WIP Anya Fallon

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WIP Anya Fallon

Post by Skulduggery on Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:40 pm

Name: Áine Fallon. Áine goes by the name Anne.

Nicknames: Anne's nickname is very simple

Age: (no younger than 6yrs, no older than 18yrs)

Gender: (boy? girl? neither? both? Somewhere in between?)

Weapon: (Limit of one primary weapon and one secondary. No bombs, grenades, rockets, etc. Guns must be bought from the drachma shop and pre-approved.)

God/dess Parent:

Claimed: (A simple yes or no, and if you'd like to add a story, feel free. By age 13 they must have been claimed. If your character is younger and not yet claimed, simply say that. And later on, after rping, if you chose for your character to get claimed, message an admin and we can edit it into your character's profile.)

Powers: (Powers must be purchased from the official drachma shop. If you've bought a power, note that here, as well as an explanation of your approved power.)

Hometown: (where did your character spend most of their life? If Camp Half blood, give a brief explanation of why.)

Mortal Parent(s): (their names. Any other information you wish to add about them.)

Physical Description: (What does your character look like? a minimum of 5 sentences!)

Personality: (How does your character act? A minimum of 5 sentences! Please include at least two flaws!)

Talents: (what are they good at?)

Weaknesses: (what are they bad at?)

Likes: (optional)

Dislikes: (optional)

Fears: (at least one.)

Time at Camp: (how many years or months at chb?)

Brief History of Before Camp: (A minimum of 5 sentences!)

Pets: (Only one pet to start. Take a look at the accepted pet list for a free one, or purchase a more unique pet from the drachma shop.)

Any other notes: (optional)

Role-play Example: (A minimum of 4 sentences!)


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