Quotation Station!

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Quotation Station!

Post by spaceraiderz on Thu May 02, 2013 2:58 pm

Well, this is a game that me and my friends (yes, I do have friends) play on the way home from school and other such things.
So, what happens is someone posts a quote from a song, and then the next person along has to guess what the quote is from.
Yes, you are allowed to use Google to find the answer.
Here's an example of what you do.

Person One : "The sea is buried in defeat, I walk along these no-name streets."

Person Two : Walking Disaster, Sum 41.
"L.I.F.E . G.O.E.S . O.N"

Person Three : Life goes on, Noah and the Whales?

I guess I'll start then! :D

"‘Cause I think I mighta heard she maybe sorta liked me
And since she wasn’t cool enough I guess I took it lightly
Had braces and glasses and wasn’t Ms. Popular
And so I didn’t really give a thought to her


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