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Suggestions Rules

Post by Vinius on Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:01 am

Hello! This is the suggestions box, where you post your ideas of what would make the site better! While there are a few subjects that I've created personally and will not budge on, most parts of the site are up in the air, and with enough support, may be considered by the administration! Neat, huh?

Now, while the site rules still apply to this forum, we have two more:

  • try not to suggest the same thing as somebody else. If you find that someone already has the same idea, just go to their topic and support it! c: That's about it, really. Staff will be keeping an eye on the suggestions forum, and if there are a lot of people who want to see it happen, it just might!
  • Keep it within the realm of Camp Half Blood possibility, unless it relates to the Alternate Universe forum. But if your suggestion is to make Camp Half Blood its own flying continent, well, that's not going to really be considered, as it isn't in-tune with what Rick had idealized.

So that's all. If your suggestion abides by those two rules, then post away, and let everyone give you feedback.

Happy suggesting,

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