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Lynn D'Link

Post by Crow on Wed May 15, 2013 11:04 am

Lindsey Sarah D’Link
”People cannot always be perfect, because that isn’t real, is it?”

Our character’s full name is Lindsey Sarah D’Link.

Lindsey prefers to go by the nickname Lynn.

Lynn is sixteen years of age.

Lynn is pretty darn sure that she is a girl.

God Parent:
Lynn’s godly parent is Hephaestus, the god of metal-working and fire and other hot things like that.

Lynn is totes claimed.

No. Powers are too mainstream.

Lynn spent all of her life before Camp Half-Blood in the city of Buffalo in New York.

Mortal Parent(s):
Sarah D’Link and Robert D’Link are the girl’s foster parents. Her real mother was basically a whore.

Physical Description:
Lynn is a master of making herself invisible. The girl is as plain as a person can be in her eyes. The girl has light blonde hair that she will sometimes die black. The hair drops down a little bit past her shoulders, some of it resting in slight curls on her shoulder blades. The girl’s eyebrows are a medium shaded blonde color that are always arched in a way that it makes her always look sad. Lynn prefers to hardly ever style her hair. She is much too lazy to do that. Plus, there are other things that she could be doing rather than prettying herself up. If the girl is ever forced to fight or something serious of the sorts, she will put it up in a sloppy bun or a loose ponytail. The girl despises having her hair all tie up instead of free, so she tries to avoid fights and things of the sorts.

Coffee grounds are what Lynn’s iris’ are. They are naturally brown, but appear to be gold on days when the sun is out and shining. The girl likes her eyes being such a dark and unnoticeable color; they make her even less noticeable, rather than someone with emerald green eyes, who always get complimented or whatnot. Lynn doesn’t want that. She is always trying her best to appear to be that person who no one notices. The girl who is a shadow herself. The girl will rarely wear eye makeup, for that makes her even more noticeable. So to put it all short, the girl will only try to appear non-invisible is when she is doing something formal, such as going to a dance or something like that.

Lynn has a delicate frame. Not fragile, as if she could blow away in the wind, but she seems like an easy person to push over. It is highly advised not to do that though. The girl will bite back. She is slightly underweight. It isn’t self induced, she would never do something stupid like that. It is her natural shape. She is naturally underweight, although it may be because of how much she exercises, but she doesn’t think that to be true. The girl has toned leg and stomach muscles, but only little bit in her arms. This is because Lynn prefers to do leg exercises and sit-ups rather than push-ups or tae-kwan-do, or whatever else kids do to gain more arm strength. The girl is built for running and jumping, not for punching and lifting.

Lynn can usually be found wearing very bland clothing colorwise. She prefers to wear clothing that makes her blend in with shadows.. That is all the girl is about; hiding in the shadows and making sure not to be seen. It is like, her highest priority. She usually dons a black or white t-shirt, sometimes for a band, sometimes just plain. Baggy jeans were what Lynn used to love to wear as a little kid, but she prefers to wear skinny jeans now that is she is a bit more mature and taller. Along with her jeans and shirt, the girl usually wears a pair of black running shoes. She prefers the big brands such as Adidas or Puma rather than small brands. She needs something that will last and are good, so she tends to stick with Puma.

Personality: Lynn is a not a people person. She absolutely hates being sociable unless it is with someone she has either known for a long time or a family member. That is how the girl has always been ever since she was a young child. Getting the demigod to open up is a very hard and tedious task. Some people just have ‘it’ to be able to become friends with the girl, but most people are completely incompatible with the girl. Lynn has really only one type of personality, and that is her “in hiding” and ”always trying to make herself be unsociable and small”. This is how Lynn is, always has been, and probably always will be.

    n Lynn is very limber in her movement and knows a few things or two about sneaking around and being stealthy. Years of training has rendered the girl an “assassin” title in her mind. She is light on her feet and can run around without disturbing so much as a mouse.
    n Lynn is musically talented. She is the type of person who can pick up any instrument and start playing it like a pro.
    nInherited by her mother (because everyone knows that Hephaestus is a cripple) most likely, Lynn is a speedy runner, she can run faster than most kids at camp. The girl puts a lot of time into building up her leg muscles, so it is kind of no surprise that she is a quick runner.

    nWhen faced with danger, Lynn will sometimes not remember the fact that people do not have infinite lives like in video games. If she sees a person that she holds close in danger, the girl will throw herself at the problem without so much as a second to think everything through.
    nCommunicating is just another one of those things that Lynn cannot find to be easy. The girl stutters a lot when she speaks, for she fears that people will get angry at her if she says the wrong word. The girl can’t help her stuttering and it is how she normally talks to a person she had just met.

    n Music
    n The color black
    n Silence
    n Food
    n Music (yes, twice)

    n Annoying and optimistic people
    n People in general
    n Metal and rap music
    n Any animal that isn’t a cat

Lynn is scared of most animals, her over-imaginative mind, and thunderstorms (a childhood fear that she never got over.)

Time at Camp:
Lynn has been at camp for around three years.

Brief History of Before Camp:

It was a nice sunny day on the day that the young couple first stepped foot into the orphanage. They basically “browsed” through children as if they were window shopping. The two, whose names were Sarah and Robert eventually decided to adopt a certain girl. The child was one year old at the time. She had been dropped off earlier in the year. The reason the young couple were looking for a child was because the wife was barren; unable to have children. It had crushed her when she figured out, but when her husband said that they could always go for an adoption, she was happy with the idea. After signing some legal papers and going through all those processes, the joyful couple took their new daughter home. The year was nineteen ninety-six.

The new parents named their child straight when they got home. The girl had no name before then; it was just called ‘child’. Lindsey Sarah D’Link. That was to be the girl’s name. The young couple treated the girl as if it really was their own daughter. Well, technically, she was now. The infant grew quickly, what seemed like too fast. Life appeared to flash before her foster parents’ eyes. Before they knew it, the child was two, then five, then seven, which was when the girl left...

Growing up, Lynn was not a very sociable child. She stuck to her mom like glue for most of the day. The only time she really was away from her was during school hours. The girl’s role model was her mother. She even developed the same slight-British accent her mother had. Wherever her mother went, little Lynn followed, almost as if the girl was a shadow. If she hadn’t been with her mother all the time, she wouldn’t have ever gone to Camp Half-Blood, so it was sort of a good thing in itself. Here’s how.

One day Lynn and her parents decided they needed some new furniture, so they took a trip to a local house furnishing store. Now due to the agreement that Percy Jackson made with the gods, they were supposed to claim all of their children. Hephaestus saw this as the best time to do so. The god came down from Olympus disguised as a craftsman for the store. Once he saw the family, he approached them and asked to speak with them in private. The parents, a bit confused, left their child alone on a couch as they talked to the god. While they were chatting it up about some totally random subject, Hermes, who was asked by Hephaestus to take his daughter to camp, flew in and grabbed the child, silencing her with a rag. The god then soared off, bringing the girl to camp. Sure, there were other ways Hephaestus could’ve brought Lynn to camp, but the way he did it made it much more memorable to Lynn.

After taking her to Chiron, Lynn was admitted into camp and became a summer only camper. The girl was confused by all this new stuff. There were a lot of kids at the camp too. Way too many for her liking. When not in classes or anything, the girl usually just hid in her bunk, either reading a book or daydreaming. Lynn never leaves camp to see her parents or anything, for they think that she was kidnapped by the man who had stopped them on that terrible day. When they turned around to accuse the man, he was gone. The parents grieved for their loss and eventually moved on and adopted another child. They never forgot about Lynn, just like how Lynn never forgets them.

That was what happened to Lynn. If anything different happened, she might not be the girl she is now. This may be a good thing or a bad thing. No one will ever know.


Role-play Example:
Lynn looks up from her desk at the table and at Chiron, who was teaching a group of demigods that involved her Ancient Greek. The girl lets out a sigh. She just wanted class to be over. All of the ones she went to were just so boring and seemingly pointless. Lynn was sitting in the back of the room, farthest to the corner and away from the other kids. That was how she liked it though. She liked to appear small and unnoticeable rather than those annoying Aphrodite girls who begged for attention. The girl started to daydream about things. Nothing in particular, just random things. Before she knew it, Chiron was dismissing the class and saying something about a test. Oh crap. This is bad. the girl’s mind panics as she picks up her book off of her desk and makes her way towards the exit of the room. She wasn’t prepared for a test. She had bombed most of the ones she had gotten so far that year. Even for being at camp for three years, the girl sucked at Greek. She didn’t mind the mythology, she absolutely despised the language though. It was just so boring for her. Lynn lets out a large breath of air as she walks out the door and into the hallway of the big house. The girl was behind all the other kids, just as normal. She slows down her pace as she goes along her way. Lynn was in no hurry. All she was going to do was head to her cabin and probably sleep. She found herself doing that a lot lately. Sleeping during the day then just spending the night in her bed thinking about things. It probably wasn’t very healthy, but whatever.

Any other notes: Lynn’s color is springgreen. Lynn is portrayed by Ellie Goulding

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Re: Lynn D'Link

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APPROVED. What a Face

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