Bella Aidan is finally coming to town ☼ (Ready to be approved)

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Bella Aidan is finally coming to town ☼ (Ready to be approved)

Post by Tumbleweed on Sat Jun 22, 2013 12:42 pm

Bella Aidan
Daughter of Apollo ☼

Name: Bella's full name is Isabella Nicole Aidan. However she never uses her full first name and prefers to be known as Bella, which is how she introduces herself. She also doesnt mind being called Aidan while on court.

Nicknames: Bella itself is technically a nickname as it is a version of her original name. She will also sometimes consent to being called Bells but only if she really likes you which is why it is better not to take chances with this one.

Age: Bella was born on April 16th and is 15 years old.

Gender: Female

Weapon: Despite being a daughter of one of the twin archers and having natural talent in the same, Bella never quite took to archery as her primary source of self-defence. She favours hand to hand combat over firing arrows from a distance.Bella's sword is celestial bronze and rather long, measuring at length of approximately 3 feet. It is wickedly sharp and Bella keeps it well sharpened and polished. There is no cool story as to its origin, Bella simply got it made for her from some of the Hephaestus kids when she first arrived at camp and found that none of the swords in the armory sat quite right. On receiving it, she carved an inscription just beneath the hilt saying "lux regnat." in small fine print that wouldnt be visible unless one looked straight at it. The inscription is Latin for "light prevails" which was one of the first sayings Bella heard after discovering her parentage and she found this strangely significant. 

God/dess Parent:Bella's god parent is Apollo probably the most diverse of all Olypmians. He is revered as the god of prophecy and oracles, healing, plague and disease, music, song and poetry, archery, and the protection of the young but most famously known as god of the Sun. In modern times, Apollo drives a sports car across the sky bringing light and heat to the world and as the god of bachelorhood is often described as hot and not just because he's the Sun-god.

Claimed: Bella was claimed at age 12.

Powers: None yet.

Hometown: Her home and the place she lived in until she left for Camp Half-Blood is the same as her place of birth, which is Malibu. Bella lived in her mother's beach front home in Malibu, though Sarah usually dint live in it with her, being away on tour and such a lot.

Mortal Parent(s):  Sarah Aidan is Bella's mortal parent. Does the name sound familiar? It should. Born to a devoutly catholic immigrant Italian woman and a hardworking American restaurateur Bella's mother was earlier known as Fransesca Aidan. The youngest of three children, Fransesca had a middle-class upbringing and experienced a fairly happy albeit not luxurious nor particularly exciting childhood. Having taken to and displayed considerable talents in basketball at an early age, it was no surprise to anyone as Fransesca slowly grew to become the star of the varsity basketball team at her school. Everything changed however, in her senior year of highschool when 18 year old Fransesca became one of the youngest players ever to join the NBA. After that life became something of a whirlwind, one of the most significant changes being that Fransesca dropping her admittedly "old-fashioned" name for the more easily identifiable "Sarah". This became something of a milestone after which Sarah now skyrocketed into success, the ambitious minor-celebrity she had become, almost virtually unrecognisable from the small town girl she had been. However she retained her defining characteristics of being fun-loving, adventurous and perhaps too impulsive for her own good.
In the years to come, Sarah could never quite remember how she met Apollo. It seemed as though one fine day he just was part of her life and she never questioned it. Tall, handsome, interesting and apparently just as ambitious as she was, Apollo had seemed like the perfect addition to Sarah's already nearly perfect life. When it became clear he wasnt there to stay however, Sarah realised, not quite thrilled about it, that her life would changed forever and not necessarily in a way that she wanted it to.

Physical Description: Bella has a thin heart-shaped face with wide eyes set close together, they are sometimes described as doe-like. Her chin ends in a sharp point that might be a little too thin, giving her a slightly childlike appearance that Bella finds annoying. Her face is framed by slightly wavy, thick mahogany brown hair that fall a little past her shoulders which are are rather thin. As a result of her athletics, despite her slim build she has something of an hourglass figure where her torso tapers down toward her waist until it reaches her hips. Most of Bella's height is made up by her long legs, making her look tall even when she's sitting down. Bella has a small wonky lightning shaped scar on her left wrist that never seems to fade, she doesnt remember how she got it but she's had it ever since she can remember.

Her preferred style of clothing is casual and not too fancy, although she does not mind wearing dressy clothes on special occasions. She usually wears clothes that do not restrict her movement for activities like sports of training and allow her to soak up the sun. She can usually be spotted in shorts and a tank top or a tshirt, among other things. She is not found of accessories apart from a simple silver charm bracelet she wear almost always, on her left wrist. The few charms that dangle from it and the bracelet itself are small and delicate and is sometimes considered rather out of character for Bella.
Skin Tone: Bella's skin is naturally rather pale but not the unhealthy kind, however this skin tone is hardly ever seen as she has a light tan from being in the sun a lot. In general however, her less than golden brown skin usually ruins the otherwise fairly convincing "California girl" image.

Eye Color: Bella has bright green eyes that seem like they sparkle when she laughs. They can also be uncomfortably intense and piercing at times.

Hair Color: Bella's hair is naturally dark brown but she's recently been experimenting with hair colours and sometimes dyes her hair blonde which gives her a dirty blonde hair colour with streaks of her natural colour always showing through.

Hair Length: Bella has mid-length hair that comes down a little longer than shoulder length ending about 4 inches past her collar bone in front and about 5 inches at the back. While she was never one to fuss with extremely long hair that requires a lot of attention, she doesnt quite like the idea of cropping it too short. She usually wears her hair in a high ponytail to keep it out of her face, especially when she's playing basketball or training. Her layered cut makes her hair look longer than it actually is.

Height: As a result of her athletic nature, Bella is rather tall for her age at a height of 5.7. However, she not only enjoys the comparative advantage being tall gives her in an athletic contest but also proudly carries it off by never slouching, standing tall and inadvertently wearing outfits that deliberately accentuate her height.

Weight: At a 52kgs (116 pounds), Bella is fairly skinny but not to the point of it being considered unhealthy or even underweight. Her metabolism is pretty high but Bella helps it along by eating fairly healthy, most of the time, for a teenager and getting plenty of exercise.

Body Type: Bella has a light athletic body structure which despite being light in built does not look frail or fragile. Bella has thin shoulders and wrists which accentuate her relatively small frame despite being tall.

Personality: Bella is a generally fun, friendly and interesting person but can sometimes be moody, irritable and even arrogant. An athletic 14 year old that is often described as the quintessential Apollo girl, Bella is easy-to-be-around unless you injure her ego. She is competitive in nature and tends to take challenges very seriously, but is usually warm and kind to almost everyone she meets and a good friend to those whom she trusts. It would be wise not believe everything she tell you however as Bella has a tendency to lie for the sake of it sometimes. Multi-talented and adventurous, Bella is easily one of the more popular kids in camp, her friends however, are a select group. Not one to let people walk over her, Bella relies on her good swordsmanship in fights, keep out of fragile territory though and chances are she wont draw her sword.

Talents: As the daughter of one of the most diverse gods in Greek mythology, Bella too appreciates diversity. Her talents and interests are spread across various spheres and adventurous as she is, shes most often open to learning something new. Her competitive streak ensures that once she takes a liking to something, she tries to excel in it. That being said, her main talents and areas of interests are-
Basketball- This sport is perhaps Bella's natural field of  interest considering how young she started, Bella has a natural talent at the sport perhaps helped along by her Apollo talent for projectile objects.
Swordplay- Her competitive streak and significant ego would not allow Bella to let herself be bested in battle, soon after she arrived at camp she threw herself into learning and perfectly the skill of swordplay. She has taken a side interest in archery and finds that she has a natural affinity at it, however she prefers to practice and use swordplay instead.
Beach sports- One of her favourite places in camp, the beach is where this young demigod is often found, enjoying feel of the sun and surf. Her athletic nature results in her often being seen talking a brisk jog along the beach in the mornings and often joining in beach activities like volleyball and surfing.

Weaknesses:Reckless- Bella's arrogance along with her self-assured and confident nature combine to form a rather dangerous mix sometimes that can lead to recklessness and foolhardiness during which Bella seems to believe that she can do absolutely anything and that defeat is impossible. Needless to say, this weakness often results in stupid decisions and regrets.
Overly self-reliant- Being extremely independent during her childhood is a trait that carried over into Bella's adolescent years where she does not like to depend on anyone, preferring instead to be independent. While this can be a good thing, in Bella's case this extends to the point where she is afraid to rely on or trust anybody else with anything important. More often than not, this results in Bella trying to do everything by herself and as anyone whose spent over a decade on the planet (or maybe Atlas if he consents) would tell you, its not a good idea for the weight of the world to be resting on any one person's shoulders.
Control-freak- Bella can get very difficult when things dont go her way, due to a combination of good planning and charisma more often than not she gets what she wants but when she doesnt and even the slightest detail doesnt go according to plan, Bella can freak out.
Perfectionist- Success driven and controlling, Bella often pushes herself too hard to achieve her ideal of perfection. While this can be a good thing, it is not in large measures. Bella will settle for nothing less than her absolute ideal and as that is mostly impossible she often sets herself up for disappointment and may even end up in an endless spiral of self-hate and being generally sad.
Fragile Ego- Bella has two conflicting traits, wherein despite having a rather high opinion of herself, she is insecure about her own worth and self-esteem. Due to this, over the years she has developed a fragile ego causing her to get offended rather easily and does not take harsh criticism well.
Sarcastic- Bella is extremely sarcastic in her speech and even her humour, while this can be harmless occasionally she can make really nasty remarks. Bella has a caustic tongue and is very capable of hurting people with her words, she says things that more-often-than-not hits finds its target exactly  where it hurts the most.
Arrogant- Having been virtually invisible to her mother most of her life, the feeling of being recognise and adored went to Bella's head pretty quickly. She likes this feeling and revels in it forming a rather high opinion of herself.
Dismissive- Bella tends to be dismissive of people that she finds boring or that are not the kind to capture her interest. She can often be viewed as rude or demeaning due to the same.

Charisma- Despite her aforementioned flaws, Bella knows how to turn on the charm when she needs to and can be extremely charming to people. She's also naturally charismatic when she isnt pissed off or annoyed for some reason or the other.
Confident- Bella knows what she's worth, she comes off as really confident and sure of herself which usually makes people ake her more seriously. She's carries herself with the air of someone who is almost always at ease and comfortable with who she is. This quality often makes her the focus of admiration among others, even if it may not always be as real as it appears.
Determined attitude- What can sometimes be seen as stubbornness is infact also strong will power and determination that ensures that if Bella really wants something, nothing will stand in her way.
Leadership-Bella is a natural leader and instinctively inclined to take control of situations, she will almost always be at ease in most circumstances as she familiarizes herself to them and automatically works turns its elements and conditions in her favour and works them to her benefit. This enables her to take charge in tough situations and work her way out of it, most often leading others as well. This among her other attributes is what causes people to usually flock to her and look up to her.

Likes: (optional) Basketball, Italian food, confident witty people, hanging out at the beach, partying and playing pranks.

Dislikes: (optional)  Defeat, being excluded, people who eat pigeons, having to depend on people for something, being unable to control a situation or circumstance.

Fears:Bella's biggest fears are failure and loneliness.
Failure- Having tuned and trained her psyche from an early age to believe that success and achievement are the only ways to get noticed, Bella subconsciously believes that failure in anything, even little things is something could set off a path to being invisible, unwanted and a nobody. This only serves to strengthen her competitive attitude that more often than not, will settle for being nothing but the best.
Loneliness- In many ways, Bella's two fears are linked and keep each other afloat. Having been rather alone despite having everything she could ask for from an early age, this fear has followed her into her teenage years where it is reinforced by her feeling of not being able to truly trust or believe in anyone.

Time at Camp: Bella has been at camp for 1 year and 4 months now.

Brief History of Before Camp:From a young age Bella had grown up to be extremely independent and was not used to be being questioned or being answerable to nearly anyone, well on most occasions atleast. There were ofcourse the times when Sarah came back from tour and decided to be a mom for a bit again, but those times were short and infrequent besides she was rather hopeless at being a mother anyway, she never knew quite to do. Bella always felt like she was more like an older sister or neighbor if anything and while they had some fun times and Bella always felt like she could go to Sarah for an advice, the absence of any sort of parental authority from her life had left a deep impact on her personality.

Far more motherly than Sarah was her lovely Italian housekeeper, Vittoria but as staff there was only so far she could go with Bella and eventually one day she was simply gone, with no explanation and a note from Sarah to say she had been replaced. From that time on, Bella was unconcerned about the people that so freely entered and left her home and sometimes never came back, often changing. Bella gave up trying to remember names and faces and simply went about her own business, from then on began a period of slow rebellion where Bella expressed her disconnect with Sarah by first refusing to call her “mom” and then slowly reducing her influence on her life. Sarah’s visits back home became less frequent and more far in between and Bella learnt to live with it, scarcely noticing the changes. 

It was at this time that she had become heavily involved in sports, basketball particularly, chosen perhaps out of some subconscious desire to draw attention and appreciation from her mother. The daughter of a star NBA player taking up basketball however was no big surprise to most and apart from achieving some degree of praise from Sarah, Bella came into her own discovering something that she loved and enjoyed. Rising through the ranks of the team sport, Bella captained her team for a year before she left to come to camp, after an incident involving several monsters disguised as spectators and a satyr that approached her just in time for Bella to avoid ending in a juvenile detention home.

Pets: Bella has a pure-white pet duck that kind-of adopted her, having begun following her at some point on her journey to camp. (I checked, its free)

Any other notes: Bella is played by Emily Rudd. Her colour is #33CCFF.

Role-play Example:Bella strolled into the cabin courtyard, a simple cloth bag that hung from her right shoulder slapping against her leg as she walked. She held her palm out above her eyes shielding them as she squinted into the courtyard, looking to see if there were any familiar faces about. Bella hoped to take advantage of the lovely weather by challenging someone to a game of basketball, although, she realised, starting a little, it would probably do to clean up a little first. Bella held her flipflops in her other hand as attempted to dust away the fine sand that clung to the back of her long legs and groaned as she thought of the amount of sand that would have to be washed out of her hair. Apparently, she would now have to pay for her great morning at the beach.

In a pale blue tank top and white beach shorts that showed off her tan, Bella looked like the quintessential Apollo girl, a fact that most of the Aphrodite guys clearly hadnt missed seeing as they were now waving at her. Bella waved back, the sun too bright in her eyes for her to be able to see clearly if she knew any of them. It was more than likely that she did though- fun, friendly and adventurous, 15 year old Bella was easily one of the more popular kids at camp. Anyone who knew her would say she made friends easily. Bella sighed a little as she moved her damp blonde-brown hair on to one shoulder, wondering what everyone would say if they found out how many of her "friends" Bella really liked. 

Bella was forced to snap back to reality because of the unpleasant sensation of someone breathing down her neck. Bella nearly jumped out of her skin. What the hell? she thought, spinning on her heel to stare up at a dark haired boy who was looming over her, standing entirely too close for comfort. "Hello" he said quietly, a confident smile -almost a smirk- playing on his lips as he spoke. What did he mean by sneaking up on her like that? Slightly annoyed already, Bella looked the boy up and down in what she hoped was a discreet manner before raising her head to stare him straight in the eye, "Yes?", she said in a tone that implied she wasnt happy about being taken by surprise. 

Bella Aidan was many things, but she was most definitely at all times in-control and did not enjoy being caught off guard. She wondered whether she knew the boy, whether they had ever spoken or were even acquaintances. His face wasn't even vaguely familiar but in Bella's experience that meant little, she had a terrible memory for faces and would often unintentionally offend people by staring blankly at their face while they spoke to her, unaware that they expected some sign of recognition from her. What could easily be mistaken for a product of arrogance, this embarrassing characteristic simply stemmed from Bella's boredom. Lack of intrigue, excitement and interest combined to form a mixture worth of the Hypnos cabin, yawn-worthy. Simply put, most campers were interchangeable to Bella, nameless, faceless and uninteresting. 

As she surveyed the stranger in front of her- despite her misgivings she was nearly positive that he was a stranger- Bella wondered if things were about to change. Perhaps this boy would be unique, intriguing enough to capture her interest and engaging enough to hold it. Somehow, after all these years in camp, Bella thought wryly, I really doubt it. 
The sun cares nothing for illumination.

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Re: Bella Aidan is finally coming to town ☼ (Ready to be approved)

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APPROVED. What a Face

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