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-Blows party blower/horn thingy-

Post by Crow on Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:22 pm

Kayn Amelia Ressin

Name: Kayn Amelia Ressin

Age: Kayn is sixteen years of age. She was born on March eighteenth.

Gender: Pretty darn sure Kayn is a girl.

Weapon: Kayn uses a Celestial Bronze short sword and a small shield made out of wood and Celestial Bronze.

Goddess Parent: Kayn’s mother is Nemesis.

Claimed: Yes, Kayn is claimed.

Powers: Kayn is powerless. /sob

Hometown: Kayn is from Mendocino, California, United States of America, North America, Planet Earth.

Mortal Parent: Darren Ressin is the name of Kayn’s father.

Physical Description: Standing at 5’1 and weighing in the scales at a whopping ninety-eight pounds is Kayn! Framing Kayn’s face in a voluminous amount is light brown hair that, for the most part, is always slightly curly. The demigod’s eyes are such an intense brightness of blue that they look as if they are porcelain tea saucers. Toned muscles in her arms and legs make up for her shortness and help a great deal when it comes to both fighting and strenuous activities. With a big help from the sun Kayn’s skin can become slightly tanned from it’s natural pale Caucasian tone.

Personality: Constantly bouncing off the walls is the perfect description of Kayn. The girl always seems to have energy to spare; sometimes too much. She will often run her mouth at rapid fire with people she is acquainted with. The demigod isn’t very good at introducing herself, but after that awkwardness, she will open herself up completely. It’s not like she had a super hard life like most demigods or anything. Her life was bland to her. Kayn doesn’t exactly trust people too quickly though. It takes a bit longer than a day, let alone a year for the demigod to actually tell someone how ‘she’ feels. Sure she may lie about how she feels about something, but she rarely speaks her opinion. Sometimes the girl will run her mouth a bit too much and often will overstep ‘boundaries’ or say something that she didn’t exactly think through all the way. Actually, it seems to happen quite a lot to her. If you happen to stumble across the girl when she is actually calm there might be something wrong with her. Kayn typically is very mischievous and always looking for ways to have a good laugh. She belongs to the Hermes cabin more than anything.

Talents: Kayn is very speedy and light on her toes, which is perfect for when she is either laying a trap or running from angry campers who have fallen prey to her pranks. The demigod is also a somewhat good guitar player, something that her dad taught her how to play in his free time. Besides that, Kayn is a very typical person, not really showing off what she can truly do or how she thinks she can do something.

Weaknesses: Kayn isn’t the sportiest girl. She just doesn’t seem to have that hand-foot coordination most sport players have. The only sport she can really play, and even mediocre at that, is soccer. She only has to focus on her feet for that. The child of Nemesis also has a sweet spot for sugary foods, especially ice cream. It is easy to tempt her with things like that even though she knows she should resist. Add another flaw to the list: she has no self-control.


►Sugary foods

►Most Alternative music

►Playing guitar / watching other people play


►Being left out of things all her friends are doing

►People who are just like herself: annoying and unable to control how fast and how much they speak

►Cold weather

►Excessively hot weather


► Most bugs and spiders

►Water / swimming

►The dark

►The thought of being rejected by society.

Time at Camp: Kayn has been at Camp Half-Blood for approximately one year.

Brief History of Before Camp:

Kayn lived a very simple life with her father, who discovered his child on his doorstep on a cool, summer day. The man knew that it was his child though, he knew everything, even who his mother truly was. It might’ve not been the best idea for Nemesis to tell him who he truly was, but it would make him prepared for when his daughter would have to leave. Growing up, Kayn didn’t have many friends. She kept to herself mostly. Apparently other kids thought she was too stupid with her Dyslexia, which she was diagnosed with at a young age, and too hyper with her ADHD. Loneliness became something that Kayn was used to. She became accustomed to staying home all alone while her father worked hard to keep him and his daughter alive. At the age of fifteen, well, actually on the day she turned fifteen, her father gave her two things: an iPhone and a ticket he had created to this summer camp. This camp, of course, was Camp Half-Blood. Her father knew what he had to do. It was time in his eyes. He didn’t want to let go of her, but it was the best for both of them. The girl and her father boarded a flight to New York City the next weekend and that is when her life really became reality. The first thing she did in the big city was a bit of shopping. She had to take advantage of the time, ya know? After she was ‘truly’ ready for camp, her father hailed a taxi and had the taxi bring them to a dirt road and drop them off. By that time Kayn was a bit suspicious, but her father didn’t tell her anything. He just started to walk over a hill. Following at his heels, Kayn saw where she was to spend her summer. A true, honest-to-god, camp. A man in a wheelchair approached them at the top of the hill and introduced himself as Chiron, the counselor. From there, Kayn was enrolled and taught all about her origin.


Any other notes: Kayn is portrayed by Janet Devlin. Her color is #c2a333.

Role-play Example:

Smiling to herself, Kayn makes her way onto the beach. It was the perfect day to take a nap and possibly get a tan at the same time. The girl had a white beach towel in her arm and she spread it out across the golden sand of the beach once she found a nice sunny spot. Laying down, the girl flops over onto her back, exposing a bit of her shoulders and neck through her tank-top. Kayn would end up with a stupid looking tan, but then again, she never wore anything that showed more than her shoulders. She never went in water, she was too afraid of it, so she didn’t ever have to ‘show off’ her body. Kayn liked to keep it simple by almost always wearing a pair of shorts (sometimes boards)  and a tank-top. She preferred to keep herself looking simple as if all about her was easy-going. Too bad life wasn’t like that though.

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Re: -Blows party blower/horn thingy-

Post by Sapphire on Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:37 pm

APPROVED. What a Face

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