Veronika Hill (wip)

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Veronika Hill (wip)

Post by Tumbleweed on Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:38 am

Name: Veronika Hill

Nicknames: She usually prefers Vero, but if she really likes you, she'll let you call her Nikki. If you call her Ronnie, she will murder you.
Age: 16
Gender: Girl

God/dess Parent:

Powers: GRRRR

Hometown: England.

Mortal Parent(s): Veronika is the only daughter of wealthy corporate lawyer Frederik Hill. Shortly after she was born, he married Maraika Hill.
Physical Description: Body type: Slim and tall. Hourglass figure
Hair: Brown, long and with curls towards the bottom
Eyes: Silverish, they look ice blue sometimes
Facial features:
Body art: a tattoo of a swallow on her waist, two piercing in one ear (one a thin silver ring at the top of her ear) and one on the other and a silver navel piercing.
Dressing style: A white sheer top than ends a few inches above her jeans and blue skinny jeans or when its cold a graffiti hoodie with a skirt or shorts and stockings beneath it. she also usually wears a rasta cap or ties her hair up in a messy bun with curls tumbling down over her face.

Personality: Veronika is a very mysterious, secretive girl that people find interesting. She can be both captivating and off putting. Her beauty is both her strength and her weakness as it makes people take an interest in her and make allowances for her but it also makes them mistake even a slight rudeness as arrogance. She is very loyal to her friends and slightly possesive off them.
Veronika thrives on attention although she doesnt want people to understand her inner personality. She likes being admired and loves doing social things like partying. She likes to indulge herself and is a smoker. She's rebellious and doesnt listen to any rules except those she think make sense. However Veronika is intelligent and likes to work hard at school as long as it doesnt interfere with her partying.

Talents: (what are they good at?)

Weaknesses: (what are they bad at?)

Likes: partying, drinking, hanging out with friends, drawing and painting, listening to music and singing, flirting with cute guys but shes picky

Fears: Afraid of losing her friends, insecure about her popularity, afraid of spiders,afraid of harming her looks in any way.

Time at Camp:

Brief History of Before Camp: Veronika was always very individualistic. Being the youngest, she was spoilt and pampered. She had grown up to be really rebellious and dint care what people thought. Her parents had a very relaxed method of parenting but even they got frustrated when she got kicked out of three schools. Being really rich, they decided to then sent her to an exclusive boarding school, outside of London.
and tries to work hard but her love for partying gets in her way. She sneaks out often to party and hangs out with boys often.
She's really pretty and she likes to take advantage of this. Veronika has snuck out of her dorm often to meet boys in the common room and have fun. She believes life is all about having fun and wouldnt let anything get in the way of that. She once got caught sneaking out and lost her house some points. Neverhteless, she's really popular and everyone loves her cause she's a lot of fun, open minded and very accepting of people, she's also a good listener when she isnt being self obsessed.

Any other notes: (optional)

Role-play Example: (A minimum of 4 sentences!)
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