Drachma Q & A (suggested read!)

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Drachma Q & A (suggested read!)

Post by Vinius on Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:45 pm

What are drachmas?
Drachmas are the site currency.

How do I get drachmas?
You receive them primarily through role playing. When you role play, you get:
  • 1 drachma per post
  • 3 drachmas per topic

You can also receive drachmas through contests. When we announce the contest, we will tell you the drachma prize. Each contest varies in the amount of drachmas you can receive. These are primarily held in the OOC and announcement forums, but occasional a contest will be held spontaneously in the chatbox. Look out for quizzes!

Missions are another way to receive drachmas. If an admin requires a photoshopped banner for the site, or an HTML layout for a contest, etc., they may send a private message to a member known to specialize in the field titled, "Mission." The mission will explain the required details, as well as the reward. Those who successfully accomplish their missions within the allotted time will get some sort of prize from the admins, most likely drachmas, as well as a spot in the "Book of Legends." Remember, if you've receive a mission and do not want to do it, you are able to decline it!

You also get a drachma per suggestion topic.

Other members can wire drachmas to you as well, if they so choose. But there will be no begging for drachmas. Anyone found begging for drachmas will be given a warning. The process of another member giving you drachmas, is that the person giving away the drachmas notifies an administrator, saying, "I would like to give -this- much to -this- user." The administrator will then go to the receiver of the drachmas, and ask if it's acceptable. If the user agrees, then the admin will make the trade.

Finally, members can earn drachmas by doing art/writing related commission for others on the site. Within the Drachma shop forum, you are allowed to set up a shop, where you may sell your characters, draw, or write for another member. You set up your own shop and choose your own price, so the amount of drachmas is up to you.

Where do I spend them?
You can spend them at the official store, or you can spend them at a member's private shop.

What are official site items?
Official site items are things that only administrators can sell you, such as a character of the big three, a special weapon, or another character slot. While other members can make characters for you, if you don't have another open character slot, you may not use them.

What are all the items that you can only get from the official shop?
  • A big three character
  • An extra character slot
  • A character power
  • A child of a Titan
  • Special Armor
  • Special weaponry
  • An account name change
  • A quest
  • Cabin Leader Status for one of your characters
  • A child of a minor God
  • An exotic pet level 1
  • An exotic pet level 2
  • An exotic pet level 3
  • An exotic pet level 4
  • An exotic vehicle
  • A customized Rank
  • A hunter of Artemis
  • An extra dodge (event item)
  • An extra attack roll (event item)
  • A health potion (event item)
  • Backup Whistle (event item)

And don't forget, more items may be added to the list! Remember to check over what you can and cannot buy from the official drachma shop before each purchase.

How do I buy something from the official Drachma Shop?
Simple! In the shop thread, you simply make a post using this form:


What are event items?
Items that can only be used when specified by the admins in particular events! Primarily quest boss fights and cabin battles. These items are only available for one week before such an event occurs, and only to those who are partaking in said events! It wouldn't make much sense for anyone else to buy them, seeing as they can't be used elsewhere.

Why is the price different than last time?
If we notice an item is extremely popular and being bought too frequently, we may raise the prices. Likewise, if there is an item rarely being bought, the price may be lowered. Prices will also fluctuate with the amount of drachmas we're giving out at a time, for instance, if we do a lot of contests and give a ton of drachmas out, we may raise the prices a hair to keep from getting overloaded with requests.

Have any other questions? Post below, and an admin will answer them for you!

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