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Temperance, Zee

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Curiosity "Zee" Dean Temperance [Originally Aphrodesia Aura Laws]

Zee, City, Aura
30th of March
God Parent:
Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty [Yes, an evil Aphrodite Camper. Bask in her glory]
Mortal Family:

Father (Hunter Law): A wealthy business man, Hunter was the top of everything. Pristine and orderly, he followed rules that hadn't even been made yet. Of course, it meant he attracted a lot of attention from fame seeking, rich snobs. People who had no idea who he really was. It wasn't like they didn't care what he was like, but when someone that rich walks into the bar, people generally made a pass at him. Then that day came. The day he met the Goddess who changed his life. Aphrodite. And a one night stand led to a Baby on his doorstep nine months later.

    'My Dad? I don't really remember him. I remember his money, and shopping sprees that servants, sorry, staff brought me on. I remember that day when he let them send me away. He hurt me so bad. But then again, Mom hurt him, so oh well. She was the one person who never came back. And that annoyed him. He also hated me. Oh yeah, Zee was the girl he hated, while little Madison was the one who was loved more than anything.'

Madison Laws (Half-Sister): Zee's Sister, she was the child most cared for. Despite the small feeling of love she feel's to her Sister, Zee disregards that, and cares none for where or what she is. Feeling that Madison was to much like her Father, Zee feels like she shouldn't go near her, or get in touch with her. Madison has no idea where Zee was brought on her Fifth Birthday, and has been led to believe she was simply let live with her Mother.

    'Madison? I don't really remember her... Okay so I do. She was a pretty Baby. Not like, really pretty, but a lot prettier than oh say Babies that sit and sleep all day. She wasn't my style though. Too whiny, I disliked her a load. I mean, I suppose I love her a little. She's my Little Sister at the end of the day. That's why I refuse to see her, because I wouldn't be responsible for what I do.'

Years in Camp:
Three Years, Give Or Take

New York

Brief History:

    'My History? Not much to say. I was born. And given a name. Aphrodesia Aura Laws. And then about two years later Madison was born. And then on my fifth Birthday I was brought... well I was brought somewhere. And it was unpleasant for a long time, till I worked out how to cheat the system. Then it was even harder in a lot of ways. But soon I was out. And when the Satyr's found me, I was ready to go to Camp, and here I've been since. Yes, I know I skipped bits. But you don't need to know them...'

Born in 1997, Zee was born Aphrodesia Aura Laws by her rich, uncaring Dad.
Hunter had been a very successful business man. And he had been much more than that. A con-artist, fake document expert, seducer. Her had been everything, and nothing. Moving from business to business, but only to ones that provided a LOT of money to him. So he had it all. A large stately home just outside Miami. A car that had its very own driver… x6. So much money and holiday homes that he didn’t have any worries or needs. Except for love. The love of a Woman. Hunter had lived so long on his own, he had become without realizing… reclusive. The man who was revered among many criminals and innocents alike, had no-one to show his love to.
So the day he was found by Aphrodite, he couldn’t believe his luck. A rich, upper class “pub”, he was sitting at the bar when a pretty, caramel skinned Woman had sat beside him. She seemed the Woman of his dreams. Long, luscious brown hair, eyes so blue they looked like the sky, and a face to subtly perfect she was a natural beauty.
Not Aphrodite’s usual look, granted. She liked to be stylish, beautiful and all done up. But that night she hadn’t been expecting to meet this man who she actually did like.
She was interested in him, most definitely.
A fleeting one night stand and eight and a half months later, a knock at the large oak doors of his home made Hunter jolt awake and caught his undivided attention. He had almost forgotten about the girl. Almost, but not quite.
So the knock in the middle of a torrential storm meant he was, despite his charm, scared.
Silently, he had stood, walking slowly to the front door and carefully opening it. Rain and wind had nearly blew him back, and he looked around, wondering how on earth someone had made it to the door in this weather.
For a few moments, Hunter had thought it had been a trick of the storm. But just as he fought against the wound to turn and close the door, a small bundle on his doorstep caught his eye.
Picking it up, a shrill cry rang out, piercing the air as another slap of thunder and a fork of lightning lit the sky.
A Baby. Tiny, with such inquisitive grey blue eyes. She was wrapped tightly in a scarf that smelt faintly of perfume, a small pink teddy and a note clutched in her chubby Baby hands.

Dear Hunter Laws,
Our Baby. She must be cared for. Her fate has been woven, and I can only hope it is a mistake. Born in the heavens, in the middle of a storm, it does not bode well for her life after today. Care for her Hunter. She can only be gotten through what is to come with the love of a Family behind her.
Keep her close,
Aphrodesia XxX

Hunter came to the conclusion that this Woman was a raving Looney. And he also had doubts the Baby was his.
But looking into the Baby’s eyes, he knew it was true. So naming her after her Mother, Hunter tried his best.
A new Baby came just two years after Aphrodesia. But it was evident she was loved more. Madison Laws, Maddie for short was the perfect child. And his best…. He tried again.

His best just wasn’t enough. He believed there was something different about his children. Aphrodesia, or Aura, especially. Hunter spoiled his Daughter’s, bought them everything a child could want. But he wasn’t able to care for Aura. Maddie, sure. But Aura was something else entirely. His affections were shown through long shopping sprees, not by hugs and kisses. Hunter hired cooks, maids, nannies, the whole staff was replaced to cater for his Daughter’s.
None of it worked. He couldn’t convince himself that his eldest was a normal, happy-go-lucky child.
So on her fifth Birthday, Aphrodesia was left on the doorstep of an Asylum in New Orleans. Excuses were made in a letter, forged by the con-artist himself, and even though she looked so normal… the Doctors, Nurses, and Matron believed the lies.
The timid black haired girl could not get up the nerve to fight. Rejected by her own Father meant that the girl put up with the abuse, put up with everything, just because she didn’t like to speak out.
Because no name had been given for her, the Matron named her Curiosity, because when she wasn’t quiet, all she did was ask questions.
Five years, lots of drugs and an awareness on just how strange she was later, “Zee” stood blinking in sunlight she had only seen through musty windows for half her life.
Somehow, Zee found a way out of that place. Unknown how she did it, or how the matrons allowed it, but soon she was out in the sunlight for the first time in years.
But Aphrodesia Aura Laws had changed. She had steadily gone downhill, to the point the lies in a letter so long ago were quiet true.
Taking on the name Curiosity Dean Temperance, the small ten year old ran.
She ran until she couldn’t breath, and kept running.
Until finally, she was deep in New York City, after travelling nine days straight. It was dark, scary, and Zee was happy. At least she was out.
Breathing heavily, she had come across a “Tattoo” Bar, that offered illegal piercing.
And because she had no idea what she was walking into, Zee got her first piercing’s. A stud on the bone of her ear, and two studs in her earlobes.
Leaving there, woozy and sick, with so much pain she could barely stand, Zee was found by the first Satyr.
Named Luke, he had been tracking Zee for some time. Mostly because of the fact she had been let out of a Mental Hospital that he had been working in.
So he tried to talk to the young girl. Just Zee was scared of him, so scared that she picked up a broken bottle and threw it.
Luke died, breaking into Golden Dust, and Zee ran, trying to get away from the “Monster”.
It wasn’t long before she was found again, by none other than a Satyr called Wood. He took no nonsense, and held her down, making her listen.
When she was allowed up, Zee was timid again, and simply asked to be brought to the Camp had talked about.
Which is how she arrived at Camp Half-Blood. And Chiron, having heard about this girl before, sent word to her Father she was here.
Zee was in awe of the Camp, not caring that she was away from her safe place, or that she wasn’t claimed in the traditional way. She was put straight into the Aphrodite Cabin, and as soon as her foot touched the wood, the symbol appeared above her of a white dove.
So she was an Aphrodite Camper. And everyone found it funny, found that this strong girl who they had thought would be Ares, or some other sassy God had been an Aphrodite Child. That was when Zee started to break the mould. She hated the stereotype, and instead tried to break it and show that she wasn’t just someone obsessed with her looks.
Soon, she was allowed out on weekends and trusted enough to actually come back.
And soon, she had a nose stud, a lip stud, and a tongue piercing. One part of her hair died a blue, and her style changing into something that plainly said mess with me and you won’t live long enough to find out what happens,
So there she stayed. Alone, and left that way, Zee trained on her own, ate on her own, and lived for herself and no-one else.
Even when Hunter sent her a Credit Card, hoping to patch something’s up with his estranged Daughter, she didn’t care.
If anything, it made her desire for revenge more acute.

Physical Appearance:

    'What? Me? Oh my looks. I have natural black hair, dyed sometimes blue. I like studs, as seen by my piercing's. Maybe I like fashion. Yeah, I do. And I'm pretty, you know, cause Aphrodite is my Mom. She's the Goddess of Beauty, so yeah. Maybe cause of my Dad too. From what I remember, he was handsome. I'm really thin, and people always tell me I'm anorexic. But I'm not! I like to eat, just because of the amount of training and stuff means that I stay really thin.'

Zee could be described in one word as a pretty black haired girl.
Tanned, she is tall, with strong arms and build. Training has never been a stretch for her, and she barely breaks a sweat in an hour. Incredibly thin, she has been described as a stick more than once in her life. Its not that she doesn’t eat. In fact, she loves to eat. Junk food, good food, anything. Its just with the amount of training, and her own body shape, she doesn’t put on weight easily. Her stomach is flat, and she certainly has curves in the right places. One arms are flawless, except for her left, which has some large scars near her shoulder from an attack of a hellhound. It would have killed her, only an Ares Camper stepped in quickly. While her tan is even, she also gets burned easily, and isn’t one to sit around in the sunlight.
A pretty elfin face, she has strong cheek bones. Her eyes are almond shaped, a beautiful grey/blue, mixing both her Father’s and Mother’s colours. Carefully shaped eyebrows frame her eyes, and she hates them. In a moment of madness she plucked them, and now has to every few days or else their awkward and fuzzy. She has long eyelashes, that are usually lined in black, and her eyelids are also always done up. Zee’s lips are a light pink, that she usually darkens with tint. Her top lip is slightly out of balance to her bottom one. Zee also has a beauty spot, just over the right top lip. Her lip piercing is barely ever in anymore, but it was on the other side of her lip.
Zee’s hair is naturally black haired. A solid colour, its hard to believe when you see her. She alternated between a strip of blue, to her full head dyed two different shades, and its what makes her stand out in a crowd. Long, it falls to about below her shoulders, without any extensions. There’s a nice curl to it when she doesn’t straighten it, one that makes a few big curls instead of loads of small ones. She dislikes her hair for the simple reason it grows to fast and is expensive to dye. Zee also owns at least two beaney hats, her Panda one being worn a lot. She likes wearing the hat when she only has a strip of her hair coloured. This shows, because when she’s got the full hair coloured, she straightens and wears no hat. When she has her natural black with a streak of blue, she wears a hat and likes to keep it curly. A fringe was only recently cut into her hair, and she likes it now despite earlier hatred.
Her style is really anything. Loving stylish, baggy T-Shirts, she likes colours and prints that bring out her curves and looks. Jeans are mostly worn, although she does wear tracksuit bottoms when she’s having a bad day. Even with jeans, they have to be Skinny, even if they barely fit her. While she’s tall, she wears heels a lot of the time, to make her that little taller. She’s the kind of girl who needs everything to be perfect, as in, she would never dream of wearing plastic shoes or fake items. Its either real or nothing. A real designer handbag, a real designer outfit, she charges everything to her Dad’s Credit Card despite not wanting anything to do with him. Zee owns an old collage lettered jacket, that she has had for a very long time, and is barely ever seen without it. While she likes dark colours, blacks and deep purples, she also prefers white T-Shirts and such, because she likes to contrast between her hair and outfit. Jewellery is a big part of Zee’s life, and she has so many piercing and so many studs and such to go with each one. Blue and Purple are usually the ones worn however, and she is seldom seen with a different colour. Her hats are usually knitted, and from Primark. Zee’s style of shoes contradicts everything else about her. She likes worn converse, scuffed and easy to walk in, and she has about seven pairs.
Zee is known a lot for her hair colours and her piercing’s. And the second option equals a lot. She has two earlobes piercing’s, one small and one big. They hurt when she got them, but she never took them out and now wouldn’t be Zee without them. One stud is on the top bone of her ear, a blue that gives her a rebel look. As for her tongue, she has a tongue bar that alternates between luminous colours and blue. She has been asked before to take it out, because of the choking hazard, but if she has her looks, then forget about everything else. She doesn’t care if there’s a hazard to her health and life, as long as she looks hard and grim. Her lip piercing is barely ever worn, because with the appearance of her beauty spot she felt that she didn’t need it. Again, its blue or nothing with this piercing, and she often used to use it for an excuse to goof off. Zee’s final piercing is on her nose, the left side. It’s a small silver stud, that she only recently got.


    'Oh My Gods, what is with these questions? I'm strange I've been told. And I've been told I'm also a little cocky. Maybe I am. Can't you just like talk to me? It would make mine and your life so much simpler. I don't like talking about myself. You know, cause its all annoying getting into detail about my flaws and stuff.'

Zee could be called witty and sly. A strong fighter who knows no boundary’s, she cheats and scams just like her Father to the point she wins. A rebel, nothing makes her happier than to see people’s eyes grow wide when they find out that she’s a Daughter of Aphrodite.
She is also, quite insane. Living in an Asylum for a lot of her life, she grew solitary and reclusive, random and shy. People talk to her, and don’t even realize that her mind completely snapped, because her temperance and the like are perfect.
One of the reasons she has been called strange in her lifetime. Though most know she isn’t like others, no-one has been trusted enough to know about her Daddy and Asylum troubles.
She’s sly in so many ways people think she’s just being weird. Knowing things she shouldn’t, and knowing the people you love is one way she freaks you out, before you realize she holds some degree of power.
While her siblings are interested in hair and make-up, Zee couldn’t care less. She looks good, naturally, but instead cares for fighting and killing.
A vicious opponent, she kills without mercy, and knows just where to hit you.
An artistic person, Zee likes nothing better than to spend hours working on a painting, or a sculpture, or something else to express herself. So what if she express’s herself with blood and gore instead of flowers and pink?
Despite everything said, despite the fact she has a hardy girl exterior, Zee also has a soft side rarely seen.
Quiet, Timid and shy, while she meets new people easy, she also hates being around strangers.
Basically, contradicting herself a lot.
She could be described as the girl who boys are to scared of to get near. In all her life, exactly one boy has been interested in her, a boy named Scott, who broke her heart when he turned out to be leading her on.
Weak minded and easy to manipulate meant she fell for it, and became even worse than she had been.
She has grown a little uncaring about love, thinking it’s a waste of everyone’s valuable time, and she also shows no interest to anyone, despite her likes and dislikes. Family and friends hold no place in her heart, and she would just as soon run them through with a sword than talk to them.
Manipulation comes easy to her, caring for no-one but using words, and her looks to get exactly what she wants from someone. Actually, she’s known for it.
Charm comes easy to her, and carefully thinking through plans is something she is especially good at. Definitely not as smart as some of the Athena Camper’s, but certainly close to their IQ, it develops from one word into millions within seconds.
That’s another thing about her. While she is, for all intensive purposes, uncaring and insane, she knows right from wrong. She is intelligent. She does hold some love. Just she doesn’t show it. Zee prefers her own company, and will quickly retreat if needs be.
Right and wrong. She knows it, but also holds no feeling when she does the wrong thing. A plan is a plan, and so are mistakes.
She doesn’t care about the Satyr she killed, and doesn’t care she took his life.
Zee is the type of girl who flirts endlessly, knows she’s getting somewhere, and doesn’t care if the boy has a girlfriend. She teases, and knows just how to act to get a kiss. This has made her… well a lot of enemies, but she doesn’t care.
She's sarcastic, and loud, with strong opinions that she likes to get out. Everything is slightly beneath her, and she is just a loud mouthed person, who couldn't keep a secret if it was locked into a box and tied to her.
She is able to adapt so well to many different things, and has a great memory.

Fatal Flaw:

    'My Fatal Flaw? Em, aren't they supposed to be things that get you killed? So technically, I shouldn't know what mine is... go figure. You expect me to know mine though. Hm, maybe... I don't know. Find out another day maybe.'

Zee has many flaws. Lots of things that could get her killed.
Her most dangerous one is her own mind. She's not exactly the sanest cookie in the pack. While you can have a conversation with her, hang around with her, and basically think she's exactly like everyone else, she isn't. Her mind is something completely confusing to even her, and thoughts get changed when she tries to much to think them through.
Zee also has problems with her own Confidence. She believes she can kill any monster, deal with any problem, all on her own. Its something that has made her solitary and reclusive, preferring to fight on her own and stay on her own.
Loyalty is another big thing. She has none to anyone, but if she grows close to someone, she would protect them to the very last breath in her Body.
Zee is very manipulative, but easy to manipulate herself. She convinces easy, and while she can get her own way, she can't see through lies that have been spun.


Demigod Powers:


'Me? What other talent do you need but looking good? Oh fine. I'm good with my Knife I suppose. Able to throw it, fight with it, you know, yeah. I suppose I have a good memory to. And I can run fast, and climb good. Just general stuff. My looks though... their good. You know, cause of Aphrodite.'

Omnipotent allure: It means she's got this allure about her which is based purely on her looks. And how people perceive her.

Fashionista: A natural fashion expert, she knows just what goes with what. What shouldn't EVER see the light of day. Anything pertaining to Beauty, Zee knows about it.

Fluent French: Zee is able to speak and understand French, the Language of love. She is able to speak it fluently, and at random times starts speaking it, just to annoy.

Knife Throwing and Fighting: Zee’s strongest and easiest attack, which thank be the Gods doesn’t hold any major drawbacks but her own. A good aim, she is a vicious and strong fighter. Breaking the mould for Aphrodite Children was what she always tried to do without meaning to, and she has never stopped.

Photographic Memory: Does what it says. Zee is one of only a few who have a photographic memory, able to remember so much stuff that happened years ago it’s scary. Maybe that’s how she knows what her Father looks like, how her Sister looked like, and she still holds grudges.

Socialite: Zee is, actually pretty good at being around people. It’s her own issues that mean she isn’t the popular, cool one. Instead, she’s the freak everyone avoids but knows.


    'I like weapon fighting. I mean, everyone expects me to be like, a girl who sits on the sidelines and lets everyone else do the hard work. That's not true though. Some Aphrodite Camper's are better than others. Hint, the better ones are the ones who actually do work. But then again, I suppose each to their own. Just why would you like, not want to know how to fight? It could be the key to your survival.'

Zee, despite her parentage is talented with exactly three weapons. Knives, Bow and Arrow, and a Crossbow.
Her Knife was the first weapon she owned, a violent, curved thing. It is Celestial Bronze, with a break that nearly snaps the whole thing in two down the middle. A heavy black and red handle holds the blade. Zee was given it when she arrived at Camp, and it transforms into a silver ring barely noticeable on her right hand.
Her Crossbow was something she got herself. Wooden, its bulky and heavy. Mahogany and black, its a good weapon to have, with its Celestial Bronze tipped arrows. While it shoots arrows better, it also can shoot wooden bolts.
Her Bow and Arrow is a basic brown structure, with the same kinda arrows and tips. The string was recently snapped, and Zee is waiting for the Hephaestus kids to fix it.



  • Herself. At times she fears what she herself is capable of, and how far she's gonna push someone.
  • Being caught out. She is essentially evil, and she doesn't want anyone in camp to find that out. Yet.


  • Mental State
  • Hubris
  • She holds grudges
  • She cannot trust people

Year-Round or Summer:
Mostly a Year-Rounder...
RP Sample:

I wasn't trying to be noticed as I made my way into the room. It had been completely done up, and people were milling around.
They didn't look like they had any direction, any plan as of yet.
In the crowd I could see one of our Cabin Leaders, Iris.
Hm. Maybe it was a good time to walk in and be flamboyant. Or maybe it was a good time to duck and cover, because the younger Aphrodite Kids would love to throw things and start make-up wars or whatever it was kids did.
I was wearing my light snoopy tee, with plaid pants and comfortable slippers. I had a white cotton dressing gown, and a small, colorful bracelet tied around my left hand. My bag was a pretty skull and crossbones design, and was full of the things that I had decided to bring. My hair was completely dyed blue for the occasion, and I had my make-up done to a T.
When I had walked into the room, I had been able to sense that there was someone who was excited. Another person was nervous. Some were bored.
Well I was here now. Couldn't very well turn around and walk away.
'Bonjour, Bonjour! Quel magnifique chambre. Bravo à Jonathan, et bien sûr Iris! Vous avez tous deux fait un travail absolument incroyable,' I smiled hugly, walking into the room, closer to the others.
Then, switching to English, I looked around.
'Not many people here? Can't imagine why...'
Hm. Maybe I could just leave...
Nah. I wanted to see how this worked out.

Zee's color is SteelBlue.

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