Elphia Leighton, Daughter of Pyriphlegethon [WIP]

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Elphia Leighton, Daughter of Pyriphlegethon [WIP]

Post by Thorn on Tue Jun 18, 2013 10:09 pm

Name: Her name is Elphia Hope Leighton.

Background: Elphia, since birth, is color-blind, and her mum (who was used to be a famous artist/painter) was deeply saddened by this fact. Elphia will not able to paint or follow her mother’s path. Thus, in her depressed state, Carmia Leighton stated to her family, and to the bewildered, grim Pryphlegethon that the baby's name is going to be Elphia, which means grey.
Pyriphlegethon was not happy about the choice, but since Carmia was in a shocked state of mental (and disagreeing to her decision might cause further damage to her mentality), he had to accept the name. Seeing the baby, however, Pyriphlegethon developed a pity and chose the name 'Hope' as the baby's middle name, to remind Carmia and Elphia herself that there is always a hope, anywhere and anytime.

Nicknames: El, Phia, Elph

What do they go by? Elphia always likes tales, so she prefers her friends to call her by the name ‘Elph’, since it sounds vaguely similar to ‘elf’.


When were they born? She was born in New York. Her birthday is June 18.


  • Elphia is a girl.


She actually chooses a weird weapon for a girl like her, which is a mace (like the weapon Thor uses in movies, without the lighting and magic attributes, of course) and it's completely made of Celestial Bronze. She also carries a small-sized dagger in her pocket. The dagger is made of celestial bronze, and even though it's not as powerful as the mace, it can be used as a handy weapon in desperate times.

God/dess Parent:

Her father is Pyriphlegethon, the god of eternal river of fire.


  • Yes.

When did your character get claimed? Where? Is there an interesting story behind your character’s claiming?
Elphia was color-blind, and the world she knew was the world of only black and white...but she did know one, particular color. It was three years ago, and it was her first day at camp. She was walking across cabins when she heard collective gasps around her. Campers were looking at her...and she started to see...this weird color...a color she'd never seen in her entire life. One of the campers pointed at her head, and as she looked up, she saw the sign of Pyriphlegethon, decorated by flaming...red flames.


she currently has none.


She was born and grew up in Colorado, US.

Mortal Parent(s):

[*]Carmia Leighton

Carmia Leighton is a famous painter.

Physical Description:[/font]

  • What do they look like? Here are some aspects that you could describe:

    • Hair: Length, color, style
    • Eye: Shape, color
    • Face: Shape
    • Nose
    • Lips
    • Body Build/Weight
    • Skin tone
    • Height
    • Distinguishing marks (ie. tattoos, piercings)

Note that you don’t necessarily have to include all of them. They’re just there to help you in case you run out of things to write. Feel free to go into more detail if you like.

  • Name some flaws in your character’s appearance. These are things which s/he is insecure about or things that s/he wants to change. (i.e. dry lips, misaligned teeth, big feet, etc.)

  • This field requires a minimum of five sentences.
  • Try not to use too many general adjectives. Saying one is beautiful is being general. Rather than writing like that, try focusing on the specific aspects that make your character beautiful.
  • Don't make your character sound like the sexiest boy/girl in the world without even a single flaw in his/her appearance. Likewise, don't make him/her the ugliest.


  • This is where you delve deeper into your character's psyche.

Sample questions to answer (these are just examples. It's not entirely necessary to answer them all):

    • Is s/he generally a good person or a bad person? Somewhere in-between?
    • How does s/he behave around people? His friends? His enemies?
    • Name a few of his good traits.
    • Name a few of his bad traits/flaws. (Must include at least two).
    • What are his/her goals and dreams?

What is his/her fatal flaw?

  • This field requires a minimum of five sentences.
  • Try to balance your character's good and bad traits. No one is perfect, not even characters.


  • What are they good at?


    • Arts (ie. Drawing, painting)
    • Sports (ie. Basketball, football)
    • Music (ie. Singing, instruments)

Don't overdo it and make your character good at absolutely everything.


  • What are they bad at?

    Examples are pretty much the same as above.


Self-explanatory. Things like food, gadgets, hobbies, and even colors.


Same as above.


  • What are they scared of? Include at least one.

Time at Camp:

  • How long have they been in CHB? May be expressed in years or months.

Brief History of Before Camp:

  • What was his/her childhood like?
  • Any important events that shaped them to be the person s/he is now?
  • How did they end up in camp?

  • This field requires a minimum of five sentences.
  • Make your character's history sound reasonable and realistic.
  • Your character can neither have physical contact with his/her god/dess parent nor receive a gift from them.
  • Your character cannot to be destined to save the world. They cannot be 'The Chosen One' or anything of the like.
  • Your character is allowed to be cursed by a god to some extent, but curses that affect the course of humanity or something just as huge are not allowed.
  • Anything that does not conform with history, the PJO canon, or Greek myths is not allowed.
  • Your character is not allowed to have any interaction with or relation to any existing PJO characters (i.e. Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, etc.).
  • Keep things PG-13. Your character is allowed to have morbid pasts but any mention of violence, gore, sexual content and the like should be kept at a minimum, if not at all.


  • Does your character have a pet? If yes, what is its species?
  • Only one pet to start. Take a look at the accepted pet list for a free one, or purchase a more unique pet from the drachma shop.

What is its name? Breed? Color?
If you have bought an exotic pet, please state it here.

Any other notes:

This is an optional field. You can add things like play-bys, character colors, weapons and other extras.

Role-play Example:

  • This field requires a minimum of four sentences. Be creative! c:
  • Make sure to use the character you are submitting for approval.


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