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Jane Arkansaw

Post by Slender on Wed May 01, 2013 5:46 pm

Name: Janet (pronounced SHA-net) Nikolai Arkensaw

Nicknames: Jane: The name that everyone who got close to her called her, only her father called her by her real name. Well that and her ex-boyfriend. She doesn't like it when people use her real name over this name.

Phantom: the name she calls herself in her diary, and what she will tell people before she decides a course of action to deal with them.

Age: 16, born April 30, 1997

Gender: Female.

Goddess Parent: Her mother is the Greek goddess Melinoe. She is an underworld goddess and the deity of ghosts, guilt, and paranormal activity. In some myths she as seen as a sister to Hecate, though many transcripts are unsure of exactly who Melinoe is related too. She is usually described as a pale, dark haired goddess that lives in a cave in the underworld. She has the uncanny ability to take the image of the one who makes you feel guilt the most, such as someone you could've saved or a girl/boyfriend you cheated on. It is like the sirens ability, but she does not sing like the demons of the sea of monsters.

Claimed: Seeing that she's 16, yes she is claimed.

Powers: Janet has no natural powers

Hometown: Janet is from a small community outside of Hartford, Connecticut. She was not well known, and the few who got to know her, all but one is dead or missing. She grew up nearby to an insane-asylum, where her father stayed.

Mortal Parent: Samuel Manu Nikolai Arkensaw, born of pure Russian parents, and lived in Northern California most of his life. He commonly reported seeing the supernatural as a child. He was a strong believer in both nazi fascism and communism throughout his life, speaking against America. He was a heavy drug user, eventually murdering several of his friends while high, thinking them to be monsters. He was committed to an insane-asylum outside of Hartford, Connecticut, where the place specialized with people such as him. He attracted the attention of Melinoe, the goddess of guilt, ghosts, and such, while in the institution. They had a single daughter, who was forced to live in an orphanage until she was eight when he got out. However he went back into the asylum two years later, and will never get out.

Physical Description: Janet has a very.....unique look to her. She stands at about five feet, eight inches tall and weighs in at around one hundred and fifty two pounds. She has extremely pale skin due to the unfortunate events that she had with various household chemicals and fire. Her skin is such a white color that it seems that it glows in faint light. Her eyes are black, and they seem to have no pupil, simply pitch black spots where her eyes should be, making her look only that much scarier. This is one of the reasons she wears a hooded sweatshirt, so no one can see her face. Her body is curvaceous, and thinner at her waist, but she does have a bit of muscle on her. She is not flat chested, she does have a little more on her chest, but they aren't extra large, and in many cloths that she wears, it is hardly noticeable. She has jet black hair, that is naturally curvy and sometimes is tinted with crimson from blood. Her hair reaches down to just past her shoulders, and is smooth like glass.

Personality: She's not a very sociable person, often staying away from people, not in fear exactly, but in the worry that they will contact the authorities to her. Antisocial at any cost, including murder reveals that she does not have many, if any friends. She is easily agitated though, and if you say certain things she will storm over and kill you, not joking. She is only her old self when she is alone, the average happy girl, though, knowing she will never be normal keeps her depressed no matter what. She does not like boys much anymore, or overly optimistic people, she finds them annoying and useless, saying optimism is a sentence of death in her opinion. Flirty, snobby, or just people in general make her mad, agitated, or perhaps murderous, it all depends on what you say and how you act around her. Also your appearance may set her off. She likes to be alone and read, swim, and sometimes even fish with fishing gear she can make herself. Her favorite song is 'i dont care' by the band NE1O i Believe is the correct name. Her preferred weapon is a German steel kitchen knife, two of them actually, and two celestial bronze machetes. Her major flaws are that she is highly antisocial, and major anger management now, as well as she is a perfectionist in many things she does, including murder. And if I may add, if you make her mad....RUN AND DON'T LOOK BACK!

Talents: Janet is good at fighting with a knife now, after practicing for hours on end after her incident. She is handy with a bow, as well as a staff and gun, but usually only carries a collapsible staff and a German steel kitchen knife. She has a talent for reading and understanding quickly, as well as writing down ideas and plotting the slow painful demise of people who make fun of her. She is a wonderful singer, though she hardly shows it and loves to dance, but not in public.

Quick thinking is a talent of hers, as well as holding her mouth shut and staying away from fights and arguments, though once and a whole she will join it. Freshwater fishing as well as gutting a fish are some of the talents she taught herself while staying alone in the woods. Survivalist is a word that could describe her I guess. That and psychopathic murderess.

Weaknesses: She is horrible at socializing, usually avoiding it at ANY cost. She's not very athletic either, and won't touch sports equipment. Another weakness is that her main comeback at being bullied is fighting, and she does not speak properly at most times. She will try to, once or twice. She is also deathly afraid of fire, alcohol, and bleach.

Likes: She likes being alone, being in the dark and reading stories that would scare or cause other people to become paranoid. Lemon sorbet and Dr. Pepper are some of her favorite treats, as well as caramel. Her favorite music is sort of a metal/punk variety, though she does like some modern pop artists. Also as crazy at it seems for a girl like her, she likes Marilyn Monroe, and anything she starred in. She also likes small flowing bodies of water such as a stream r creek or river where she can be alone, as she likes to bathe in the fresh water. Observing the night sky often brings peace to her corrupted mind, so many times she likes to sleep outside and observe the stars and galaxies that reside so far away.

Dislikes: She does not like crowds, or people surrounding her in general. She hates chocolate, broccoli, and really any green vegetable. Rap music and indie, as well as dubstep are also on her hate list. She dislikes the central government of many countries and occasionally wears a shirt that speaks out a country of some sort. She hates over optimistic and hyper people, as well as the ones who want to be friends with everybody. Superhero talk is another one if her peeves, she can't stand nerds of any time for the most part. She does not like salt water at all, or the beach in general.

Fears: Anyone who isn't afraid of her is her biggest fear. Another fear is that one day her ex-boyfriend will come back and kill her. Even his name will cause her to shiver and draw her knife. She is afraid of fire, bleach, and alcohol, of any sort and in any form.

Time at Camp: Two months, One week, and Four days.

Brief History of Before Camp: Janet Nikolai Arkensaw was born in a small community outside of Hartford Connecticut to the parents of Melinoe, the Greek goddess of ghosts and guilt and Samuel Manu Nikolai Arkensaw, a convicted psychopath who was in an insane-asylum at the time. Since her mother left her outside of her fathers cell she was given to the nearby orphanage and grew up there. She was a popular girl, always making friends and having fun, not a care in the world as she grew up. She loved to sing and dance, as well as to tell jokes and just hang out. Often she would help around the orphanage, repairing it in the spring, stocking the pantry in the winter and generally helping out in the place, becoming respected and loved. Then she turned 8, and her father was released from the asylum.

Her father rented a small apartment with only a few rooms, not even good electricity or plumbing in the place. Still, he managed enough money to get her to keep going to school, but she never saw him work. However, she never asked as she behaved very well. She did the same things as she did at the orphanage, stocking the food and fixing the small apartment. This went on for two years, and she was happy as she ever was, making new friends and things. However when she was ten years old, perhaps four or five months after her birthday she was cleaning up the house while her father was out and she found a secret door she had never found before in the small room where the old school television was. She managed to open it, after busting the lock and opened it. It was dark inside, but her curious nature made her find a way to see. She grabbed a flashlight and made her way into the secret room, only to find it full of strange, large, black bags. Cautiously she went to one and unzipped it, only to find the gruesome torn up corpse of a human she couldn't recognize. She screamed, running back to the phone and calling the authorities. They arrived and found twenty other bodies of recently missing people from all around the state.

Her father was sent back to the asylum and she was sent back to the orphanage. She had to have trauma treatment for two years because of that day when she found her fathers victims. She forgot about all of the bad stuff by the time she became a teenager, at thirteen. Soon after that, as well as being a straight A student and a brilliant help throughout the orphanage she desired to start dating, and it wasn't long until she started dating a school hotshot, named Jeffery. They dated for two years, when something horrible happened to her and her boyfriend, putting them against each other.

She and Jeff went to a party, along with other people from school, and it all went well for Jane. However, Jeff got in a fight to protect Jane and life changing things happened. During the fight he got covered in bleach and alcohol, and then lit on fire. The results caused him to become a pale faced freak, and his mind was twisted into one of a psychopath. He slit his mouth to make his smile wider and burnt out his eyelids. He also devised a plan to make Jane like him so they would be perfect and she would be 'beautiful'. He asked her to come over to his house for dinner one night, and thinking everything was ok she went. It was not alright. When she went inside she was instantly knocked out.

When she awoke she was tied to a chair at the dinner table, staring over at the dead members of Jeff's family, recently murdered by Jeff himself. Jane struggled to get out, but she couldn't. Jeff soon entered with alcohol and bleach and told her his plan. He poured it all on her and lit her on fire. However, he alerted the fire department an fled, leaving her to be saved. She awoke in the hospital as the person she currently is, bent on revenge and a murderess that showed no mercy. After murdering several people in the town she left for New York and found camp, but not many people know of her there, she tends to stay alone.

Pets: No pets remaining under her care at this time, all of her last pets died or were killed while she went into a rage.

Role-play Example: I walked down a path in the forest that resided on part of the camp I was basically forced to stay at. My black hair, as well as my face were hidden by my navy blue sweatshirt, something I ha picked up last time I was in New York, the reason why it said 'go Yankees' across the upper left side in small print. My eyes searched the uneven terrain ahead of me, my hand closed around the handle of my machete, the celestial bronze one I had stolen from the armory when I had first arrived at camp. Experience had told me to be armed at all times, no matter what and I was typically armed like I was now, two machetes and my prized knife. The leather grip of my more used machete for my pale white palm as I walked closer and closer to my destination; the river. I always admired the river, how it flowed no matter what happened around it. The river was like life, life overcomes rapids, obstructions, and many other things that resides in it's bed. Sometimes it's calm, or rough. She couldn't help but grin eerily at the thought, a river was also a weapon. Blood could be washed off a sword, bodies could be swept to see and you could kill someone by smashing them into a rock or holding them under water, until their lungs fill with water and they drown.

She chuckled as she reached the side of the river, some rocks extruding from it's glassy surface, some my hidden under the water, ready to slip up the unfortunate campers with bad footing with such a river that contained a hidden current. Her ears were filled with the sound of rushing water and she looked upstream to see the white water bubbling off the rocks that created rapids. She smiled, alone, the sound of water, and not a thing wrong in her life at the moment. She quickly took off the navy blue sweatshirt, carefully folding it and setting it on a sun-dried rock as she did. Next came her dark gray boots, and then her pants, all being neatly put on the rock. She only wore a bloodstained tank top, and her some shorts she had slipped on, so she wasn't in her underwear. She slowly stepped into the water, her knife still on her belt as she watched the cool, calming water wash over her ankles. She sighed, enjoying the feeling as she went to the middle of the river where a rock stuck out of the water. She lay on that rock, on her stomach as she looked upstream, listening and looking at the rapids. It was as if she was trying to tan, even though it was impossible now. She didn't care, the sun made her back feel warm and made her feel just a little more normal.

Soon she got tired of just laying around and dipped her toes back into the water, causing ripples to spread out, fish to flee into holes concealed everywhere in the water. That have her an idea and she grabbed her fishing like she had made and kept hidden out from underneath some rocks. Carefully finding a worm, she baited the hook and threw it in, waiting for a freshly spawned trout to take the bait.

A strange sight it was, an unusually pale girl who no one knew, wearing only shorts and a tank top fishing all by herself. Though if anyone tried to come they wouldn't see her eyes, just her back, the bloodstained tank top and her her black hair that flowed barely past her shoulders.

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Re: Jane Arkansaw

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