hannah morrison {huge wip}

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hannah morrison {huge wip}

Post by Nico di Angelo on Fri Apr 19, 2013 10:22 pm

hannah morrison
camp year
hannah's dad was an internationally successful male model before the early conception of hannah. bradley hitz, or bradley morrison as the modeling world knew him, was just nineteen and fresh out of high school when he fell for aphrodite, an observer at one of his runway shows. bradley passed his modeling last name onto his daughter when he was left with her. he openly despised his real last name of hitz. bradley had always been fun loving and carefree, although rather short tempered and a bit ocd. he had a high tolerance for a lot of things before having a daughter, but after having hannah, he was often much more stressed, and eventually had to quit the modeling game while he was ahead.
physical appearance
fatal flaw
hannah is very codependent, and almost refuses to face something difficult alone.
hannah's eyes change color from blue to grey to green, to the occasional brown or purple if she concentrates hard enough, but other than this, hannah's only "powers" are her easy to style hair and pretty physical appearance, neither of which are real talents.
hannah doesn't like working alone. she's horrible at hand-to-hand combat. she's very concerned about how others view her and often makes stupid decisions because of this. hannah isn't very responsible and she takes after her dad in that she can be way too carefree. hannah doesn't have many talents because she was raised on the idea that looks would always been enough for her. she isn't the smartest girl, and although she isn't dumb, she can not be considered intelligent, which has always secretly bothered hannah. she doesn't take gossip very well, and she can be easily angered if you know how to make her tick.
hannah owns a collie puppy named harry.
rp example
Hannah lounged in her pool chair, trying not to look too unnerved by the odd things she was witnessing happen at her party. Guys making unwanted moves on girls, drunken kisses, and skinny dipping. Weirdest of all, her crippled friend Zion was taking off his pants behind her chair. "Zion, what the hell dude, I'm not like that," she whispered through gritted teeth, trying to keep up her pleasant socialite appearance.

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