Official Drachma Shop Item Description

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Official Drachma Shop Item Description

Post by Vinius on Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:15 am

Item Descriptions:

A child of the big three- the demigod offspring of one of the big three Olympus gods: Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. They're typically a smidge stronger than the average demigod. Limit of one per member.

A child of a titan- the demigod offspring of one a titan, with the exception of Kronos and Atlas. As, Chaos is not considered a Titan here and you may not create a child of Chaos. Limit of one per member.

A hunter of Artemis- This will convert your character into one of Artemis' hunters. They will remain with their cabin mates, as there is currently no place specifically for the hunters, and they are not permitted to have relationships with anyone who considers themselves to be partially or completely a man. They also must self-identify as a girl. Limit of two per member.

An extra character slot- If you have five characters already and wish to make more, consider purchasing an extra character slot. With an extra slot, you are permitted to make another character. The limit o extra character slots purchased is ten, so you may have fifteen characters on the site at any given time.

A character power- Want to spice of your character's life with a nifty supernatural gift? Then this is what you're looking for. Upon purchase of a character power, you are permitted to create a single power for your character. It must, however, be reviewed and approved by admins. Powers that are overly god-mod-y or give the ability to power play will not be accepted. There is a limit of two powers per character, each having to be purchased separately. A power must somehow be related to their god parent, and a character with any powers can not also have an element.

A character element- If a single power isn't good enough for you, consider looking into an elemental power. Purchasing a character element is essentially the same as purchasing 3 powers. The difference is that these 3 powers all need to be similar. For instance, a fire power a character might have could allow them to spit fireballs. If the character has a fire ELEMENT, they may be able to spit fireballs, burn people upon touch, and take poops made of literal lava. (talk about improper digestion!) There is a limit of one element per character, and each power within the element must be admin approved. With an element purchase, a character is not allowed to have any other powers. Elemental powers that are overly god-mod-y or give the ability to power play will not be accepted.

Special Armor- This armor will be custom designed by admins and contain some sort of special enchantment, whether it be a high tolerance of heat and fire, making the wearer immune to illusion spells, being hard as steel but soft and thin as cotton, or rendering the wearer invisible to manticores. Who knows?

Special Weapon- Just like the armor, this item would grant one of your characters a weapon, customized by admin, that has some sort of unique abilities. Maybe it giant hammer that causes temporary paralysis, or a chameleon knife that takes the generic colors of its surroundings.

Account Name Change- As simple as it sounds! You get to change your username to whatever you want--so long as it abides by site rules. c:

A Quest- A quest is a journey your character will go on via rp. If you purchase a quest, you can choose two other people to go with you on a thrilling adventure of your own creation--assuming your quest plot gets approved by administrators. Looking to get back Poseidon's trident for him? Rumor has it that a mysterious creature with six arms and leathery wings headed off North with it. He dropped some sort of amateur photo of a cafe in Nova Scotia. Maybe there you'll find your next clue as to where he went off to with that weapon! At any rate, each member may only be part of one quest at any given time.

Cabin Leader Status- Think your child of Hephaestus has the guts and courage to run the Hephaestus Cabin? If you purchase this perk, one of your characters will become leader of their respective cabins! No, this does not mean special powers or rules over the forum, however, you will get a shiny new rank and name color! This position requires active characters, and if you go inactive and the perk gets taken away, you will not get a refund! As a cabin leader, in theory, characters will look up to yours within rp. Your character becomes a powerless figurehead of the cabin, but they won't stay there if you aren't around to rp them! You may also talk to the moderators about holding mini events that revolve around your cabins--although any member can do this, really. This rank is special, though, there are a limited number of them! Two per cabin, so if you wanna show off how many drachmas you've made, this rank is sort of a trophy prize for that!

Exotic Pet Level 1- Exotic pets level 1 would be animals that are more unique and harder to find which are powerless. The list of animals within Exotic Pet Level 1 are as follows: chimpanzees, skunks, koalas, ball pythons no longer than 5ft, crows, scorpions, possums, hedgehogs, squirrels, bearded dragons, chameleons, llamas, alpacas, racoons, tarantulas, praying mantis, sugar glides, peacocks, sugar gliders, hissing cockroaches, deer, jellyfish, sloth, tapir, armadillo, bats, platypus, beavers, capybara, shrews, etc.

Exotic Pet Level 2- Exotic pets level 2 wuld be animals that are bigger and more unique--this includes several mythological creatures, only available to certain characters. The list of animals within Exotic Pet Level 2 are as follows: wolves (available only for hunters of artemis,) hellhound (for children of Hades only), hippocampus (for children of Poseidon only,) Pegasus (for children of Zeus only,) foxes, ostriches, zebras, elk, coyote, wolverine, lynx, bobcat, sun bear, red panda, eagles, hawks, falcons, ravens, camels, porcupine, meerkat, porpoise, alligators (no longer than 6 feet,) moose, elk, prong horn, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, etc.

Extra Pet Slot- Having one pet frog just ain't doing it for you? You can buy two extra pet slots for a total of three pets per character. However, a character may only be allowed to have one exotic pet, so pets taking up other slots must be from the freebies list in the unapproved characters sub-forum.

Exotic Transportation- You could ride a horse to camp activities, or you could get something cooler. With the exotic transportation perk, your character will be allowed to own a chariot, Hephaestus crafted sailing board (Jim Hawkins would be so proud,) hot air balloon, duck tour bus, ice cream truck, etc. Please note that your character must be 16 years old for transportation to be purchased, with the exception of sailing boards and chariots, they must stay outside of camp boundaries! Although every now and again, Chiron allows a camper to drive their duck bus into the lake. Limit one exotic vehicle per camper.

  • A hephaestus sailing board is a board with a small sailing mast on the side, and a metal grip. At the back of the board is an engine that propels it up and forward, though the engine fails at any higher than 15 feet above the ground, and it goes at a max speed of 65mph, with foot pedals at the bottom to start and hold on the engine. To turn the board, the rider must lean their body--and the rider can only fit one other person on it with them.

Customized Rank- See the rank on each post you make? Below your name and above your avatar? That probably says something along the lines of "member." With the purchase of a customized rank, we'll change your rank from whatever it is to whatever you want--assuming it follows site rules.

Mystery Box- A mystery box is a relatively inexpensive something of the admin's choosing that you will receive upon purchase of this item. It could be anything, literally anything, from a gif of beyonce on an airplane being put in your inbox, to an extra character slot. It all depends on what the admins feel like giving, and will be different for most people. Maybe you'll receive an admin written fanfiction starring your character, or a badly photoshopped portrait of a cat's butt stuck in the Hollywood sign, or a glow in the dark pet snake for one of your characters! Whatever it is, you're taking a gamble when you buy one of these! And if you buy two or three, your prizes will not be the same. Limit of three per purchase. i.e. you can come back after someone else has posted a request to buy more.

The Wolf Pack- This bundle is the purchase of a hunter of Artemis, a wolf, and a character element--at a reduced cost! You save drachmas for buying all at once. Because of the limit of two hunters, at most, you can buy this twice--assuming you don't already have a hunter character.

The War Pack- This bundle is the purchase of a big three character, a corresponding tier 2 exotic pet (hippocampus, pegasus, or hellhound depending on the B3 god you choose) and a character element--at a reduced cost! You save drachmas for buying all at once, with this bundle. Because of the limit of one B3 child, at most, you can buy this only once--assuming you don't already have a B3 character.

Extra Dodge (Event item)- During specific boss battles and pvp events, each character will get a certain amount of attack dodges per rp fight. With this item, you'll get one extra dodge in the event. Limit one per event.

Extra Attack Roll(Event item)- During specific boss battles and pvp events, each character will get one attack per turn. If in the next post the opposing character does not use a dodge to avoid the attack, the admins will roll damage. If you use the extra attack roll, the admin will roll two dice and add the totals for damage. Limit one per event.

Health Potion (Event item)- During specific boss battles and pvp events, each character will have a certain amount of hit points--and when that amount reaches zero, the character is knocked out/dies. Using a health potion will restore 10hp of the user. Limit one per event.

Backup Whistle (Event item)- During specific boss battles and pvp events, a backup whistle can be used to call upon some sort of mythical creature, controlled by the admins, who will swoop in and automatically do 6 damage to the enemy. It cannot be dodged. Limit one per event.

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