Adelaide Alto (Work in progress)

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Adelaide Alto (Work in progress)

Post by Pandanote on Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:27 am

Adelaide Georgina Alto

Addie, Double A, and Alto.

Sixteen; 16


(What does your character look like? a minimum of 5 sentences!)

(where did your character spend most of their life? If Camp Half blood, give a brief explanation of why.)

Athena goddess of wisdom, battle strategy.

(their names. Any other information you wish to add about them. mortal parents)

(how many years or months at chb?)

(A minimum of 5 sentences!)

(optional: list 3)

(optional: list 3)

(at least one.)

(How does your character act? A minimum of 5 sentences! Please include at least two flaws!)

(Powers must be purchased from the official drachma shop. If you've bought a power, note that here, as well as an explanation of your approved power. N/A other wise)

(what are they good at?)

(what are they bad at?)

(anything else left out)

(A minimum of 4 sentences!)

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