't bad enough, Vi got home to her Dad in the kitchen with a Satyr named Lee. Her Dad explained how the lady he'd loved so long ago had evidently been a little more than what they thought. The whole night was spent explaining things first to Nancy, then to Vienna, then to Dylan and Kane who had been eavesdropping at the door. It all ended with the youngest child of the Mason family being brought from Miami to New York, where the Satyr showed her the hill. He told her, this is where you truly belong. Where you'll be safe. And Vienna got out of the car, walked up the hill, and got her first look at Camp as the symbol of Athena appeared above her head.
Her arm healed. Her training began. But Vienna was never the same again. She lost the both of her best friends within two years of each other, and that hurt her more than she'd care to admit.
Physical Description:
Vienna Mason is actually quite a pretty young lady. She's always been judged by those around her, who underestimate everything about her because of her looks or her personality. An example would be when a child named Connie bullied her for weeks on end, saying that because she was a blonde, she couldn't be smart. Although, in all honesty, Vienna never let it get to her too much, because whatever Connie thought wasn't what she thought, and as her father would tell her "Your thoughts are the only ones that matter when it comes to opinions you didn't ask for." Another thing about Vienna is that she has always given the impression of someone much older than her age, simply from her looks and mannerisms.
Her hair is a lovely golden blonde color, with streaks of light brown running through it. It isn't actually very thick, even though she has layers cut into it whenever she gets her hair done. It just doesn't grow thickly. Vienna's hair is always cut very neatly, and when its hanging around her face it is all the exact same length, which is about three/four inches below her shoulders. Her hair falls straight, with only a slight wave going through it.
Her eyes are a dark, steel blue, with flecks of silver and stormy grey dotting them. The one thing which can be said for her eyes are that they never let an emotion through that she doesn't want people to see. Vienna has grown remarkably good at clouding all emotions from her face, as she's had so much practice. Of course, its impossible for a girl of sixteen to have totally mastered the art of no emotion, and when Vi gets angry, her eyes will flash dangerously, and you can be sure that the storm has reached the island. Her eyes are oval shaped, with thick, dark lashes framing them. She favors mascara, eyeliner and black eyeshadow when putting on makeup, and her eyes are usually carefully outlined. Vienna has thin, sculpted eyebrows, which are the same light brown color as the streaks going through her hair.
She has a light, even tan, which she seems to have been born with when she has it. Her time as a child was spent outside, doing sports, fooling around, etc. However, during the Winter, Spring and Late Autumn months, Vienna has quite pale skin, which tans easily when it comes around to the warmer and sunnier months. She has a lot of little marks all over her arms, legs, and on her face in places, and a light sprinkling of freckles across her nose and cheeks, none of which don't bother her too much as she's so used to them. The ones on her face however, she covers with her daily make up. Foundation, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blusher, lipgloss, everything which can be applied to a woman's face, you can find within Vienna's make up box. She has few actual "scars", although a rather large one she does have is on her side, running up to down for about three inches. She also has a major one on her right arm, from the hellhound attack when she was fourteen. Its a red, puckered line, running in a jagged line. Fortunately, when her arm had healed, Vi got full mobility of her arm, without many problems. However, there are days where she needs to take painkillers from a stab of pain going through it, or she'll need to keep it perfectly still because its too stiff to move.
Vi has a slightly angular face, with a pointed chin and pronounced cheekbones. She has two dimples which are always there, and full pink lips. Her nose is in proportion to the rest of her facial features, a sort of button nose.
She's a little above average height, but not enough that she towers inches and inches above a guy. She's a lover of heels, but she won't wear them without occasion. Vienna, unlike a couple other kids around camp, does not give the impression of weakness at all. She doesn't seem like a little weakling on first appearances, because she isn't one. Two older brothers picking on her growing up shaped how she was going to be, and she's a fan of training for hours until she can do something, and never giving up. If it looks like she's going to lose a fight? She'll continue to push her opponent, continue to use every ounce of her strength to push them back.
Vienna wears fashionable clothes, in any color that she finds cute. Dark, light, happy, dreary, it doesn't matter - if she loves it, she'll wear it. Her outfits are classy and unique, and not over done so that people are like ew what is she wearing. She's practical with the outfits she chooses, and they are usually made in a fabric which will withstand the occasional attack. Her favorite accessories are jewelry and shoes, which she has a large collection of.
Vienna in a couple words is a sweet girl with a very tough exterior. And when it’s said she's described with a very tough exterior, I mean very tough exterior. She comes off as mean and cruel, because of how she acts around people.
She doesn't show the world how caring she can actually be, which is probably a mistake on her part. Because of it, they jump to conclusions about her, and it makes it so much harder for her to get closer to people.
She can be a very nice girl. Her heart is in the right place when she does something, or says something to someone. It may not seem like it at the time, but it’s true. She's suffered, and she doesn't want others to suffer too.
One thing that should be said is that Vienna doesn't mean to be horrible. It’s not like she's trying to be vindictive, she just comes off as it. Actually, being dreadfully honest, she's vindictive on purpose most of the time, but sometimes, it’s an accident that it comes out like that. She blurts the first thing which comes into her head in reply to whatever has been said to her, and it comes off as horrible. Then, other times, she's just trying to annoy the person talking to her, and she'll just be very, very obnoxious and hope they take the hint and scram.
Vienna is very tough. She's the type who would fit right in with the Ares Campers on their worst day. No one would ever call her weak in mind or body, or spirit, because she isn't. She's strong-willed, fiery and ambitious, and she's sure of what she wants when she sets out to get it. This would be called manipulative in a lot of people, but with her, it isn't. She's just good at setting her mind on something, and achieving it. She won't give up, she won't give in, she'll continue to do what it is she's doing until she reaches what it is that she wants. People have beaten her in fights, people have won in a friendly game against her: But the next time they fight her, or the next time they have a friendly game, she'll be back stronger than ever, having learned from her mistakes, and be as prepared as ever to take them down.
She'd probably be described as aggressive and short-tempered. She won't hold back during a fight, even if her opponent does. Vienna is there to win, not lose, and if that means fighting dirty or fighting stronger than the next person, she'll do it. Vi has a short fuse, unfortunately, and the smallest little thing could get to her. You never know what might tip her overboard, and before you know it there's a code red, and she's coming for your jugular.
Sometimes, Vienna would be called cruel. Not intentionally, but sometimes she's not so good at seeing other people's emotions. She doesn't see the reaction which they'll have if she says a certain thing, and it ends up coming back to bite her. She doesn't truly want to hurt anyone, its just how she is. She could come back and apologize, or she could come back and make it all worse, but she doesn't mean to be cruel or mean.
She would most certainly be called blunt. She gets straight to her point, in as little words as possible, because at the end of the day, she doesn't like to keep people in suspense unless she's created the suspense. She's like a rusty dagger, incredibly blunt.
Vienna's sarcastic. Her sarcasm drips from her words, coating them absolutely. It’s impossible to make her speechless, because no matter what's said, she'll have a comeback ready. It’s an unconscious thing now, and she doesn't need to make up come backs in a couple seconds: she has them stored at the back of her head for the occasion.
A massive aspect of her personality is how stubborn she is. Vienna doesn't let anyone make any decision for her, and may the Gods be with you if you dare try. She needs to make her own decisions, and she needs to follow them to the end. If she decides she wants to side with someone no one else will ever side with? Best go along with it. Her choices are her choices, and her life is her life. As she's said to her brothers: "You aren't always gonna be there to hold my hand, and that's exactly why I want to make my own bad decisions. You can't make them for me! You can't guide me forever, and you don't get that. My choices are mine, my life is mine, and most of all my mind is mine!” Basically, she's stubborn as a bull, and she won't be swayed from any decision she's made unless she herself changes her mind.
Moving on from the worse parts of her personality, you find quite a different young lady. It’s difficult for people to see this part of her, but when they do, they wonder how on earth they thought of her as anything else.
Vienna is very caring. She cares for all of those people she's friends with, all of her family, and all the people who she marginally likes. She may not voice how much she cares, but inside, she does. Possibly the only people to have ever seen her caring side are her family members, who see it when she's around them.
Vienna wears her heart on her sleeve, and its easily broken. Her caring nature is as much a curse as it is a gift, and she's been hurt so much in such a short time, and at such a young age, that she doesn't really believe in love. She doesn't think she can trust any person who she gets close too, because she thinks each one of them is out to hurt her in some way. She's much too loving, because when she does fall in love, she gives them everything she has until there's nothing left. She doesn't leave anything back, just in case, and when it ends badly, she's more than heartbroken, she's destroyed.
She's got a motherly side, which people would see when they're hurt, and she's the only one there to help. She can't stand to see people in pain, and so Vienna will help, and she will help to the best of her abilities. She likes to give people advice, even though she isn't so good at following her own advice. She does what she thinks is right by people, even if they don't think the same way.
Vi is very, very truthful. She doesn't like lies, because most lies are made with malicious intent. Okay, so sometimes she isn't exactly truthful herself. She doesn't tell a person everything which has happened, and she doesn't always say everything as it is, but she doesn't outright lie without good reason.
Vienna can come off as quite naive and ditsy at first, but when you spend a couple minutes with her, you'll realize she actually knows a lot. Her Mother's genes mean she's got an IQ well above average. She's smart, and she notices little details about things which others don't. That slight shift of your weight as you blatantly lie to her? She's noticed it and she's pieced together it’s what you do when you're lying.
Very loyal, she won't ever leave a person who she cares for. She'd rather die than to have her friends or her family hurt or worse, and she'll willingly through herself in the way of the danger, just to give them a couple minutes more. She doesn't see a world without her family or the ones she loves, and she can't imagine such a thing.
Vi is a very punctual person, who has never been late for something in her life. She'll either turn up early, or she'll turn up just as the clock strikes the time she was supposed to arrive at. It means that you can be sure she'll be there when you ask her to meet up, and that she'll be slightly narky if you turn up late. Honestly, the day she's late for something is the day that pigs fly.
Finally: Vienna Mason is actually very emotional. Her eyes don't give that away, her face doesn't give that away. But inside, her emotions battle each other, and it’s a wonder she's able to keep her face so calm. She cries when something bad happens, she just doesn't cry in public or where others can see her. She gets excited about small things, like dances and stuff, she just doesn't make a big deal to people's faces. She gets angry and wants to run people through with her sword, she just doesn't do that. No one realizes just how emotional she can be, and how emotional she has been, but they’re all there. When her brother died, she thought her world was going to end, her grief was so strong.
No one actually realizes that Vienna’s the exact same as other girls. Sure, she’s tough, she’s a fashionable Athena Camper who doesn’t seem to have much brains on first sight, but really, she’s the same as everyone else. ”Just a little bit more fashionable, and a whole lot smarter.”


  • Sword Fighting. Vienna is adept at swordfighting, as all her offensive training has been focused on a sword. She herself would call this is her only real weapon based talent.
  • No emotions. She doesn't show off her emotions to the world, and many see her as a haughty
  • Battle Strategy. A plan might not always work and such, but Vienna will make sure its the best as she could have possibly made it.
  • Photography. She has a talent for this type of art. She owns proper photography cameras, not just the little digital ones, and she's not afraid to use them.
  • Singing. She has a Siren's voice, but she's too shy to actually use it.
  • High IQ. Vienna is a very smart cookie, and has a lot more brains than people give her credit for.
  • Battle Knowledge. Vienna is naturally better at formulating plans for battle and carrying them out. She's a vicious opponent, and she analyses your movements to the point she learns your moves inside out and inside in.


  • Cute things. Show her a cute puppy or a cute cat or something, and she's instantly going Awwwww
  • Spiders. She can't physically be in a room with a spider, because that would just be too much and she would swoon.
  • Shyness. She's too shy to sing for anyone, and its a talent that only she knows she has.
  • Chocolate. She loves chocolate. Give Vienna a piece of chocolate and she's like putty in your hands.
  • She's not very good at defensive. She's really good at offensive, and sometimes that's all she needs, but most of the fights she's lost, she's lost because she doesn't have proper training in how to defend herself. And its not for lack of trying. Vienna's always trying to learn how to use a shield and stuff, but she ends up using it as a weapon. She just can't get the feel of a defensive object.


  • The color red, or shades of red.
  • Art (Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, etc)
  • Singing. As long as there's no one around, she'll sing beautifully.
  • Photography. Vienna loves to take pictures of life moments and such. She has countless photo books, filled with family photos and the like.
  • White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate.
  • Being on time. Just be on time for a meeting or whatever, and Vienna will instantly love you.
  • Fashion. Vienna is a very fashionable person, and no price is too much for quality.
  • Her family, both in Camp and out. She loves the Athena Campers, and she loves Nancy, Liam, Dylan and Kane.
  • The occasional drink or smoke. Occasionally, she'll have a shot of vodka or four, and a cigarette or three. Its not an addiction. She just likes to relax, and sometimes, she'll use them as relaxation stuffs.


  • Dark Chocolate
  • Spiders
  • People who judge.
  • People who bully. Whether they're bullying her, or they're bullying other people, but either way, Vienna will instantly take the bait and attack like a Rottweiler. She doesn't think it very mannerly of someone to be as horrible as to call someone else names, or to do something of the like. She just does not understand it.
  • Lateness. Never be late for a date with Vienna. Or for anything really. She doesn't like anyone turning up late, because she's never late herself.
  • Anything without proof. Before Vi will believe anything you tell her, you need to show her proof. She's the one who won't believe anything unless its laid out in front of her.
  • Singing in public. Vienna has a beautiful voice, if only she would show it off. But she can't. The only people to have veer heard her sing are Byron and Miles. One's dead, one can't remember. She'll sing perfectly on her own, but as soon as someone walks up, she chockes and can't continue.
  • Stereotypes. Like a blonde isn't smart. That you can't be fashionable and be smart, etc. She likes to prove them wrong.
  • The color green. Not all greens, but the really dark puke colored green.


  • Death. The death of Byron and the near death experience she and Miles experienced means that Vienna fears her own mortality. She doesn't want to die, and she doesn't want to be that close to dying, ever again. Its one reason why she's so full on in an attack, because she doesn't want to be the loser. If she's in a fight with a monster, she will do everything she can, just so that she will not die.
  • The darkness. She's incredibly frightened of dark, dank places. You want to scare her more than she's ever been scared before, and you stick her under the stairs, or in a cupboard or something. She's got a really tough exterior, but Vienna is just like everyone else, and she has these fears.
  • Like many children of Athena, Vienna fears spiders. This fear didn't take a hold of her until she was six years old, and Kane got a pet tarantula. He didn't think much of it, and instantly went to show his brothers and his little sister. The minute she saw it, she freaked out, and it took hours before she calmed down. Spiders frighten her almost as much as the fear of death.
  • Failure. She fears failing herself, failing her family, failing her friends and most of all, failing her mother. Her Mother is the Goddess of Wisdom. Vienna's always frightened that she's not being a proper child of Athena, or that she isn't as smart as all the others, or she's not using all of her ability.


Vienna has a beautiful, Five month old Rottweiler puppy named Coco, who found her way to Vi when another Camper's dog had puppies. Pure bred, I might add. Without waiting to think about it, Vienna went to choose her one, and found that the runt of the litter was the one for her.
Coco is a mild tempered pup, who occasionally gets a little rowdy, and will always "protect" her owner. I say protect, what I mean is annoy anyone who comes within two meters of them. Its a Hero Complex. Call it the dogs fatal flaw.
Other: Faceclaim is Claire Holt. Color is Crimson.
Role-play Example:

'And we got looooads of homework! Miss. Warren was really unfair. We tried to tell her that we had no time at all to do it, but she was having none of that,' Vienna's overly perky voice was the first thing people heard as they got closer to the hospital room, and then Miles Cresswell's voice chimed in.
'Yeah. I told her, "Miss, Byron's in hospital and we've got to go visit him, could you let us both off homework for the night-'
'And she replied "You can bring the work with you to the hospital"!'
Vienna was sitting on her elder brothers bed, holding his hand as she told the story. It was like he was her weight, because she was physically bouncing where she sat, and yet she wasn't taking off just yet. Miles was sitting on the little wooden chair, as close as he could to the bed without messing with the wires and stuff, nodding along to Vi when she was talking. She nodded along to him when he was talking, and then they would both smile at Byron, who would attempt a weak smile in turn.
'Well... you'd think she'd have some compassion,' he croaked, and then Vienna and Miles couldn't take it anymore, laughing their heads off.
'So we told her we'd take it too the hospital-' Vi began.
'But we wouldn't do any of it,' Miles finished, breathing heavily as he laughed.
Byron was sick. The two of them knew it. Just cause they were twelve and slightly immature, didn't mean they knew nothing about what was going on. Vienna knew her brother was unlikely to recover, and Miles knew that his friend was starting to get worse. But they couldn't help it. The three of them were best friends, and that meant they needed to tell each other everything.
'I'm surprised she didn't ask you to bring me in my homework, from the class she has me in,' he said, smiling slightly at his sister and friend.
'Me too! I was sitting there expecting it and- hey, Byron. Are you okay?'
He'd suddenly paled.
And then, even more suddenly than the paleness of his features, Byron's machine started to beep frantically, like a dying bird, trying to keep chirping. He started to struggle for breath, and all the while, the blonde on his bed clutched his hand, too shocked to move. Miles moved quicker than she did, running to the door and screaming down the corridor for the nurse or the doctor or anyone. And then he was back, standing at his best friends side, holding his other hand.
'Its too late Miles,' Vienna whispered, shocked, 'Much too late.'

In the hospital waiting room, Miles and Vienna were clutching each other, no tears, just a grief too hard to put in words. When Nancy and Liam had been told... there had been tears. The Cresswell's had arrived within the hour, comforting their friends, letting the children comfort each other. But all they could think was how one minute, it had been homework, and the next, a gasping for breath.
'I didn't get to say goodbye, Miles,' Vi suddenly sobbed, a tearless, angry sob.
'I know. I didn't either.'
'No, but I promised I would. When he got sick, I promised I'd be there to say goodbye. And I wasn't! I was there to talk about homework and laugh.'
'You didn't know it was going to happen,' her friend said patiently, still holding her, as she still held him.
'It was much too sudden,' she cried, and that was it. The dam broke, and the tears came flooding out.
Because that was life, wasn't it. One minuet you were speaking about something as normal as homework, and the next, you're trying to survive. That was life. And all of a sudden, Vienna Mason had realized she didn't like life. Because she was still alive and her brother had died.

[I'm afraid I sort of rushed that Roleplay Sample. I sort of lost my inspiration for it after the first couple sentences, so if you want me to write a better one, just say the word. I'd honestly be glad too lol. Idk what I was doing haha. I'm pretty sure I could have done better]

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APPROVED. What a Face

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