Cameron Southerland

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Cameron Southerland

Post by camcam9999 on Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:40 pm

Name: Cameron Southerland

Nicknames: Cam, Cammy.

Age: 14.

Gender: Male

Weapon: A very large, celestial bronze blade, with a slit down the middle, used to catch and disarm an enemy's weapon, and a dagger for close quarter combat.

God/dess Parent: Hephaestus

Powers: N/A
Hometown:Augusta, GA
Mortal Parent(s): Daniel Southerland, and Alyssa Southerland

Physical Description: Cameron stands at an average height for his age, at five feet seven inches. At this height, he towers over his mother, and is only a little bit smaller than his mortal father. His hair is long, brown, and messy because he never bothers to do anything with it. His eyes, are a faint gray, and appear to be almost blue or green, when they aren't looked at closely. His fashion sense is terrible, because he doesn't care about it, and buys what is cheap and wears what he see's first. He dresses lightly year round, because he doesn't get cold easily, and hates being hot, unless he's working the forges. He is a little overweight, with a noticeable bulge in his belly, but he's fine with it, and makes jokes with it.
Personality: Cameron is often described as a brilliant kid, who is a complete and udder smart-ass. He can't help himself, he speaks his mind, and lets insults roll off him, and back onto the person who originally said it. People in the mortal world gave him crap about a lot of things, so he turned it around on them, and they proceeded to stop. He also has anger issues, and always has. He has learned to calm himself, so the anger comes more slowly, but when it comes it's explosive. He hits, curses, and yells and everything else an angry person will do.
Talents: Like any good child of Hephaestus, he can work magic with metal. He can hammer, mold, and shape anything you need done from him with metal. Another talent of his, oddly enough, is that he can read, and conduct music very well, but he can't get the hang of playing an instrument. Also, he has a talent for cooking. He likes doing it, and he does it quite well.
Weaknesses: If it is art, and that art doesn't require metalworking, he can't do it. He can't draw, paint, or make a not-so-metal sculpture. He cannot dance. No matter how he tries, he just has no rhythm. When he tries to dance, it looks like a fish out of water having a seizure. And finally, he is terrible at coordinate algebra. It isn't the math that really gets him, but it's getting numbers from a graph, or plotting out the equation, that kills him.

Fears: Cameron fears losing the people that he loves. if his mortal family were to die, or if one of his friends did, he would be devastated, just a big fetal postiony, sack of grief.

Time at Camp: Two years

Brief History of Before Camp: Cameron's life was surprisingly normal for his first twelve years. He had seen monsters before, or been followed by one, but he never had a face to face with one of them. He was twelve, almost thirteen, he would be there in less than a week. He was walking home to school, he only lived a block, or so away, when a large one eyed man, stepped out of some nearby brush, and in front of Cameron. This freaked Cameron out beyond belief, and he turned, preparing to run when another one stepped out again. Cameron, now virtually surrounded, took off to the right, across the busy road. Cars stopped, and people yelled but he ran anyway. He was unable to shake the men, with their long legs allowing them to keep pace with the boy. Someone realized he as being chased, and instead of stopping ran into the first Cyclops with their car. This helped Cameron out enough, so that he could escape with his life. He sprinted into his house, and slammed the door behind him, scared, and exhausted. His mother ran down the stairs, and saw his condition. He started speaking quickly, telling her about what had happened, and how he knew it sounded insane. His mother shook her head and groaned. She went to get Cameron's mortal and father and the two of them explained to him his real father, and what was happening. Cameron was unable to believe what  he heard, and didn't until he got to camp.

Pets: Cameron has a clever ferret, that he keeps perched on his shoulder or close to his workspace.

Any other notes: (optional)

Role-play Example: Cameron brought the hammer down upon the already-twice-folded sheet of celestial bronze, working on tempering the material for a dagger a friend requested that he make for them. He pounded the metal, sweat running into his eyes, and covering his body. He finished flattening the metal, with the fold finished, and stuck it back into the forge reheating the metal to a red glow and a more workable state. He brought it back onto the anvil, and took a sheet of metal, and cu the metal into sections, one for the tip of the blade, one for each side of it, and another smaller piece for the hilt, and pommel of the sword. He thinned the pieces for the blade out, and gave them an angle so that the blade rose in the center, and came to the cutting edge. He stuck both metals into the forge, and brought them out, hammering them in to each other. He took the point, and re-heated it, before welding it to the top of the formerly-pointless sword. He heated the last segments of metal, and slid it so that the blade fit into the hilt. With this, he stuck it into a barrel full of water, and cooled the sword, resulting in a cloud of steam. Cameron stepped back, and gave a deep breath, and wiped the sweat from his forehead.


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Re: Cameron Southerland

Post by Sapphire on Thu Jul 25, 2013 5:32 am

APPROVED. What a Face

and if you try to find me n o w
i'm in all the echoes that have faded out.

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