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Post by Vinius on Mon May 06, 2013 12:54 am

Alright, a few announcements! The banner shelf has been tucked away in arts and crafts, if anyone cares to go look. It serves the same function as the book of legends, though dedicated specifical to official site art. uwu

The fanfiction contest has come to an end and there's nothing to judge because nobody participated. :I I'm rather disappointed in that; apparently we aren't ready for events yet.

Too bad I threw one at you anyway. You can check the Lottery section of the forum and read the updates there and purchase your ticket. Hopefully some people will partake, since that one's relatively easy!

Several prices have been changed in the official drachma shop, including event item cost going down, an bundles going up but technically still down, because another piece of the bundle was added. The bundle will now include Exotic pets!

Also in the Drachma Shop section, I've completed the description of every item! If you have any questions, feel free to post them there or pm them to me, if you'd prefer, and I'll be sure to answer them. uwu Yes, your character can now purchase an ice cream truck. ;D

Currently we are looking for someone to give the Twitter mission to--though this would be a long term mission, and require your attention every few days! It's vital to spreading the word of our forum, which means more members, characters, and rp! And we've established with the tumblr that I'm pretty clueless with that. :D /shot

For a (likely) limited time we will also awarding drachmas to those who advertise the site on their twitter/tumblr/facebook/etc.! An easy 200 drachmas for you, and entirely optional. advertise our site, make us look good on your blog/thing/whatever, and we hand you 200 drachmas. C: Limit of once a week on any given social network site, so that it isn't abused. uwu To collect your drachmas, pm me a screenshot of your advertising, as well as a link to it, and i'll throw the monies in your account. :D Simple, no? And remember, this is probably only going to be for a limited time--though it hasn't been decided when we'll stop. I suppose that depends on how it goes, if we get members, etc. uwu experimenting for science.

If you're looking for another fanfic contest, there will be one next month most likely--with a new character subject. :P

On a completely unrelated note, the sales guide is up and missing only two sales, which you don't have to worry about until next October. :P But! There will be a sale starting tuesday, so read up on that and get your discounted items~

We'll also be introducing guilds, run by you, the members, so be on the look out for that in the drachma shop! Keep in mind that there will be rules, and this is a trial. If things go awry too often, the ability for members to run guilds will be taken away, or the guilds will disappear altogether. So we'll see what happens!

It has also been requested that members keep in mind the character sheets on their profiles. Add your characters and keep them up to date for the convenience of your rp partners, please.

Once we hit 35 registered members and get 15 characters approved, we'll begin discussing the first Pegasus event that isn't monthly, so be on the look out for that~

Finally, I'd like to incorporate member of the month. To nominate someone, fill out this form and pm it to an admin:

Who should be MotM: [inert username]
Their Nickname: [insert most common nickname, or just their username if you aren't sure]
Why should they be MotM: [insert reasons! The more the better]

You can nominate anybody who isn't a moderator or administrator. You have until Wednesday, May 15th, 11:59 EST to nominate someone. A poll with each admin approved nominee will go up shortly after. **Keep in mind that admin approved is very loose. Basically, if you're not lying about the things they've done, i.e. saying someone made the background of the site when we know they didn't or something, we'll let them in!

Members will then vote who they think should be member of the month. The person chosen will have a spotlight in an announcement towards the end of the month, with their nomination description, and receive 500 drachmas. c:

So that was big announcement, but I think everything has been covered for now. As always, post in the suggestions topic, or ask questions here, whatever. And get involved! Half of the forum is untouched, you shy babbies. Finish your characters and explore~ lazeplz

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Post by Sapphire on Thu May 30, 2013 2:38 am


we just need 9 more members ouo

and if you try to find me n o w
i'm in all the echoes that have faded out.

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