Archibald Street (finished)

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Archibald Street (finished)

Post by Charlie on Mon Jul 22, 2013 5:17 pm

Name: Archibald Street

Nicknames: Mainly Archie, but occasionally called Magic Man or Jester.

Age: Sixteen years old

Gender: Male

Weapon: A short sword and plain celestial bronze knife, worn slightly from use. Nothing special.

Godly Parent: Hermes

Claimed: Yes

Powers: None

Hometown: Oklahoma City

Mortal Parent: Helen Street

Physical Description: Short dark hair is roughly combed across Archie's head. He usually dresses respectably and somewhat formally for his age (though he hates it). His mother always wanted them to look well off and forced him to dress in thrift shop waistcoats and collared shirts. It's a relief to wear the orange Camp Half Blood shirt or armour when he can. His skin is quite pale, broken only by a light pattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose and upper cheeks. So far he has been spared the curse of acne that is inflicted upon most teenagers, but it's surely only a matter of time. His eyes are dull green speckled slightly brown. A few hairs are beginning to cling vainly to his upper lip, something Archie isn't sure about. Archie's a fairly average height of five foot eight and is only just starting to get any kind of musculature as a result of his Camp Half Blood training. His whole life Archie has had a slight tic, causing the muscles under his left eye to twitch in times of stress. It's something he's very self conscious about and has even taken to wearing sunglasses inside to hide it.

Personality: Archie can be a little bit proper at times but all he really wants is to be accepted by others. Camp Half Blood is his chance to get away from his mother's influence and start to become his own person. Generally upbeat about life even when he really shouldn't be, Archie often found himself unintentionally annoying those of his peers who were pessimists. He's very well-read and enjoys referencing and quoting obscure texts that no-one else has read. This was partly encouraged by his uncle, who laughed uproariously at any and all of his attempts at literary wit during the annual family gatherings. Archie isn't particularly good at socializing, which is unfortunate because all he really wants is a proper friend.

Talents: Magic tricks. Archie has fast fingers and a quick mind. Practicing the mortal brand of magic was his one act of rebellion against his mother and he obsessively learnt the trade up in his attic room whenever he had a spare moment. It earned him a brief moment of fame at his local school, along with the nicknames 'Magic Man' and 'Jester' which have stuck.

Weaknesses: Archie isn't particularly strong. Nor fast actually (unless you count his hands). He falls into the clever category. He is also bad at reading body language so is often oblivious to the way people feel about him.

Fears: Deathly afraid of insects. Anything creepy that crawls, flaps or squirms its way toward him is going to be greeted by several determined attempts to kill it, and if that doesn't work will be left in the dust as Archie flees.

Time at Camp: Four months

Brief History of Before Camp: (Note: this will be edited later to actually be good and in depth but as I am rather short of time I am doing a quick one in order to take part in the Pandora's Dungeon event. He can be reaccepted when I redo the history or whatevs. I'll probably end up adding things to most of the form (ie; the mortal parent section) so he should probably be looked at again when I do that. But until then treat him as though he's finished)

Archie grew up living with his mother in a poky apartment in Oklahoma city. She had a succession of rich boyfriends, none of whom last long. The rest of his family were wealthy but in her youth his mother spent her inheritance foolishly and was left penniless. The only time Archie saw any members of his family apart from his mother and uncle was at the annual family gatherings which took place at the old family manor in the countryside. His mother put off sending him to Camp Half Blood for long time, not wanting to lose her 'darling little boy' to 'those brutish warriors'. Despite her reservations Archie is loving being amongst the brutish warriors and away from the stifling, smoky atmosphere of his mother's apartment (she smokes continuously, which doesn't help their monetary state or health). The only experience of monsters that Archie has ever had was a rather minor encounter with a dracanae when he was 12. A strange woman followed him home from school for several days, occasionally showing him a flicker of a serpentine tail as she turned a corner. But before it had a chance to attack him a demigod passing through the city slew it, leaving Archie blissfully unaware.

Pets: A ferret named Mozart (Moz for short)

Face-claim: Harry Lloyd

Role-play Example: (Note: This is not Archie. Can we please just let that slide for now and I'll fix it later? Only I'm literally about to hop on the flight for Paris so I don't actually have the time to right one for Archie. Talk to Lux) 
It was a strange feeling, being back at the Summer Camp. It didn't feel real, as if any moment she'd see Mother striding down the path, strands of hair flying as she ordered August home. And August would go. Mother wasn't a person you defied, especially if you were unfortunate enough to live in the same house.

She shifted, uncomfortable on the stone bench. It really hadn't been a good idea to allow an hour traveling time to the Camp, considering that her older brother had offered to take her via Apparition. Conor had been his usual impatient, insensitive self, moaning about the time it took girls to get ready and how lucky she was that he was taking her. August might've made an effort to pack faster, but her brother was no longer someone she held any respect or sympathy for. Not since the Curious Incident of the Door in the Daytime.

A bee buzzed past her face, legs fat with the fruit of it's morning labors. The bug, so grounded in everyday life, was enough to bring her back to earth. What point was there in worrying about brothers and mothers when the sun was shining and shed finally been allowed back to Camp Half Blood.

It'd been an entire year since she'd seen any of her friends, and while letters were all well and good, you couldn't beat and actual physical meeting. A letter was a dry thing of spidery words and brief descriptions, entirely lacking in emotion.

August wiped sweaty palms on the light material of her skirt, suddenly feeling nervous. The anticipation of coming face to face with Calla again had been building for months, but now that the time had arrived doubts were slipping through her mind. What if Calla had changed?

What if she had changed?

In fact, she probably had changed. It was hard to resist change after a year of personal tutoring with Mother. Forceful didn't even begin to describe her. She was like a planet, distorting the universe with her magnitude.

The crunch of gravel on the garden path sent her pulse racing, but it was with a sunny smile plaster on her face that she rose, arms outstretched.

"Calla, darling."

howling ghosts they reappear
in mountains that are
s t a c k e d
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Re: Archibald Street (finished)

Post by Sapphire on Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:32 am

APPROVED. What a Face

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