William Tyler || son of athena

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William Tyler || son of athena

Post by Sapphire on Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:29 am

son of athena
William James Tyler




God/dess Parent:
Will is claimed by Athena, the goddess of wisdom.

Much to his dismay, Will doesn't have any.

Will spent his life before camp in Belmont, Massachusetts.

Mortal Parent(s):
Raymond Hyland is his real father. He is deceased, however, and Will has been kindly taken in by Eric and Sarah Tyler.

Physical Description:
With a square-shaped face and barely pronounced jawline, Will has a mop of dark chocolate locks that just can't be tamed. His hair sticks up in random directions which he further emphasizes with a generous amount of gel. He shares the same traditional grey eye color with most of his siblings. Brown like his hair, his eyebrows are thick and usually set in a straight line, although it isn't rare to find him cocking a brow in a sort of 'Oh really?' pose. He has a straight nose and a pair of lips that more often that not stretches into a smug smirk.

At 5'7", Will sports looks more gangly than lean. He is more of an indoor person and as a result, he has minimal muscle on his arms and legs. His skin tone ranges from fair to tanned but it isn't quick for his skin to darken. However, his skin is quick to sprout acne and he has to be diligent enough to keep his face free of it. He stands and walks straight without a hunch, not as firm like a soldier's stance but sturdy enough to show that he is an assertive guy with a go-getter attitude. Despite how he carries himself, Will can get a little insecure about the assortment of scars around his body, majority of which on his arms and legs. He has been sliced with a sword a fair few times and has had multiple accidents with the climbing wall. Will mixed with any kind of physical activity does not produce good results. This is why he takes the backseat during battles or any kind of strenuous activity that would require him to use his body.

Will's taste in clothing isn't anything special. Give him a shirt and pants and he's all good. Will doesn't pay much attention in fashion, honestly. He can be stylish when he wants to, donning things like leather coats, scarves or the occasional tie in formal events, but most of the time he's just too lazy.

As long as he isn't provoked, Will is easy to get along with. In his best mood, he likes to make others laugh and tries to cheer his friends up if they're down. He is fairly determined and confident. Giving up isn't in this boy's dictionary and neither is backing down from a fight. He speaks his mind and it will be very hard to convince him otherwise once he has come to a conclusion. Even if he later learns that he was wrong, he will not apologize or do anything to admit that he was.

Will is naturally inquisitive and curious. He enjoys reading books in Ancient Greek, considering that his dyslexia hampers his ability to read English. When Will is interested in something, he does his best to seek out answers from whatever source. Mythology being one of his favorite subjects, he can be found in the library in the company of old books. Thanks to his vast knowledge about anything he has an interest in, Will has an ego with a capital E. He knows he is smart and he will not be afraid to rub it in your face if the situation calls for it. He tries to keep this to a minimum, but the occasional cocky remark still tends to slip out. But you know how some people could be brilliant, but all they do is sit around and do nothing productive? Will is one of those people. He is incredibly lazy and a procrastinator at that.

He is also friendly and sociable, not exactly the introvert snobby bookworm most would assume from his being a son of Athena. He will be in his best behavior especially in the presence of pretty girls, to whom he shows off his surprisingly chivalrous streak. Despite this, Will can easily get jealous of those who he thinks are better than him. May it be in terms of money, looks and even mindpower, a little part of Will tends to hold somewhat of a small grudge against certain people, especially those who are lucky enough to be gifted with supernatural powers. Unfortunately in camp, he never runs out of reasons to get jealous.

One of the traits that stand out the most in this son of Athena is that he has developed a mindset where only the winners are allowed to survive and that losers are useless. Will hates losing more than the average person and he doesn't take failures well. This is why he does everything to win. And I mean everything. He doesn't care how good or how bad his methods are as long as he is up there with the prize. For this demigod, the end justifies the means.

Will is smarter than the average person, owing to his lineage. Although he is far from having a photographic memory, he is able to retain information with ease and can easily memorize things if he puts his mind to it. His mind being his greatest weapon, Will does best in strategies, puzzles and pretty much anything that depends on a person's brainpower. One of his favorite pasttimes is playing chess and he is a whiz at it.

Will also has an eye for art and design. He likes to design websites in his free time.

Will has never been athletic. He fails at sports and he can get a little touchy about it, seeing that boys are mostly expected to excel in that field. This extends to fighting. He has less-than-average skills with the sword and can barely hit his target with a bow and arrow. Although Will keeps a set of three celestial bronze knives to his belt wherever he goes, his aim is mediocre and the only reason why he picked a long-range weapon is because of how he would rather fight from afar.

Another one of his weaknesses is how he usually disregards emotions. Will would go for the logical choice even if it hurts people's feelings. Despite his social attitude, Will doesn't really let people in and finds it easy to, for lack of a better term, 'dispose' of them if needed.

  • Horses. Even if he isn't an outdoor person, Will likes horse-riding. He prefers it to vehicles, actually.
  • Ketchup. Another strange like for the son of Athena, ketchup is Will's best friend. He'll smear it on anything - hotdogs, eggs, fries, and he even eats spoonfuls of the thing alone.
  • Books, newspapers, scientific journals - basically anything interesting enough for him to read.
  • Board games, especially chess.

  • Idiots. Will feels too superior to even converse with one.
  • Gossips. 'Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas.' That's how it goes in Will's book.
  • Peanuts. He is allergic to them.
  • Anyone he deems to be better than him. The kid can get easily jealous.

Will fears failure and loss, among other things.

Time at Camp:
Will has spent six years in camp, alternating between being a summer camper and a year-rounder. He isn't too fussed with school to be honest. He believes he can get through life without it, considering how smart he thinks he is. He is also dyslexic so he thinks that staying in school can be quite a chore. He stays year-round this year.

Brief History of Before Camp:
Being the son of the successful Raymond Hyland, Will had a bright future all planned and carved out in front of him. He was a spoiled young toddler, getting everything he wanted with just a snap of a finger, and should fate have permitted him, he might've grown up into a more arrogant and cockier version of himself. He might've been drowning in sheer luxury, training to manage his father's steadily growing law firm. He might've been all those, if it weren't for the unforeseen fire that ravaged everything in Will's life - his treasured toys, the house he lived in, and most tragically, his father. Perhaps he might've perished that fateful night, if it weren't for the effort of his elder brother.

James was Raymond's first son with his college girlfriend. She died in childbirth, leaving James in his father's care. Though barely in his teenage years at the time of the fire, he tried his best to take a three-year-old under his care but it proved to be too much for the boy. Lost, desperate for help, and ultimately angry for what he was forced to experience, the once kind brother took out his negative emotions on the helpless clueless Will, who could do nothing else but drink in his last kin's words. "You're so weak!" James had said. "Why can't you be useful for at least once in your life?"

And that was when Will was dropped off at an orphanage under cover of the darkness, his brother setting out on his own. Since that night, he had never seen him again.

But then, Will didn't remember any of these things. His earliest memories were already of the orphanage he spent the next years of his childhood in. Still, one thing was burned into the confines of his mind, and that was his brother's last message. True, he isn't able to recall what his brother looked like, but he could remember how hurtful the words were, the pain pushing him to be the strongest he could ever be regardless of the circumstances. Though he didn't realize it, Will subconsciously tried to avoid experiencing that kind of pain again and, as a result, makes sure that he always comes out as a winner rather than a loser.

After spending around five years in the orphanage, Will was adopted by a kind elderly couple, the Tylers. He was then accepted into a family with a simple life, and truth be told, he liked his new parents, and though he wondered about it at times, he never really felt a strong urge to know who his real parents were. The Tylers were loving and generous... why would he need to go and search for the family who has abandoned him? But he never forgot about his older brother. When alone, he ponders on what had become of him. Is he still alive? Where is he right now? Will has no clue how to answer himself, and these questions bug him day after day.

At ten years old, in a local public school, Will started to notice strange things. For one, that strange crippled boy in his class kept staring at him, although he was quick to turn away whenever Will caught his eye.

Then, midway through his science class, he glimpsed a flock of birds fly right past the window, but they weren't exactly the kind of birds he was used to seeing. After all, just what species of bird had bronze beaks? He had never seen them again.

A short while after that mind-boggling incident, the crippled boy who paid so much attention to Will disappeared without a trace. After that, Will was astonished to find out that no one has even heard of the boy, no one but him.

About a month later, another crippled strange boy entered Will's life. He told Will that he had the scent of a demigod. Of course, at this point, Will thought the guy was completely bonkers until he fearlessly took off his pants. Instead of human legs, he had hooves. It turned out that the kid was a satyr reinforcement after the other one got mauled by Stymphalian birds. Convincing Will to go to Camp Half Blood took a while and some fashion, but he ultimately agreed in the end. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Any other notes:
Will is the same character I have on org. His color is mediumseagreen.

Role-play Example:
William woke up to the sound of his debating siblings in the other room. Not again, he thought sourly, turning and twisting in his covers. After it was made clear that his comfy pillows were not going to muffle his half-siblings' raised voices, he rolled out of bed and into the carpeted cabin floor. He groaned. What a great way to start the day.

Unfortunately, the fight ensued even after Will finished making himself look more presentable. Dressed in the orange camp shirt that was starting to look a little worn off now and a pair of baggy jeans, he calmly made his way out of the room and threw his bickering siblings a sour look. He was in a grouchy mood now, no thanks to them. "Give it a rest, man," he told one of them. "Charizard is definitely not a dragon-type."

Shaking his head, Will walked out of the cabin, having no desire to listen to his half-brother's whines.

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Re: William Tyler || son of athena

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