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hale joseph drem :: son of apollo wip

Post by Nico di Angelo on Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:05 am

hale drem
name hale joseph drem
nickname hale has no nicknames
age seventeen, born on december nineteenth
gender male
weapon hale uses a boy and arrow with celestial bronze arrows. with the years of practice he has had, he's pretty darn good at shooting.
god parent apollo, god of the sun
claimed yes, since his first day at camp, for which hale has always been grateful.
power hale once had the ability to bend sunlight, but this power was lost when he nearly died in battle. now he has nothing but his musical ability, which isn't a power at all, but more of an unimportant skill. he can play the piano and the guitar, and has been able to since he was around eight.
hometown los angeles, california & denver, colorado
mortal parent hailey drem was hale's mother, but she died a few years ago, giving birth to hale's little mortal sister. he has never blamed his little sister, but hailey was always extremely important to hale and losing her took a toll on him. he has since recovered, but does miss her sometimes, usually in fits of depression that fade quickly.
physical appearance hale has light, golden blonde hair. it's cut short on the sides and grown slightly longer on top, which isn't very unusual for a boy of hale's age. his hair occasionally grows long and shaggy, and he doesn't get around to getting it cut a lot, since he tends to focus more on his duties as a demigod before he worries about properly grooming himself. when it is long, you will find he often has trouble concentrating and is often antsy, but when it's cut short he is often calm and peppy. this isn't because of the hair itself, but when he's not in the mood to get his haircut, that same mood will cause him to go into something of an emotional lockdown drill.
his eyes are hazel, which are the color of his mom's. he used to get told all the time that he had his mother's eyes, and sometimes he misses hearing this. upon looking into hale's eyes, you will think you've found an angel. he's an adorable boy, really, and he has the puppy dog eyes to prove it. if hale doesn't get what he wants, he has a secret weapon at his disposal. almond shaped but huge, hale has cute eyes, but thin and short, blonde eyelashes.
he's very tan naturally, and during the summer he can easily tan more, which makes the boy appear almost orange at times. he almost always has a smile on his face, which posses the unique ability to light up a room and making strangers feel warm. his lips are thin and his eyebrows are arched. the boy is only 5'7", but he's working his way to 5'8". ever since he was little he's always been small, with just slight muscle and a tiny height. he kind of has a weaselly, surfer look to him, and his aura is calm and sturdy. when he's sad, hale doesn't cry, but rather looks like he's been stunned. his eyes often wander, his mouth forms a tight, straight line, and his skin looses it's color.
his camp half blood shirt hugs his chest tightly, which makes him look stronger than he really his. he only ever wears nike running shoes, and black gym shorts. hale doesn't enjoy dressing up, and when he is forced to look nice, he often just throws on a pair of jeans and a polo. occasionally he will wear colored cargo shorts, but nothing much nicer than that, and he'll still try to get away with wear tennis shoes. he has a yin-yang sun necklace and a backpack which he wears often, but not always. the rest of the time, it's either laying on his bed, or on his floor, seeing as he can be extremely messy. never does hale wish to not wear his orange camp shirt, for fear that he will no longer be considered a camper. he has no other home, so camp is very important to him.
personality hale is loyal and cocky. he will fight to the end for friends, siblings, or complete strangers. hale also has a horrible time coping with his adhd and has several behavioral issues. he can never sit still and he always has too much to say, but if he feels like he's rambling, he's perfectly capable of shutting himself up. the boy is weird, really weird, but in the kind of way that only makes you want to like him more. he's hyper, like a five year old on a sugar rush. he can be annoying, but he struggles with this. he hates the word annoying. truthfully, he wishes people weren't capable of annoying other people. on top of being a talker himself, hale is a genuine guy and likes helping other people, even with small problems.
even so, he can be brave and powerful if he wants to be. hale has leadership in him, even if it is often under the surface. certain events can bring out hale's authoritative side. he doesn't always feel strongly about himself, but when others around him show hale just how much he's doing for them, his spirits will be lifted. it doesn't take much to make hale happy, and a simple smile or a pat on the back often does the trick. he just likes to be acknowledged. hale craves attention, in fact, he thrives on it.
he is incredibly claustrophobic, and hates to be inside, which has something to do with his dad being apollo. he feels best when he's outside in the sunlight. he hates the dark, and only feels safe with light and space. this can also be traced back to his dad. he often reminds himself that is dad is apollo for comfort, because hale feels apollo is the greatest god, and one that would never back down, even though his father has never done anything to make hale believe this. when he's in the dark, hale's always afraid of what might be lurking just ahead, and he has issues when coping with his fears. he doesn't know how to handle many of his own problems, though he often solves others problems very well. he never has a good understanding of himself, and his lack of knowledge leads him to view himself as a stranger.
hale can seem to have split personalities. while he's normally a very upbeat and solid person, he can, on occasion, be ruthless and filled with anger. it is hard to set off hale but he doesn't separate his feelings amongst different people. if one person makes him a little mad, and another person makes him a little mad, the unlucky third person could get blown up on for someone else's actions. while most people view this as uncharacteristic for hale, he can throw tantrums and complain, because he is, after all, a child. that's something people often forget about hale. he's a kid. he had to grow up really quickly around thirteen, but that doesn't change that he's still a teenager.
living through years at camp, and almost letting himself and some of his siblings die, hale eventually developed a solemn side. he became more focused and more sincere. he matured, but inside he's selfconcious and scared. he doesn't want to mess up again. he doesn't want to let anyone down. he wants to stay tough, because he's almost an adult now, and he was never serious enough before. he got too old too fast, but he's trying. he wants to please the people around him. he developed a hatred of mistakes after almost dying. it changed him. hale will always love to have fun, but now, at seventeen, there's a nagging in the back of his mind that doesn't quite go away.
fatal flaw hale can't handle pressure.
talents hale is gifted with musical instruments, such as the piano and the guitar, and he is a pretty good athlete considering his size. hale is good at short distance running sports, long distance sports like cross country, and even basketball despite his obvious handicap in the game. he's best a snowboarding though, because he spent part of his life in colorado where snowboarding and skiing was as useful as walking and running.
weaknesses hale can't sing to save his life. his school work is pretty bad, too. he struggles, even though he tries. hale is a bad reader because of his dyslexia, and he can't do activities that require a lot of concentration and sitting still. hale's least favorite weakness is the fact that he can't heal. his siblings can, and this is something he's always wanted to be able to do.
likes snowboarding
the beach
open spaces
sun and tanning
music of almost all kinds
museums and art
large groups of friends
leadership positions
dislikes healthy food
rap music
stress and pressure
tight spaces
fears hale is claustrophobic and afraid of the dark. he's also afraid of letting people down. his fear of tight spaces is his most intense, and this fear is often partnered with his fear of the dark which drains him physically, can force hale into a state of mental insanity and panic.
time at camp seven years
history hale was born in san francisco but his mother moved immediately after his birth to denver, colorado for reasons she never fully explained to hale. hale only understood years later, after coming to camp, that it was to get away from the super natural beacon that was living above hades' house. in colorado hale stuck out like a sore thumb, but this only made him one of the popular little boys. blonde, tan, charming, and musically inclined, hale had a few admirers but was pretty dumb to it until moving to california.
in denver, hale learned to snowboard and learned that he was pretty good at it. he also took up running and basketball, but he gave up basketball by the time he hit the third grade because his height became too much of an issue. hale was short from birth to the present. he's always been a tiny boy. the drems didn't stay in denver for too long, though, and eventually the family of two moved back to california.
in los angeles, hale started attending a performing arts school with no official training under his belt. the teachers didn't like him for his inability to focus and his low grades, but hale was happy and the other students liked him. he was a popular boy, well liked for his outgoing personality and california boy looks. hale was never quite a jerk but before leaving for camp, he did let his middle school fame get to his head a bit. if affected him positively, though, because his self-doubt problem was helped.
a friend of his at school was the satyr who told hale about how something dangerous was trailing him, and being the little youthful boy he was, eagerly followed his friend to camp. they got attacked on the way, and hale had to defend the satyr or allow them both to die, and he managed to protect the duo. he had a bright future from the get go, finding a way to defend himself and another from a hellhound. he used light, which is a power he has since lost in order to keep his life.
pets hale has a four year old, male, black labrador retriever named truckee.
other played by max thieriot and color is red
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