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●○●○● MAXIME BRYSON ○●○●○

I am going away for a while,
But I'll be back, don't try and follow me,
'Cause I'll return as soon as possible,
See I'm trying to find my place,
But it might not be here where I feel safe,
We all learn to make mistakes
- Misguided Ghosts, Paramore

Name: Maxime Elsie Bryson
Nicknames: Max (By Everyone), Maxie (By Devon), Mimi (Old Nickname From School), Ellie, Elsie (When Dev Wants To Annoy Her)
Age: 16
Birthday: 11th of December
Gender: Female
God Parent: Thaumas, God of the Wonders of the Sea
Claimed: Max has been claimed since she arrived at Camp with her brother. Nothing special about it. They simply stepped over the border of Camp, and the glowing symbol of Thaumas appeared over their heads.
Hometown: Greenwich, London, The United Kingdom. (England/UK/Britan)

  • Florence Winston-Bryson (Mother)
  • William Bryson Sr. (Step-Father)
  • Devon William Bryson (Twin Brother)

Physical Appearance:
Maxime Bryson is described by many as a brunette beauty, who gives off the perfect American look, even if she isn't American.
Max has thick, brown-bronze hair, just like her brother. The both of them used to have platinum blonde hair as children, and it slowly darkened as they grew. She was the first to have actual bronze hair, which happened when she turned about six, and his hair changed a couple months later. Like her brother, she has streaks of lighter gold going through her hair, which are really only visible in bright light. Her hair falls to well under her shoulder blades, and is slightly curly, although she likes to straighten it before leaving her Cabin. Sometimes, when she's really lazy, she'll leave it how it is when she wakes up, and its in lots of little curls. Her hair is naturally messy, and she doesn't really make an effort anymore, cause she doesn't see the point when it'll just go back to how it was a couple hours later.
Max took after her mother in eye color, and its actually the biggest noticeable difference between her and her brother. While his eyes are a greenish blue, Max's are a deep, dark chocolate brown, which is so dark its difficult to see her pupils at all. Their always filled with a friendly fire, a beautiful warmth, and they brighten when she's happy and when she's got an idea for a joke. When she's angry, the fire turns violent, more dangerous. Imagine the difference as this: The happiness is like a fire on a Winter night, crackling happily and warming everyone. The angriness is like when something explodes in a fireball, a dangerous blast of heat which will hurt and destroy. Her eyes are framed with dark eyelashes, and perfectly plucked eyebrows.
Unlike her brother, Max is never actually pale. Again, taking after her mother, she's always tanned, a healthy golden tan which doesn't just limit itself to her arms and legs, but also her face. She doesn't need to wear foundation just so she looks like she's got a full tan: she has a full tan without that effort. She has scars on her upper arms and lower legs, and her stomach and sides from different accidents as a child. On her left side, she as a distinct circle like scar, where she sorta accidentally stabbed herself with a re-bar. It was a complete accident, as she'll tell everyone. She was hopping off a wall, and when she was swinging before her legs hit the ground, she swung onto the bar. Or at least that's her story. Its kind of unknown what she actually did. But its left this scar which she's weirdly proud of.
Maxime has petite facial features, with a small nose and less distinct cheekbones than her brother. She has full, dark pink lips, which are always pulled back with a smile or a smirk, cause she's never unhappy. She has two dimples, one more pronounced than the other, which are nearly always showing.
She's actually shorter than her brother, giving off the small and delicate look. Although she really isn't. Nobody can say she's a weak little girly girl. She's as strong as a girl much taller than her, because she's never been one to back down. If Devon was able to do something, Maxime was able to do it. She never gave up. As the younger twin, Dev probably would have liked if his little sister wasn't more outgoing than him, but its the classic thing. She was always gonna outdo him.
Max prefers comfortable yet stylish clothes, which ranges from a pair of pretty skinny jeans to a pair of Nike tracksuit bottoms. She was never really into any particular brand back in London, but when she was in the airport in New York, a pair of Converse Sneakers caught her eye, and now she's always after them.She has more styles than you should physically be able to own. In fact, the key to Max's heart is to buy her a pair of sneakers. Buy her some converse, she'll tell you anything you wanna know. Tops are also a big thing. She loves tops which say something on them, like "Keep Calm And Eat Cupcakes", etc. She has a massive collections of these kinds of top, and goes as far as to order them on the internet. Max also likes jewelry, although she doesn't like anything gold, preferring silver and woven.
Maxime is basically the opposite of her brother. That's how she'd be described, cause that's what she is. Where he's quiet, she's loud. Where he's kind about how he words things, she gets straight to the very blunt point. Maybe its how they've been able to get along so well over the years. Cause they have very little in common.
Devon is nice and will tell people in the nicest possible way that something's going on that they need to know. Max is a different story. She's blunt and brutally honest, getting straight to what needs to be said without a big song and dance. If your boyfriends cheating on you? "Oh please. He's been sneaking around on your for months! They've been kissing and cuddling right under your nose hun." She's not totally insensitive, being quite comforting when she needs to be.
But Max isn't one to think before she speaks. She's constantly blurting the first thing that comes into her head, and she knows its wrong, but she can't stop the words from spilling out. She's always apologizing for saying something she didn't mean to say. She doesn't have a filter in her brain that says "ohkay you can't say that to her now cause it'll hurt her". Or she does have that filter, but its got a sort of delayed reaction, and by the time its kicked in, its too late.
While she's witty, Max has a honor certificate in sarcasm. She's got an answer to everything and anything, and being made speechless is not a regular occurance. She can keep a conversation going for as long as humanly possible, and even when it comes to a close she wants it to continue. Her major talent is sarcasm, and it always has been.
For the last couple years of her life, Max is always being told by Devon not to say anything, to keep her mouth shut about her past. He's always lecturing her that she needs to actually keep a secret. Now, she can keep a secret. She keeps any secret that's told to her, and she keeps her own secrets, and her brother's secrets. She doesn't just blurt those things out. But she is rather... loose tongued, when it comes to things such as before-mentioned boyfriend. If she sees a reason too, she'll keep a secret. If she doesn't, she'll shout it to the world. When its something she's heard, and she knows it won't directly affect her, she'll tell everyone and anyone about it.
Again saying it, Max is very different to Devon in the way he is very quiet and will only speak when he's spoken too, Max will speak to anyone she's known for only a couple moments. She loves to speak! Its a talent! There's barely an awkward moment around her. Unless of course she's made it awkward, which happens loads. Max is rather loud and adventurous, very ambitious. She knows exactly what she wants and she'll get it if its the last thing she ever does.
She loves to sing and dance. Her brother is a very good pianist and guitarist, because he took those lessons when he was younger. She's a good singers because she took voice lessons, and she's a good dancer because its what she loves to do. She can sometimes be found hiding from her brother after stealing his iPod and singing in a private place to the music she loves that day.
One very good similarity to Devon is how she bottles her emotions up. Max keeps everything inside, every piece of hurt and anger, sadness and fury. Its all locked back in a room at the back of her head, and she tries to let no one ever see it explode out, but sometimes her emotions get the better of her. She sees anger and sadness as weaknesses, that she's not keeping up her rebel appearance by showing them.
And she is a rebel. Max is the biggest rebel someone could be. She's a rule breaker who loves playing jokes and has a great sense of humour. She's never been able to follow a rule that's been set, cause she doesn't like being held back. She's out to take the world so obviously, she doesn't want to be held back by rules and boundaries.
If its even possible, Maxime is more clumsy than Devon. She cannot walk in a straight line without falling over something that isn't even there. She's even fallen up stairs (and down). She's always dropping something, or knocking something over, or breaking something. Its unbelievable that someone so small can cause so much damage.
She's as kind and understanding as her brother, although he takes the award of nicest sibling in their family.
Max is very very brave, although she's reckless and throws herself into situations which are probably very very stupid. So basically, yes she's brave, but she's in situations where she kind of has to be brave.
Max is defiantly not the peacekeeper. She's actually the one who starts a lot of fights, cause of things said. Devon ends up stepping in to prevent a full blown fight, but sometimes, he's late. She's ended up black and blue cause she's started fights with people much stronger than her, and all cause she's stupid and gets herself into those situations.
Max isn't one to show fear. She's the type who doesn't worry even when the situation turns worse, and instead lives by the motto "Nothing is ever hopeless, but you need to have no fear to get through a bad time."

  • Being sarcastic
  • Her strength
  • Her fearlessness.
  • Singing and Dancing
  • Observing things around her


  • Recklessness. She's very, very reckless.
  • Fear of spiders. She actually cannot stand them, and does not care about the saying that if you step on one it will rain cause she will crush every spider she sees.
  • Clumsiness. Major weakness for her, given how she can't even run in a straight line.


  • Strawberry Ice Cream
  • London
  • Converse Sneakers
  • Tops with cute stuff written on them
  • Cupcakes.
  • Music
  • Max has a weakness for cute things. Like animals. And fish. Which she doesn't count as animals.
  • Singing
  • Dancing


  • Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream (ewwww)
  • Spiders
  • American shows?? She doesn't understand them. "Where's the Eastenders and Emmerdale?! I miss Phil and Cain." Which is why she's got an internet connection. So she can watch Phil in Eastenders and Cain in Emmerdale.
  • Her brother at times.
  • American Football.


  • Losing Devon. She'd never admit she loves her brother, of course, but he's all she has. And she loves him more than words can say.
  • Having no direction. She's frightened that right now, she'd doing nothing with her life, and at some point she's gonna become one of those other teenage wasters. She wants a future, but she's scared that she's never going to have one. Right now she feels like she's going the wrong way in life.

Time At Camp: Three Years
Twenty four years ago, Florence Winston met William Bryston in a small music store. The two immediately hit it off, as they both had the same taste in music, they both loved to party, and they were both lonely. At first, it seemed kind of perfect. She'd found someone who didn't try to hold her back, like her parents had, and he'd found someone who didn't just depress him even more than he already was. They were able to be around each other and just sit, not awkwardly or anything.
They were married a year and a half later in Fen Church, London, without the presence of their families, who they both despised. William's parents soon moved countries, leaving for Spain and happily settling down just outside Barcelona, where they lived happily. Florence's parents thought she'd made a huge mistake, as they didn't like "That young Bryson lad", and thought she'd hurried the marriage. They disowned their daughter, and moved to Liverpool, where they live to this day.
William took a job which required them to travel quite a bit around England, and after a couple years of this, Florence decided to remain at their home in Greenwich while he travelled the country. They owned a small, two up, two down house, which they could barely afford.
For a long time, Florence was able to fool herself that she loved her husband as much as she ever had. She was able to put aside any feelings of unease, and was the doting wife whenever he came home. However, seven (nearly eight), years after they married, their marriage was starting to get a little strained. In truth, they were a couple monthes from disaster, which might not have been a bad thing.
William came home, and surprised his slightly moody wife with a trip to America. New York, to be exact. They had never been able to go on a honeymoon, and of course she questioned how they were able to afford such a trip, but however they afforded it, they left only a couple days after that, and arrived to a luxery hotel room.
That night however, Florence heard William on the phone to the company he worked for back in England, discussing how yes, of course he had arrived, and yes, he'd be able to collect the items which the firm needed the very next day, and bring them back the day straight after. Realizing that her husband had simply brought her on a business trip funded by his work, she stormed out of the hotel to a bar down the street, where she proceeded to get very very drunk.
It was here she met Thaumas. He was sitting at the opposite end of the bar, and sat watching her for the night. About half ways through the night, he came over, talked with the english lady, bought her drinks, and at the end of the night, accompanied her to a little hotel where she insisted she be brought to stay the night.
One thing led to another, and Florence awoke to an empty bed the next day, with a sore head and a pounding heart. She couldn't believe what she had done, and returned to her husband admitting she had been wrong and that the holiday had had the right idea underneath it. They flew back to England and settled back into life immediately, but were rocked when a couple months later Florence found out she was pregnant.
Of course she had her doubts about the children's parentage. She tried to convince herself that the children were William's, but when they were born, she just knew. She knew they weren't his. Call it motherly instinct.
William believed they were his kids, and he had as much say as she did with everything in their lives. He named Devon, Devon William Bryson, after himself, and Florence named Maxime, Maxime Elsie Bryson after her own mother and great-grandmother.
The twins grew up in a home on the edge. It always seemed happy, but in truth, Florence and William were swiftly growing more apart than before, and the only thing keeping the two together were the children. Maxime grew into an adventurous young lady who loved to push herself to the limit (And had quite a reputation as a heart breaker). On the other hand, Devon grew up to be a calm young man who had an inner confidence, but wasn't cocky like his sister. During their childhood, William started to earn more money, and when his parents died, inherited their fortune, which was a life changer. The family moved into a four bedroom home, sent the children to the best schools in London, and had quite a lot of money.
When they were seven, they got diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia, which meant they required extra classes in certain subjects, and certain changes had to be made. Maxime was more affected by ADHD than Devon, and she was always ditching class just so she didn't have to sit in a boring classroom and learn Math. Devon was more interested in learning the basics, and preferred classroom studies to things like hurdling and swimming. They were opposites, but loved each other anyways. Florence loved her children. She loved them more than she had ever loved anyone else, but William was different. He was more interested in what they could do for him, would they grow into successful young people, or waste their lives. But it was a okay life. It was stable, safe for the most part.
However, things took a drastic turn after their tenth birthday. William and Florence's relationship went downhill, and William actually started to physically abuse his wife. She stayed with him out of fear that if she stood up for herself, her children would suffer instead. The kids weren't stupid, and they knew something was going on, but they didn't know what until they were twelve, and Max witnessed her mother get beat down by her father.
Maxime was frightened then, always such a brave little girl, and now suddenly so scared of everything. She was scared he would hurt her mother, or hurt her, or Devon.

Everything changed a few weeks before the twins turned thirteen.
Everything came out.
Maxime and Devon were huddled in their rooms, trying not to hear the screams and shouts of their mother and father, a fight which was worse than any other. It had started over something small, something about how Maxime had come home minus one gold bracelet, which William had bought her trying to win back her affections. Max had sold it in school, but Devon told their father he'd done it. Florence had stepped in later, when the kids were in bed, to tell William he couldn't take out frustrations on them.
Suddenly, the muffled words grew louder. She was so frightened. So, so scared. She wanted to leave, to run away, but she couldn't move. Her hands were clutching the teddy which had a permanent place on her bed, and she curled into a ball under the covers, in the middle of the bed, and tried not to hear.
Suddenly a scream, then silence. Terrible silence. Silence which hurt more than the shouts... She didn't want to move...
At Maxime's room door, Devon knocked on the door softly and called out to her. She was still inside. "Maxie... pack a bag. Pack everything you need from your room, and wait in there until I come back. We've got to leave. Got to... go. I'll be back in a few minutes, I'm just packing too. Do not leave your room Max. Do. Not. Leave."
With that he turned, and ran to pack his own things. On the way to get the credit cards from where he knew his mother and father kept them, Devon realized he couldn't stay. He'd need to leave. He could get tickets to somewhere! Him and Max could go to Ireland, or Spain or somewhere. Quickly he grabbed the cards and rushed to the computer, where he moved the mouse to bring it back to life.
It took a couple minutes for him to work out how to order tickets. But he got them. Two plane tickets to New York City. He ran to get Max, and without a word pulled her from that house. He wasn't going to let her see Florence and William.

The taxi drive and the journey to the plane through the airport passed quickly, as did the flight. They spoke like they usually did, no hint of a problem. Max didn't ask, cause she knew Devon didn't want to be asked. When they arrived in New York, and caught a cab to Long Island.
There, they were sorta confused where the hell to go. By chance though, they met a Satyr on his way into Camp with another demigod. As soon as he saw them, he knew what they were, and hurried them along, rushing them up the hill and over the border.
And as soon as they stepped over the border, Maxime and Devon were claimed by Thaumas.
Camp life confused them. They hadn't had any warning. When they were first told, they thought the whole thing was an hilarious joke. But then they realized. It wasn't. They were halfbloods, and they belonged in Camp Half-Blood.
It took them a long time to settle into Camp. The two couldn't quite get over the American way. And there was the fact Dev kept getting questions about his family, and he didn't want to speak about them. He never even told Maxime, and he didn't want these people asking him so many questions.
However, they've settled into Camp life marvelously, despite some raised eyebrows.
None, although she would like a cat.
Other Notes About Your Character:
Color is Teal
RP Sample:

Maxime woke suddenly, jolted awake by a crash down the back of the plane. Without thinking, she sat straight up, to look back over the seats behind her. Some stewardess had dropped a plate of hot food. Figured. Now it was about halfway through the flight (Possibly more), they were starting to serve food.
Suddenly remembering Devon, she glanced down at him and saw he'd turned his head away, snoring loudly, his arm at a really awkward angle.
'If I straighten his arm, he'll just wake up angry. So, he can put up with the cramps later,' she mumbled, sitting back down and opening the window shade again.
The clouds were fascinating to her, and she found them beautiful. Always there. When she'd been younger, she'd thought that dead people were floating on the clouds, and if you got a plane you'd be able to see them. Absently she imagined her Mum out there now... floating around on the white fluffy stuff, wearing a white toga and gold laurels, all happy. She would probably be happy. Without her kids to worry about...
No you don't Maxime Bryson. Don't you dare start thinking about Mum and thinking that she didn't love you. She did. And now she's gone. If Devon says she is, she is. She's gone and you can't help that so don't you dare start thinking of how you aren't loved. You are. Mum loved you and Dev.
'Would you like anything Miss?'
Jarred back to reality, Maxime turned to see a smiling blonde dressed in the blue uniform leaning over Devon, with a trolley back in the aisle.
'Em... do you have a coke? And what sort of food are you serving?'
The lady nodded about the coke, and then started listing off the food from memory, pausing every few seconds do think about what she was saying, and then ploughing on again. About halfway through, Max got swaggy and quite frankly, hungry, and just cleared her throat, nodding to the trolley.
'I'll have a coke please, and the chicken and chips thing you listed near the beginning. Oh!... My brother, he'll wake up soon probably, so could I get like a Snickers for him? Or Malteasers or whatever you have that's chocolate and English.'
The lady nodded, still smiling, and wrote what she wanted for food down on her little notebook. Then her smile got wider and she looked between Max and Dev.
'Brother and sister? I see the resemblance! Twins?'
Maxime nodded, waiting for the lady to hand her her coke. She seemed to remember just before she left, and handed it over before moving on.
Popping the top, Max drank deep, the fizzy drink heaven to her, seeing as though she hadn't eaten since the night/day before. She wasn't sure when exactly. Suddenly, Devon jerked and sat up, looking around with wide eyes.
'Nightmares? Can see why you'd have them. Want a bit of my coke? I ordered this chicken thing you can share with me too. And I got you a chocolate thing, like a bar or whatever, which I made sure was Chocolate, and English. So like a Mars or Snickers or something,' after finishing her hurried sentence, she smiled slightly and handed him her coke, watching as he drank as deep as she had.
'Although I warn you Dev. You eat that chocolate bar without giving me some, and I will push you out the door of this plane.'
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