[FINISHED!] The biography of a sad man's life - Ernest Hudson Giles

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[FINISHED!] The biography of a sad man's life - Ernest Hudson Giles

Post by panoramic on Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:24 pm

Ernest Hudson Giles
professional deadpan humorist - less then enthusiastic demigod babysitter
His exquisite taste in music:
Fleet Foxes - Montezuma
Andrew Bird - Opposite Day
Modest Mouse - World At Large
Tabar - Go Dingoes
Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal

the basics
who the asshole is all about


real name? Ernest Hudson Giles

nicknames? Hudson is his default, period. Just call him Hudson. And don't even think about calling him 'Old Hairy Goat'.

gender? A male, like most people of his kind, really.

species? He's a satyr, a race of human/goat hybrids. They are the royal subjects to the kingdom of Pan.

age? 37 years old (18.5 human years), and was born on December 25th, 1976. It is known to be a well known Christian holiday that Hudson obviously celebrates because it’s twice the free gifts, yo.

sexuality? A demisexual - a person who only feels sexual attraction to someone they have an emotional bond to.


talents? He is a fantastic musician, touching around the piano, guitar, mandolin, amd a bit of banjo. But his bread and butter is probably the violin. He plays a lot of his songs with this particular instrument, and even does his battles with it.

weakness? Hudson is terrible at starting the conversation, but is an expert in ending it. And it's pretty shameful to his part as a musician and a satyr but he just cannot use woodwind instruments, LIKE PANPIPES FOR EXAMPLE.
Hudson has this thing where if he just does nothing to evoke anything, then life can simply go on his way. This, of course, doesn't work in most situations at all and it just leaves him more in a depressive state, but he simply doesn't show it and moves on.

what does he like?
Playing music and listening to it, milk, PURPLE AND ORANGE AS A COLOR COMBO, subway trains, nice clothes, decent people, and food that tastes good (as long as it's organic).

what does he not like?EVERYTHING
Geese, predictable outcomes, abstract art, mainstream rap music, when baristas mistake his order with black coffee, and most of everyone he meets.

fears? Hudson is scared of dying without being happy with his life, and he’s very afraid of dying alone – without people that truly care about him. He tries to keep all of his emotions from erupting out of him because it just wouldn’t be him to do that at all.

well we gotta feed ourselves somehow

camp info

birthplace? Harlem, New York.

time at camp He’s been around for almost 10 years now. It’s surprising how a camp full of kids can really grow on your and develop you as a really cynical person.

occupation in camp A protector for demigods. He was once considered for a seeker license, but declined when he was given the chance. He also helps out with camp events and is a field medic during the occasional invasions.


q: do you enjoy doing what you got to do? A: Well, it really is the only thing going for me, and most of my kind.
I don't really have a choice, do I?

q: do you enjoy working with the demigods? A: I can tolerate them.

q: how was your first time around camp? A: Ugh...

q: if you can suggest something that can improve camp life, what would that be? A: To at least clean the public restrooms, for crying out loud...

q: what is honestly your true opinion about mr. d? A: That he needs to get off his high horse and actually start doing something around here. Old tubs can't even handle normal manual labor, like throwing his Diet Coke cans in the trash.

people say i got the charms of a venomous cobra,


It is the lava that makes the core of his entire personality. It’s the hot stuff that erupts from his mouth. The smoldering words that can burn a person’s ego down and melt them from the core. His sense of humor is mocking, blunt and critical and boy does it annoy the hell out of people who just don’t get it. Because of this, he comes off as rude and aloof. But it’s just how he behaves, and how he also drives the presence of people he doesn't want to interact with away from him.


Hudson is a pretty chill guy. There is really nothing you can say that could ever break this guy; well, at least it seems like anyway. When you've been living in a world where you got yourself a pair of goat legs and your occupation is the save godly made children from the outside world, nothing really should be surprising for you then. This satyr’s gone through a whole mess of stuff growing up, everything from the meter of bad to pretty darn atrocious. But he’s learned to never face the other direction, because trying to fix the goddamn past is like trying to glue back an expensive vase with Elmer's glue. He’s learned that by not giving a damn, and shutting up a lot, it’ll make life totally easy for you to handle.


He is willing to sacrifice anything in his will for the great sake of the world. He had accepted that duty when he chose to become a protector, after all.
Too many times, he’s given so many things away for people who would never repay him back. But it’s all because he has this philosophy of being the best kind of man you can be.

Bottled Up

He finds no point in crying over every single thing that really hurts him. He finds no point in dwelling on things that could potentially break his spirit.
If anything, he would rather push away any negative hurt feelings and stuff them in an overfilled shelf of emotion.
Hudson gets so emotionally distressed about his life that he literally has no motivation to do anything else. But you can’t show that shit in front of the kids, because slapping a smile on and faking through it is a hidden required rule.

but at least i look good.

Hudson wished he was, but he knows he isn’t the best looking guy in town. Despite being a ‘dirty half animal freak’, he’s got an impeccable taste in fashion for starters. He’s been addicted to wearing sweaters to match having to now wear glasses for his increasingly impaired vision, but sweaters are the swaggiest and it makes it all worthwhile. The first thing people notice about him is his goddamn hair. He has outgrown into a gigantic bush of hair on top of his head. Walking everywhere like a goddamn Chia Pet, his afro are bunches of curly brown hair that is clearly hard to maintain most of the time. That’s why he wraps it around with a headdress most of the time.
His face is oddly long and unfitting with his short body. His cheekbones pop out a little bit more than usual cheekbones, making them one of the most noticeable features on his face. His nose is large, with chubby nostrils that point like a v-shape with each other - kind of in a way a goat’s nose would look like. This seems to be an especially common trait among satyr men. His lips look moderate, large enough to be kissable in a way. But it’s not like he’d actually would.
His eyes are like that special almond shape, suitably designed to look down upon a person and to look at the world in disgust. They are a fierce hazel color, tinted with a golden brown with some chartreuse green to make them pop a little more.
He’s also short as hell, and it’s just one of the many curses he had been born with from childhood. 5”4’ seems to be really only a good height when you’re a 11 year old boy that has hit a growth spurt, but no, he had to stop growing when he was 11. His body, however, is well fit enough to endure running long distances for a long period of time. Hudson trains enough to fight against monsters and test his agility and endurance, so that would always grant him at least a bit of muscle mass. At a short height of 5”4’, his body only weighs around 117 pounds which is the average weight for most people around his height.
People seem to poke fun at his height a lot, but that’s only before he shows them how speaking out of your ass will grant you consequences.
Hudson’s got a large mole at the right side of his lip, noticeable enough to be spotted 10 meters from. He’s also trimmed that chin beard he had throughout his teenage years, but decided to keep that moustache of him. He’s also got a jail house tattoo of an infinity sign after waking up from a crazy satyroi get-together. It only took him a week to realize what the hell was bothering that specific area on his back.
Did I mention he also shares a strikingly resemblance to Yassine Rahal? You know that other awesome looking guy with the afro that happens to be a model as well! Interesting, interesting.

super goat man to the rescue, yeehaw

weapon of choice

His primary weapon happens to be a regular, magically enhanced violin. His secondary weapons are 15, celestial bronze, throwing knives that he uses to throw at the most sensitive parts of a monster.

battle playlist (song spells)

Andrew Bird – Anonanimal:
This wonderfully constructed melody is an open invitation for a plethora of heavily high-spirited animals and insects to come in and kick some enemy ass.  Obviously, you really can’t kill a Tartarian being, but you can at least distract them with a hoard of mosquitoes. We can all agree that everyone hates mosquitoes and are great for distracting monsters away from potential goat stew.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Violin Concerto No. 1:Ahaha, Mozart, of course.
This is probably the perfect concerto to play whenever you need to get things all tied up in a neat little knot... with plant life, obviously. He can summon vines out of the ground to wrap around enemies and send them off the ground, for example. After their use, they quickly die out and dissipate into dirt.

Antonio Vivaldi – Four Seasons:
Can heal and recreate a bit of a destroyed environment - greener grass, healthier plants and trees, cleaner water, etc.; but for as long as he plays, his energy is drained so he can only heal a bit of the environment. Each of all four sets of concertos: spring, summer, autumn and winter – he can only play one concerto for each specific season they represent.
This is not something he has achieved completely; in fact he pretty much can’t do this ability right now, so it’ll take a lot of time.
It’s also probably one of the coolest song spells he can do.

the past
is the past. so never ever look back.


August Giles – Cloud Nymph and the biological mother of Hudson.
Ridge Giles – The late biological father of Hudson, and was once a satyr protector of Camp Half Blood.
Gill McDermott Hudson's pseudo-uncle, and the man who introduced him to music.


There is a new term spreading around the satyroi community in CHB and just outside the borders as well. “Feral goat” is referred to a satyr that just so happened to been born or raised, or both, in the city – usually cooped up in magical hidden communities hidden throughout the city (or rarely, underground.)
A term, it was, is now slowly turning into some kind of racial slur against their own people. Feral goats were considered bastardized, or ‘not properly atoned with the wild’ and are highly frowned upon with some of the population.
“Is there are special hell we are put in for being raised in the ‘wrong environment?’” Hudson would usually say in a rebuttal against the way he was raised. Of course, they would have to say no because it isn’t like Hades has enough to put up with anyway.
“That’s right. I’m going to die and reincarnate into a special little flower just as much as anyone else around this damn place – so it doesn’t make me different from anyone else.”
Usually, that’d shut them up. But if it doesn’t, he’d casually walk away and put another example of bigotry in his memories.
But let’s get to it.

His father was a kind man, never tried to make a fuss about anything and most importantly, stood up to what he truly believed in the most. That was persistence, survival, and to learn about the world around him – so he can learn more about himself. But that never excused him for being a failure as a protector.  
Failing to bring a Hecate demigod alive and well, the Council of Satyrs had immediately revoked him of protector title, and his only chance to become a seeker, proving him utterly useless to his own kind and a failure to his friends and family.
So he fled out of the wilderness and became one with civilization – he trekked off to New York City where he was a homeless satyr in disguise for at least 5 months or so.
That’s how he and his best friend/ Hudson’s pseudo uncle first met, when his father failed to attempt to steal a jug of apple juice from a grocery store because his father is an utter failure at everything. His uncle had persuaded a couple of officers from arresting him, paying for his jug of apple juice for him instead.
His uncle, Gill McDermott, was a son of Hermes and a journalist for the New York Times. He was one of the first demigod children his father had managed to deliver to camp when he wasn’t at the end of his career, and had almost immediately recognized him under that bushy untamed beard of his.
Gill had offered him a place to stay in his apartment, and the two grew to be best friends for over the course of 7 years. It had even gotten to the point where they trusted each other enough to form an empathy link with one another.

He’d help a brother out, searching and finally found him a place to live in without having to disguise himself all the time. The answer was a hidden village located just around Harlem. It was an entire grove and town growing right inside an abandoned storage complex, but with the help of the Hecate demigods of the village they fixed the sizing constraints inside. And thus, they grew a thriving wilderness and civilization right in the heart of the city.
There were few complexes such as these throughout America, and many are a home to satyrs, nymphs and a few demigods as well. They provide a safer solution for people to thrive in rather than risking their lives out in the wild. For individuals like Ridge though, it provided a home and a loving family from the one he was unspeakably exiled from.
That was where he met the love of his life, a cloud nymph named August who worked as a waitress in a local dive bar within the community. He had been completely drunk out of his mind, and she was there to watch over him to the end until he was passed out on the floor at closing time. During those nights washed over with a bunch of alcohol, he and she grew to become fast friends.
Eventually, they became the best of lovers. And eventually, they got a kid.

Right on Christmas Day, a baby had been born in their little home out on the woods. Everyone had come around to visit and cheer for another miracle of birth had been given to the world.
Though, he was far from Jesus, he was still just as cute as ever for a gruff baby goat, and he was probably even more cuter when he opened his eyes to the world for the first time.
His father held his boy that day, and smiled in perfect utter joy that he knew that this hadn’t been a failure at all, that his losing streak was finally over.

Little Ernest was the sweetest little boy – energetic, playful and full of life. He’d remember those days where life was more carefree, and simple, and a tiny magically-enchanted storage house was the biggest thing he had ever laid his eyes on. He wanted to meet new people, discover hidden treasures under the soil, bring back a weird looking pet – he just wanted to explore the world. And he pretended he did, with his mind innocent and unkempt.

He knew there was a bigger world outside the one he was an inhabitant of, and his only dream had been to step outside these walls, looking upon what would have been a far bigger world.
Little did poor Ernest understood that those kinds of innocent days can be over in a pinch, and it’s just like that the world will change all around him.
It’s always best to cherish what you won’t have later on in the future.

It was Christmas Day, and the young satyr had just turned 13. The entire village had always celebrated Christmas, but in a way because it had come from Pagan origins and it’s a great way of getting the people together. The festival was always held at the village square, and it was already turning out to be a great celebration.
After his family had said their prayers at the shrine of Pan, they were headed off to join the rest of the family friends by the food stands.
As they were about to take their leave, an emergence of screeching and screams came from right behind them. Ridge, August and young Ernest turned back around to find a ginormous one-eyed being looming over the structure of the shrine.
Oh no, not again. No, no, no. Not again. Those were the exact words he heard his father sputter out of his mouth.
A large family of Cyclops had raided the village, who were obviously led in by an unknown source. The large hole in their magically fabricated world opened to the musty breeze of the outside world as it led in big and bigger.
Their family was led into an underground safe house where thousands of the terrified population hid in, hoping for the demigods and satyrs up in the surface risking their lives to rid the monsters.

Through a telepathic voice in his head, Ridge widened his eyes in panic. It turns out Gill had woken up from a dream scenario of what the current situation was, and had drove over there to save them.
Ernest saw his father in tears, holding his family close to him and sending out frantic telepathic signals to his friend.
Gill couldn’t believe it. The monsters had picked up the living or the corpses and had witnessed a man being shoved down one of their mouths.
Ridge begged him to go back home, they were safe.
Gill refused to listen, knowing that they couldn’t stay there for long.
Ridge pleads to him, lying and lying over again that he can handle the situation.
Gill has now been encountered by one of the creatures.
Ernest saw his father, frozen in absolute fear. August was shaking him, begging to know what had happened. She was crying just as hard as he was when he finally spoke out the words.
Ernest sat there, watching both his parents break down.
His father turned over to both of them and put his hand on his shoulders and only spoke these words.
“Whatever happens afterwards, I want all of you to be safe, and to be strong. I want you to live life to the fullest, and cherish this love that we have for one another in our hearts.”
As soon as his sentence was done, his heart had stopped beating and collapsed on the floor, lifeless.

That was the day Ernest saw his father turn into a hyacinth, and was exactly the day everything changed.

His mother finally told him about what had happened to his father those many years ago, and told him all the reasons why they never let him out of the world they raised him in.
The real world, the big world, was dangerous. And it was just as dangerous to raise a kid like him with so much potential in a world like this.
That’s why people hide, not wanting to experience the world itself.
Hudson would snort as he reminiscent about the past, only having these words in reply to his mother, “How cowardly of them.”

He’s never seen his mom ever since she dropped him off to Camp, and hadn’t even written a letter either.
He’d only begin to deal better with his mental health, but he knows he’s going to explode one day.
He just doesn’t want to admit it.

(he actually has friends wow)

♥{Love ♦{Mutual ♣{Complete Strangers ♠{Loathe

Jakob "Jay" Willard McIntyre ♥♥♥♥♥♦♦♦
- Jay, for this moment in time, is the love of his life. They met each other when Hudson saved his ass from the L Giants, but he never really expected their relationship to go as far as that.
It's like they are completely different from one another, and he finds that aggravating, but they understand each other so much and love both of their qualities and ALL THAT GROSS STUFF.
But they are far from perfect, that's for sure.

Ada Jones ♦♦♦♦♦♥♥♥(♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠)
The only demigod he can actually have a stupid heartfelt conversation with, besides Jay. Like, he doesn't just 'tolerate' her, he's actually friends with her. GASP.

the real freakin' deal
check it, soooooon

The smell of asphalt and light gasoline filled the air, and I breathe in all of it, overtaking my strong sense of smell to the horrors of what human civilization will do to your sense of smell. It was the last train back home, and the adults surround around us closer as they hear the sounds of the train coming towards them.
The taller, redheaded boy right beside me had enough bruises to fill the area of China, but all was good when I have to come over and fix all their problems.
Laestrygonians giants, of course they would target a reckless asshole like him; especially since he’s thick skulled enough to get his ass easily kicked (and possibly turned into ham) by a bunch of ancient cannibalistic monsters.
Alas, I’d arrived just in time, playing them a powerful dirge and letting their powder blow off into the wind.
But this is the real thing I am concerned about: the kid stood there and pointed a mere handgun against three ancient cannibalistic creatures.
Like, the moment I show up with my leg fur moving with the breeze, they’ve got no choice but to cower over to the dude with goat legs then get eaten by the freaky monster.
But he didn’t even squeal out a sound. Instead, he just kept on shooting his 9 caliber determined and focused in killing them off himself. It’s almost a rarity for a demigod to experience their first monster encounter and not completely crap their pants. I got to give it to him; he’s a well suited soldier for war, but that still doesn’t mean I would call him a champion though. I had to bandage his entire body and let him rest on the middle of the goddamn street because he was so stupidly beat up.
But still, I was kind of impressed.
“Hey, when did you notice you were up against something that obviously wasn’t human at all?” I leaned over to him, finally questioning what needed to be answered.
With his body laid down, taking up at least 5 seats, he opened his eyes as he began to to mumble out audible words. “I... I had my suspicions. That only proved enough that I was right.”
“So that means you've had monster encounters before?” I wrapped my curls around with my fingers, proved interested.
“They’re more like little things I’ve noticed... like red glowing eyes in the shadows in the corner of my eyes or that kind of stuff. They never seem to go anywhere but that.”
“Huh...”  I just nod, facing the other direction with the empty seats.
This wasn't any surprising to me at all. Some demigods have a strong view through the Mist then most others, and have seen monsters since they were only 5.
But then, he said this. “I’ve dealt with worse... honestly.” He’s turned up to the ceiling with a blank look on his face.
“Really now?” I turn around, looking at him quizzically.
“Yeah... this is just another step I have to take. No matter how weird it gets, I have to keep walking on.”
That last comment he made just made me smirk, because it was as if he knew and he didn’t knew what would forced to grow through in the long run.
“Trust me, it gets weirder then that.”
“Try me. Try me...” He closes his eyes, and I watch as he is driven to sleep by the lull of the train. Let him be, let him rest. He kind of deserves it at the moment.

i just can't take these things seriously
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Re: [FINISHED!] The biography of a sad man's life - Ernest Hudson Giles

Post by Sapphire on Sun Sep 29, 2013 6:40 am

AND OMG THE CODING AHHH -clings to the code-

I'm not sure whether satyrs are allowed and I'm still waiting for Crispy's answer. But everything in this character is perf and we need to thread when he gets accepted c:

ACCEPTED. What a Face

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