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  • Akakios Narcissus Southers
    "My dad loved ancient Greece, so he deemed it appropriate to name me with two greek names. 'Akakios' means 'innocent', and 'Narcissus' means 'sleep', so I'm guessing I looked particularly adorable when I was tucked up in my cot."

  • Kai

  • Seventeen ; 21 / 04

  • Male

Goddess Parent:

  • N/A

  • Athens, Attica, Greece
  • Austin, Texas, United States of America
    "Well, when I was a kid, like, until I was six years old, me and dad lived in Athens. He was a smart guy, worked at the university there teaching English. Athens was really cool place to live; the people were great, the culture was great, the history was great. It was all great. Then when I was six, dad got offered a job working as a lecturer of ancient history and cultures at Texas University in Austin. He couldn't resist. His parents lived in Austin, and he was from the US originally. He really wanted to get back to his home roots, y'know? Anyway, I was sad to leave Athens, but it was an adventure. 'Sides, you know what they say about Austin; we're the weird part of Texas."

Mortal Parent:
  • Casey Southers - Father - 40
    "Dad never really had the time to go out womanizing. I mean, he had a few girlfriends when he was younger and we first got here, but he never really found someone to settle down with. He likes his work too much, and I'm glad that I can help him with it, and learn alongside him sometimes, otherwise we'd not spend much time together. We're cool though."

Physical Description:
  • The thick-framed glasses needed to help his vision suggest that yes, Akakios has slightly been tinted by the 'Austin Hipster' look, although he doesn't like to admit it.
    "HEY! I just like the vintage look. Old is interesting, right?"
    Well, that's what he says to pacify himself. More obvious details, he's Caucasian, with a slight olive tint to his tanned skin, from both his mother's heritage and the Texan sun. Look behind the glasses and you'll find a pair of teal eyes, framed by dark lashes. His hair is brown, and kept out of his eyes at all times.
    "Nothing is more annoying than having stray hairs blocking your vision when you're reading."

  • Akakios can be noted to be very cautious; he doesn't enjoy taking risks, or acting rashly. He would rather sit down and plan ahead rather than running head first into predicaments or plots. Maybe it's just his mother's penchant for strategy, or just his own boring, safe lifestyle, but he prefers it that way.
  • Kai can also be quite witty. He might not act like a clown, and likes to keep the self-ridicule down to a minimum, but his tongue is sharp and can retort fluidly with ease. A more sophisticated humour than falling over on purpose, or earning a pie to the face.
  • Despite being highly logical, he gets easily confused when presented with issues outside of his comfort zone. Spontaneous
    requests also throw him off a little, working better after having a while to think rather than go straight into working it out.
  • Another factor that some may view as being negative [[and certainly more sinister than confusion]] is that he is ruthless. Akakios lacks a certain social skill which takes into consideration the feelings of others. He is ruthless, and doesn't take into consideration other people when devising plans. He doesn't mean to be mean, it's just not in his nature to be thoughtful.
  • Another thing to mention, although this isn't so much to do with his personality, is that he's shortsighted and has trouble seeing without his glasses. This can make him feel very frustrated.

  • Strategy; Akakios is very talented at coming up with strategical and tactical plans, plotting with a cold mind, focussing solely on logic and determination. However, sometimes he doesn't factor in the human element of warfare.
  • Intelligence; Being a son of Athena, it's pretty much a given that Akakios would possess higher than average intelligence. I mean, come on.
  • Speed; Despite not being overly athletic, when putting his mind to it, Kai can be a decent runner, with natural speed.

  • Inhumane; Akakios often lacks the ability [as I've mentioned before] to factor in the human element to life, often oblivious to others feelings and emotion, meaning that he offends and makes unnessecary enemies easily, due to his lack of understanding.
  • Technophobic; Not much to say about this one. Computers and the like seem to just... explode around him.
  • Godmod; Kai prefers to be dominant than to be walked over in the dust. Whilst this means he can take charge of a situation, it can have negative concequences, as his leadership is generally ruthless and tyrannical.

[list][*]Risk; Akakios is quite adept at the strategy board game, often wiping the floor with his fellow opponants.

Dislikes: (optional)

Fears: (at least one.)

Time at Camp: (how many years or months at chb?)

Brief History of Before Camp: (A minimum of 5 sentences!)

Any other notes: (optional)

Role-play Example: (A minimum of 4 sentences!)


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