BENJAMIN CADE NELSON| son of khione (wip)

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BENJAMIN CADE NELSON| son of khione (wip)

Post by MLsweetart on Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:18 am

Name: Benjamin Cade Nelson
Nicknames: Benny, Ben, Bennyboy
Age: 18
Gender: Male
God/dess Parent: Khione goddess of snow and ice.
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Parent(s):
Physical Description: Benjamin has short dark brown hair, with a few natural highlights of a lighter brown color. Most of the time Benjamin either leaves his hair alone, or he styles it off to the side. His hair is naturally flat, and even if he tried he wouldn't be able to do much about it. Benjamin's eyes are a mix between a light green, hazel, and a light brown, sometimes appearing to be only brown. Benjamin's eyes don't give anything away, they appear to be stone cold, except for when he's happy, then there s a slight twinkle in his eyes. Above Benjamin's eyes are his eyebrows, which are pretty average looking, and the same color as his hair.

Benjamin is around average height, maybe a bit shorter. He's around 5'9'', which isn't extremely tall, but you can't call him short either. He's got a pretty good build, he's not fat and he has some muscle. Benjamin's arms have some muscle, but not enough that its gross, his legs mainly his calves also have muscle. Michael has fairly long arms, and big hands with medium sized fingers. His feet are on the smaller side being around a size ten, which makes him a bit awkward when he walks.
Time at Camp:
Brief History of Before Camp:
Any other notes:
Role-play Example:

Jonah Carson, Athena-17
Adelaide Harris, Nemesis-17
Samuel Lewis, Hephaestus-17
Kellen Bennett, Dionysus-18


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