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Taylor Brooks || daughter of khione

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PROFILE | No. 002
• Taylor Lilian Brooks
• Sixteen years of age
• Female
• Born May 29, 1996
• Born in Juneau, Alaska

• Father: Jason Brooks
• Mother: Khione
• Status: Claimed
• One year in camp

Registered Pet/s: None
"All modesty aside, I'll admit that I've been told that I'm hot. Which is kinda ironic, me being a daughter of the ice goddess. Er... what else do you wanna know? I'm a short blue-eyed redhead. What? Do I have to explain what those words mean? Short as in not tall, blue as in the color, and red as in the... other color. Ugh, why the hell am I doing this..."
With her flaming red hair alone, Taylor is sure to turn heads when she walks into a room. She used to be blonde and proud of it, until one of her friends dared her to dye her hair red. Needless to say, the color stuck and she now likes to dye her hair in striking shades of red and orange. More often than not, she styles her hair up in a ponytail to keep it from getting on her face. Her hair is her most outstanding feature, clashing with her pale complexion. She doesn't tan easily despite how light her skin is, although that may be because of how she avoids the sun's hot rays like a plague.

Taylor has a diamond-shaped face with a cute playful quality to it that makes her look younger, yet also contains adult-like feminine traits that lets people know that they are not dealing with a pre-teen. She has a slightly prominent chin but it is not the kind that stands out, and the most it does is give people the impression that she is determined and confident. Her eyes are close-set, partially hidden by her sideswept fringe. A light shade of blue, they are almond-shaped and framed with long blonde lashes which she dyes a darker brown to emphasize her eyes. Likewise, her originally blonde thin eyebrows have been dyed red to match her hair. Her broad nose is nothing special, not as eye-catching as her lips. Although not as full as she would have liked, Taylor’s lips are quick to stretch in a wide grin. This action, much to her annoyance, exposes her teeth in full view. The gap between her two front teeth bothers her a little. She would have gotten braces if they weren’t so expensive.

Taylor sports an okay height of 5'4", leaning a little towards the shorter side, but it goes well with her slim frame. Being in camp has improved her looks to an extent. She has strong muscles on her arms and legs. She had engaged into daily exercise and healthy living after learning that she was a demigod, knowing that keeping herself in tip-top shape would help her odds in life-and-death situations. Even so, she is unable to avoid all the accidents and mishaps that come with the package of being a half-blood, and she has a living reminder of it in the form of a faded jagged scar running from her left knee to her ankle. Taylor can tell you how bad it is to be on the wrong end of a Stygian iron scythe.

People can tell how confident Taylor is despite her size just by looking at her. She walks with her chin up, chest out and stomach in—projecting a strong aura of confidence. Even with how she carries herself, Taylor will not strike you as a fashionista. She prefers simplicity to extravagance and as such wants nothing more than a simple shirt and a pair of jeans to wear. She doesn’t wear much make-up either. Taylor is usually spotted donning a t-shirt matched with a pair of skinny jeans and white Converse. She does have a little tomboyish streak in her, absolutely refusing to wear dresses unless it is her wedding day.

Hayley Williams

"Ooh, this is interesting. Well, to start off, I'm not your average girl. For one, the clothes' store is the last place you'd ever find me in. I have zero aptitude in make-up or any of that kind of stuff. Things like skateboarding and snowboarding are more of my style. Or gaming, I won't say no to that either. Well, to tell the truth, I hardly say no to any kind of challenge, dare or whatever. I'm Taylor Brooks, up for absolutely anything. I dare you to stand in my way. I dare you."
People describe Taylor to be very confident, sometimes to the point of vanity. She is the type of person who isn't afraid to take risks, a trait she inherited from her father. She has the guts to face a problem head-on and isn't afraid to resort to physical violence when the situation calls for it. In an instance where a small trouble starts escalating into a bigger argument, she might resort to using colorful words before she starts using her fists. She is a tough shell to break, but people hardly guess that she masks a more vulnerable self underneath it all.

She's quite a tomboy, being the type of girl who prefers skateboarding to shopping. She's game for almost any outdoor activities--tree climbing, skating, pretty much anything, really. If for some reason she isn't allowed to go outside, she will resort to video games. You will never ever find Taylor dabbling in makeup. You will be hard-pressed to find her in a dress either.

While she may be friendly, deep inside she quickly judges people and relies heavily on first impressions. At first glance, she is already deciding whether you will be her friend or her enemy. And if you end up in her bad side in your very first meeting, it will take a lot to get her to change her opinion of you. As such, she will do her best to be in her best behavior when she's meeting someone for the first time, unless she has already decided that that person will end up ticking her off for the rest of her life.

She is also a stubborn girl, and if she makes a mistake, she wouldn't back down even if she realizes that she is wrong. That makes it hard for her to apologize for her wrongdoings. She is also very indecisive and impulsive. She will jump into things without thinking long and hard about them, then almost always regrets it afterwards. So basically, she has lousy decision-making skills and will not apologize if she happens to land everyone in a complicated mess.

Taylor is not good at awkward situations. She tends to stumble in her words and can end up not making any sense, if ever. But in cheerful and jovial instances, she uses sarcasm and wit to crack jokes. She doesn't like it when people start making fun of her or her friends, and she isn't one of those people who will just ignore them if that happens. She will snap back when you throw an insult at her face, and not before long you will find yourself talking to a girl with a very colorful dictionary.

She can be very cruel when she's pissed off. She has come close to killing people before and has not regretted it much--believing that she hadn't done lasting damage to anyone. Taylor can also be rather impatient, so it doesn’t really take long for her to go into a snappy and irritated mood. Make her wait and she'll kill you--well not really kill (maybe), but what she will do will put you a hair's breadth from it.

"What weaknesses?"
Even with confidence being her greatest strength, it also doubles as her greatest weakness. Taylor doesn't know her limits and tends to push herself too much. She also takes on things that she cannot handle. Her overconfidence is something that leads her into the stickiest and most troublesome of situations. She simply doesn't know when to keep her head down.

Although she is handy with her sword, Taylor fails at using any other weapon. Bows-and-arrows are the bane of her existence. Her aim is so lousy that it would be safer to be her target than an innocent person just passing by when she is practicing.

She doesn't have a strong stomach. She can't really stand the sight of blood, organs, or any other gory stuff well and it will cause her to throw up more often than not.

Taylor is also bad at brain twisters, mind puzzles and board games like chess. Instead of being enjoyable, they are rather frustrating for her.

Being slightly boyish, Taylor doesn't really know how to shop, apply make-up and do other girly things.

  • Fun
  • Outdoors and Outdoor Activities
  • Winter
  • Ice Cream
  • Action

  • Awkwardness
  • Dramas
  • Sappy romantic movies
  • Crying
  • Ares kids
  • Planes - riding them makes her sick

Taylor fears weakness, failure, and ghosts. She tries to cover it up with a tough front but that doesn't make her any less scared. She especially hates being viewed with weakness, even though she is not as invulnerable as she tries to look.

Fatal Flaw:
Overconfidence. Taylor overestimates herself and tends to take on things she can’t handle.

Talents and Skills
Taylor is a natural at swordsmanship. She has a three-foot celestial bronze sword plated in nevermelting ice (which serves no purpose but for decoration; the weapon works like any other standard issue sword) that compacts into a ring when not in use. She is far from being the best swordsman in camp, mostly because her overconfidence gets into her head and so she doesn't practice as much as she should. Despite this, she is not to be underestimated. Actually, she does all of the underestimating and it is the main reason why she loses a few of her duels.

Taylor also has a knack for cooking. Her father used to encourage her to cook their meals and she also watched a lot of cooking shows in the past.

"Most of my abilities are more or less related to the cold stuff like ice and snow. For instance, I can freeze things like water, make snow and ice do stuff, and I'm pretty tolerant when it comes to the cold. Heck, I doubt a blizzard would be enough to freeze me. What? Psh, I'm totally not exaggerating, nope."
  • Liquid Freeze. This is the only state of matter she can freeze.

  • Ice and Snow Manipulation. As long as it is in contact with any part of her skin, Taylor can form ice and snow into shapes and even mold them into weapons like ice daggers. It is quite hard for her to retain the molded snow after it leaves her skin which is why it only stays in its form for a limited amount of time (around twenty seconds max) before falling apart or melting.

  • Slight Immunity to Cold. Being oblivious to the cold, Taylor can withstand freezing temperatures to an extent, but contrary to what she thinks, she can't stand in a raging blizzard and not expect to die. She also has a slightly lower body temperature than normal.

    Drawbacks: The usage of her first two powers require Taylor to move parts of her body (think of her as a Bender that can only control ice). It also leaves her physically drained as if having put herself through rigorous exercise.

    Character element has been purchased in the Drachma Shop.
"My past... It's nothing special, I guess. Unless you count that lottery part. It's pretty sweet, actually, but... I don't think it's anything to feel proud of. So you chose the correct combination of numbers. Big deal. That certainly took a lot of effort. It isn't really something you have to work hard for. Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining about how things worked out, but I just want to emphasize the point that winning the lottery isn't some sort of huge achievement. Achievement isn't something you get from luck alone."
Taylor was born in Alaska but she and her father moved to Hartford, Connecticut when she was five years old. Jason Brooks loved to take risks and he more often than not fell for get-rich-quick schemes. They lived a rough life when Taylor was young, since her father wasted a lot of money on empty opportunities and risks that gave him little to nothing in return. But then, when she was around six, there arrived the biggest event of their lives: her father won the Connecticut lottery. It completely changed their lives.

Her father started working as a businessman and Taylor finally managed to stay in one school without being kicked out for not paying the fees. Despite her ADHD and dyslexia, Taylor led a normal life hanging out with friends, learning things and getting detention at times. She hung out with boys mostly, more interested in sports than celeb magazines, but she did get close enough to a straight-A girl she could consider her best friend. They were like sisters.

Everything seemed good to the father and the daughter, until one day, her best friend met a horrible accident and she got pulled out of school. The day after that incident, a group of mean girls had taken to insulting Taylor's best friend in front of her. This, of course, naturally riled her up. No one dissed her friends and got away with it. She pushed the girls into the pool but that wasn't the end of it. Being very angry, she didn't realize that her power was going out of control; the water in the pool began freezing, trapping the girls in it. If a teacher hadn't walked in, the girls would have been cold and dead. The Mist prevented the others from seeing what had really happened, but nevertheless Taylor was expelled for 'terrorizing' her schoolmates.
"It was an accident, I swear. I didn't even know that I was a demigod then. How the hell was I supposed to know that I can actually freeze water? Besides, they're not even dead. No permanent harm done."
Taylor being expelled wasn't the worst thing that happened. Her father's business started falling, and in a desperate attempt to get his money back, her father had turned into a gambler. Gambling only made it faster to lose the little money he had left, and once he realized that, he finally decided to send Taylor to camp. He knew that keeping Taylor with him would only hurt both of them. Taylor has been in the camp ever since, though she sneaks out every now and then.

She never discovered what became of her best friend. She doesn't really want to talk about it much.
OOC Notes
Character Upgrades:
  • Character Element: Ice
  • Exotic Pet Tier 1 [received from Mystery Box - has yet to be decided upon]

Theme Song:
Titanium - David Guetta ft. Sia

Her color is cyan.
Roleplay Example
Taylor didn't mean to end up in the beach. She didn't even know about the party in there. Nevertheless, he splendid display of Greek fire easily drew her in and before long, she found herself marveling at the new attraction the camp had to offer. Acting on impulse, the daughter of Khione followed the illuminated path further down the beach. The Demeter kids had done quite a good job on the plants, she observed. It really gave a Hawaii-ish feel to the whole thing. Just the perfect way to end the summer.

Having just come from arena practice, Taylor looked rather overdressed for a night on the beach. Absently she started to tug on the collar of her white shirt, 'Camp Half Blood' splattered across its front in a grungy font. Even with her red hair already brushed up in a ponytail, Taylor still felt a little too hot for her taste. She should change, she thought. The night was still young, after all. If she headed back to the cabins right now she could return just in time for the fireworks display. Besides, she could also drag some special friends along with her to enjoy the sight. Taylor grinned, rubbing her palms together in anticipation. Yeah, that sounded like a good idea.

Taylor spun around on her heel so quickly in excitement and wouldn't you know it, collided into someone that had the consistency of a brick wall. Ouch. Mentally cursing herself for her stupidity, Taylor clutched her nose as she took a few steps back, eyes squeezed shut. Most people would've apologized on reflex, but not Taylor. Unless she had a good enough reason, she wouldn't let a single 'sorry' slip past her lips. "Oww... I'll watch my step next time - " she cut off when she opened her eyes a fraction and caught a glimpse of the person she bumped into.

Taylor couldn't believe her eyes. She swallowed thickly, finding it hard to drink in the sight. Her lips were pursed, eyes widened, skin pale under the light of the Greek fire. Silence fell upon the girl as she could only stare at the boy she had been trying so hard to avoid. It seemed the fate was against her once again. "Hi... James," she said slowly, averting her gaze and looking off into some point in the distance behind him instead. "It's been a while."

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