Blythe Septavian~||~WIP

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Blythe Septavian~||~WIP

Post by Brony Briase on Wed Apr 17, 2013 6:03 pm

Name: Blythe Ignoramus Septavian

Nicknames: Bly

Age: 17 (1/21/1996)

Gender: Female

God/dess Parent: Janus

Hometown: Blythe and her twin brother, Ron, used to live in Virginia before moving to Camp Half-Blood permanently after their mother's death.

Mortal Parent(s): Jen Septavian~||~41~||~Deceased

Physical Description:
With self-cut shoulder length brown hair and a rather messy style in clothes, it's obvious that Blythe doesn't care much for her appearance. She stands at 5'8", with pale skin and layer of muscle that plays into to her rebel looks. Her thin face with arching eyebrows, two differently coloured eyes, and often a manic grin puts many people off. She also has a scar that runs the length of her right arm, a reminder of her first battle with a manticore, and she often times covers it up. You can usually find her in a Nirvana tee, though.

Blythe is a very agressive girl

Talents: (what are they good at?)

Weaknesses: (what are they bad at?)

Likes: (optional)

Dislikes: (optional)

Fears: (at least one.)

Time at Camp: Three years

Brief History of Before Camp: (A minimum of 5 sentences!)

Role-play Example: (A minimum of 4 sentences!)

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