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Post by Vinius on Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:48 am


As you can see, this site's brand-spankin' new! So it's a little bit bare. We promise, after this, no nudes. But until then, sit tight as Finch eats BBQ chips, and Crispy actually works productively to get things done behind the scenes! Also, a huge thank you to Sapphire for making the site banner. She's a beautiful, beautiful person and you should all probably kneel at her feet. <3

Thanks to Crispy, the cabins are now up! And we'll be filling in the rest of the missing parts of CHB as we go c: I haven't quite decided where i'll be dropping us plot wise... I quite like the Kronos plot and don't particularly want to get Romans involved, but who knows?

Anyway, within the next few days you'll probably see the site fill out a little bit. We'll be inserting the Big House, the Mess Hall, the Bathrooms, the Rock Wall, the Chariot Track, etc. etc. etc. to CHB. I'll also have up the rules and character creation form! Hopefully the shop site will soon follow.

So that's it for now. Back to eating chips for me. Poot Wizard, AWAAAAAAAAAY.


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